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Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer (Light-Medium) Review (Fair Swatches Included)

Product Description

Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Concealer offers long-lasting, full coverage in a rich, creamy, and velvety texture with pure, skin-soothing ingredients. The high-performance natural formula is infused with Tarte’s pure maracuja oil, which helps to improve skin’s texture, tone, and moisture content while imparting a brightening, dewy, luminous finish. In addition to promoting healthy skin, this velvety concealer is also ideal for masking discoloration and imperfections such as acne, blemishes, redness, scars, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles. This nutrient-rich, blendable, liquid concealer brightens and restores skin’s natural luster, leaving you with a flawless complexion.


Originally I had ordered Tarte’s Creaseless Concealer during it’s 30% off sale in Fair. When I received the product though, it was actually way too light for me. I wanted to use it on other parts of my face as opposed to just under the eyes and Fair would’ve made the dark spots stand out more than it would cover it. I went to Sephora to exchange for a shade darker and got Light-Medium instead. The first thing I noticed was the change in packaging. I wonder if Tarte had old stock for Fair so that’s what I received? I’m not sure if there had been a change in its packaging close to the time of purchase.

Concealers have a lot on their hands when it comes to fulfilling what it’s meant to do. As an under-eye concealer, it must be moisturizing enough that it doesn’t your eyes look dry and flakey. However, if it’s too creamy, it might sink into any fine lines. And most importantly, it must conceal whatever it was you want to conceal, leaving behind smooth, flawless skin. So how exactly does Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Concealer stack up?

Originally I had wanted to use this as an under-eye concealer since I was already using Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Concealer for any other face concerns that I needed to conceal. Light-Medium was fine for my under eyes since I didn’t want to have unnaturally pale eye bags. However, I think I could’ve done with Fair on my face overall during winter when I was much more pale. Light-Medium is a perfect shade for my skin right now though.

As an under-eye concealer it does a good job moisturizing your eyes. I have a problem usually with flakes there and when I use a concealer that isn’t creamy enough, it brings that all out. I still recommend regularly moisturizing appropriately before using any concealer under your eyes, but if you don’t need too much moisture there then Tarte’s concealer should do a fine job.

The only problem I have with this product is that it does sink into my fine lines a bit. I haven’t yet tried one that doesn’t do that, but it does a better job than my old KATE Covering Concealer. It’s not immediate so it’s nothing that I can’t deal with.

I also noticed that compared to my other concealers, it’s actually quite pigmented. I’ve seen some reviews that claim it is a full coverage concealer. I don’t know if I consider a full coverage concealer since there are spots that it can’t cover up. But then again, I don’t know if any concealer can cover those acne scars up since they’re so dark! With small spots though that aren’t too dark, it completely hides it for me.

I’ve switched from using Tarte’s stick concealer to this liquid form instead since I feel like it has higher coverage. The main ingredient that they advertise is also different. For the stick concealer, Tarte uses Amazonian clay which is supposed to be able to help soak up oils, but still have the ability to retain moisture. For this liquid form, it uses Maracuja which is popular from Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil and is known for it’s moisturizing effects.

The Maracuja concealer feels creamy, but not overly thick, which makes it easy to blend on the face. For small spots I just dab it with my ring finger like how I would if I were to apply concealer on my undereyes. This is to make sure the product is able to lightly layer on top of each other and give me the full coverage that I need. Because the stick concealer is made with clay, it doesn’t let me layer quite as well as this concealer.

The concealer has a decent wear-time. Since I have combo-oily skin, the oilier parts of my skin does prevent the product from staying all day. With that said, I still see the product on my face after a long day, just not as thick on the parts that I layer a couple times since it’s especially dark.

I recommend this concealer to everyone. I think everyone should give this a try because if it doesn’t work well for your undereyes, it might work well for other dark spots, etc. And vice versa. The product is especially nice to use during winter because of its moisturizing properties. Even oily skin needs a little help during harsh Canadian winters!


Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Review (Comparison with Josie Maran Included)

This undiluted organic and moisturizing maracuja oil quickly absorbs for firmer, brighter, smoother skin. Pure maracuja oil is rich in vitamin C, so skin appears instantly brighter and more radiant. The oil is also a source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), a requirement for healthy skin cells that the body cannot produce on its own. EFA deficiency can result in the breakdown of essential skin cells which causes skin to appear dry and aged. By supplementing skin with pure maracuja oil, you are infusing life back into dull skin and replenishing EFAs to rapidly rebuild and repair. This potent antiaging elixir that has anti-inflammatory benefits promotes active skin recovery and delivers maximum hydration without any greasy or filmy feel.

For people who haven’t tried these face oils before, the sound of putting oil on your face may seem intimidating. What if it leaves my face a greasy mess? What if it breaks me out?! I don’t want oil to clog up my pores! Rest assure, face oils will not do those things. At least, a good face oil shouldn’t be doing those things.

I first tried these beauty oils out when I received the Josie Maran Argan 100% Pure Argan Oil sample. It was one of the few well-known beauty oils on the market. Since then the trend has increased by quite a lot and now a lot of other choices are on the market. Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil is one of the other well-known option. And from other reviews at the time when it was still new to the market, it seemed to be performing better than Josie Maran’s Argan Oil. Where Josie Maran’s Argan Oil failed, Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil excelled.

Do I agree with that thought? Yes, I feel that sums up my thoughts on the two products.

First off, I want to mention that I don’t like the smell from either of the products. Mind you, I don’t like the smell of olive oil (I can cook with it, but I don’t like using a bunch for salads) and these products remind me of olive oil. Not quite the same, of course, and not as strong but it’s not something I’m fond of. Josie Maran smells a lot stronger and I notice that the scent lingers longer than Tarte.

When I apply these oils I usually do a couple drops onto my palm and rub it between my two hands before patting it onto my skin. I notice that for the “How to Use” section for the Argan Oil it recommends applying it damp skin. I don’t understand that. Oil and water don’t mix so I feel like it’d just sit weird. It doesn’t mention using it like this on the Maracuja Oil’s “How to Use” section though. I apply it to my skin after I dry my face after cleansing. Does that count as damp? haha.

What I notice after applying Tarte’s product is that it is a bit lighter than Josie Maran’s oil. It might feel a bit uncomfortable to people that are new to using face oils either way. Where creams feel like they’re getting absorbed into the skin almost instantly, the oils seem to sit on the face for a bit. You can really feel that layer with the Argan Oil, which makes it a bit uncomfortable – it makes you feel that initial apprehensiveness at applying an oil to your face. And to be honest, it never really seems to sinks in when using the Argan Oil. When using Tarte I can initially feel the thin layer of oil on my face, but give it an hour or so and it’d be absorbed. After it’s been absorbed, there’s no trace of any oiliness on my face.

I still wouldn’t recommend using this in the morning. I know some recommend it as a daily moisturizer, but I recommend it as part of your night skincare routine instead. I believe that most of us don’t have that much time to get ready in the morning and it would take too long for it to fully absorb. For me, I prefer a day moisturizer that can absorb quickly while giving me enough moisture to last the day. However, if I applied this in the morning my makeup would probably slide around since I can’t wait an hour for it to absorb before applying makeup. But it’s totally worth it to apply it at night though, because when you wake up you’ll have a radiant face. You could probably even get away with a light moisturizer in the morning because of it. With the Argan Oil, since it never really seems to absorb fully, I also recommend using it at night, but with that said, why would you want to use a product that never fully absorbs? haha.

I really do see results with this product. I won’t say it’s a miracle product and you’ll suddenly end up with perfect, beautiful skin. But it definitely improves on your skin overall. While using it I feel that it is more radiant and… plump? As if it’s fully satisfied in the moisturizing department haha! My acne scars seem to disappear a bit faster too. I didn’t feel like I got those results with Josie Maran’s Pure Argan Oil. Don’t expect these oils to magically grant brightened skin or remove wrinkles though! And effects seem to only last while using it. After I stopped, my skin didn’t keep any of the results.

Both products come in glass bottles with a dropper. Tarte’s bottle looks expensive and is quite hefty in weight. Something that’s nice to leave on your table. I think Josie Maran tries to go for a more natural look with less bells and whistles, but it looks rather medicinal instead of being a beauty product. What I do want to mention is that Josie Maran’s dropper works like a normal one, but Tarte’s feels a little weird. It looks nice since it’s made with a wooden handle and a gold button at the top to press. But the button feels kind of flimsy and never totally fills up the dropper. I understand that there’s no need to completely fill up the dropper since you only need 2-3 drops of the product, but it gives a weird touch. I thought it was broken at first LOL. I mean these are all just aesthetic problems and doesn’t affect the actual product, but it was something that I noticed while using the product.

Bottom line for this product? I’d recommend it to all skin types to try out. I think it actually works, but I would recommend it for your night skincare routine as opposed to using it both in the morning and night. It takes a while to fully absorb. Pricy, but it does what it claims so I think it’s worth the price. Especially because you only need 2-3 drops per use so it will last quite a while. And just because I compared this with Josie Maran’s Argan Oil, I feel that I should mention, I wouldn’t recommend that one because it leaves a film on your skin.


Tarte, Urban Decay, butter LONDON, Sephora Haul

I don’t know how beauty bloggers do it sometimes. The ones that can constantly push themselves to write reviews for beauty products ::swirl::. I applaud them, really LOL! It’s not like I’m lacking in things to review, but they just take so long to do! I don’t think people realize that even short, little reviews can take a really long time to do.

From the moment I receive an item in the mail or from the moment I arrive home with it from the store, I’ll take pictures of it first for the blog before even using it. After that when I use the item I have to keep in mind how the item performs. Do I like it or hate it? Why? Of course, you don’t just use an item once and base a whole review off of it either. I think it’s only fair if I use products multiple times, even longer if it’s a product for the face. When I’m ready I have to go edit those pictures and retake any photos that couldn’t be used or if I think I’m missing something. With the pictures done, I’ll have to sit there and actually write down all my thoughts on it.

Although a lot of my posts are about beauty products, I don’t consider myself a beauty blogger. I’m kind of glad that I’m not a full-time beauty blogger ::^^:: LOL! That’s why I really appreciate people who take the time out to do all those reviews. Anyway, I’m going off-course with this post. I thought I’d post up my beauty hauls from the last fourish months from high-end brands.


Back in December Tarte had a 30% off Friends and Family Sale. Sadly, they don’t ship to Canada. We have it at our Sephoras, but I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the 30% off. I asked my friend to help me order it and send it to me haha. I received the items some time in January. My first item from Tarte was actually their Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Waterproof Concealer. After that I was hooked. I liked that they used natural ingredients (and are eco-friendly) since my skin as of late has not been itself. I really needed products that wouldn’t irritate it further. Tarte’s quite pricey, but I think most of their products are worth the price.

Maracuja Creaseless Concealer
Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Waterproof Concealer
Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush (Tipsy)
The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush
Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum (Sample)

I think with the 30% off, California sales tax, and shipping to me, the total was around $80-$90 CAD. Whereas if I just purchased it at my local Sephora at full price with our sales tax included, it would cost me $136.50 CAD. Pretty crazy, right? That’s a whole other product that I could buy LOL!

Urban Decay

Urban Decay has always been known for its popular items like their Primer Potion and 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. They really sky rocketed in popularity, in my opinion, when they came out with the Naked Palette. Anyone who has even an inkling of knowledge on make up knows about that palette. All the Youtube makeup gurus praised it endlessly and was featured in many of their videos. How many palettes has it inspired from other brands since the Naked Palette’s debut? Countless! Everyone wants to cash in on it.

Although I wanted to get the palette to try out so many of the looks that was inspired by this palette I held myself back because.. well, I don’t really wear eyeshadow LOL! Until recently that is. And with the 20% off they had for their Friends & Family Sale I thought I’d order some of the items I wanted to try.

De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray
Naked Palette (x2)
Naked Basics
Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup
(NOTE: The second Naked Palette and the Naked Basics palette belongs to my friend. I just helped her order it.)

I actually wanted the All Nighter setting spray but the were out the next day that I checked. The day I asked my friend to help me order it, it goes out of stock ::tear::. Total for everything might’ve been around $200 CAD? I don’t quite remember how much shipping was. Full price total here would’ve been $243.60. But two of the palettes aren’t mine so it costs a bit less for me than that.

butter LONDON

butter LONDON is supposed to be known for their non-toxic nail polishes (3-free). They come in the prettiest colours and supposedly have awesome formulas. I got a 25% off coupon code during boxing week and got them in January, I believe.

Lillibet’s Jubilee
West End Wonderland
Rosie Lee
Lovely Jubbly
Lady Muck
Pink Ribbon

I’ve actually already tried Lillibet’s Jubilee, Rosie Lee, and Pink Ribbon too. I haven’t typed out a review for them though. It is so hard to capture nail polish swatches on camera! I feel like it somehow doesn’t look as awesome as it does in real life. I have no idea how other bloggers even do it -sigh-.


There’s actually items in here that were presents from my friends. Some of them I haven’t tried out yet and some I have, but I haven’t made a post about them yet.

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser
NARS Blush (Torrid)
Benefit Cha Cha Tint
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Mineral)
Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash
Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil
Origins Zero Oil Oil-Free Moisture Lotion
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

I forgot to include Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel, and Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector in the picture ::nervous::. I forgot the Origin’s moisturizer so I retook the picture and then I realized I forgot these two items too.. too lazy to retake picture for the third time though HAHA.

So, any items that you guys might be the most interested in a reading a revew on?

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer (Light) Review

This counts as soon right? A little over a week? ::nervous:: Here’s my review for Tarte’s Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer in the colour Light!

This waterproof, full-coverage concealer combines the calming properties of vitamins A and E and the soothing quality of Amazonian clay to nourish while completely masking discolorations and imperfections for better looking skin. Amazonian clay acts as a total skin balancer by reducing dryness and flakiness while improving the appearance and texture of skin for longer, waterproof wear! The buildable full-coverage formula is rich in pigments for truer color without a heavy or tacky texture, making it ideal for hiding any and all imperfections from dark circles to blemishes to redness. Designed for brush-free application, blending this creamy concealer with your finger allows the formula to melt into the skin for an easy application and opaque airbrushed effect.

I’ve actually been getting really crazy skin lately so I needed a better concealer. I needed something that was creamy without making my face an oily mess. I’ve been getting flaky skin from a topical cream that my doctor gave me so my old concealer wasn’t cutting it since it would make any dry spots on my skin stand out.

Tarte’s Amazonian clay concealer was just what I was searching for. Tarte’s formula is creamy enough that most dry spots wouldn’t be highlighted and if it seems to, give it a moment. Apply with your fingers on those spots to warm up the concealer to help it blend into your skin. Give it a bit of time and it’ll blend flawlessly. Usually I dislike using my fingers to apply makeup aside from the concealer that goes under my eyes, but I do like to do touch ups with my fingers with this concealer on spots that need it more.

Since my skin is going crazy I also appreciated that it is oil-free and the ingredient used – Amazonian clay – seemed like things that won’t irritate my skin further and perhaps even help it. A problem I have with wearing just concealer, usually, is the short wear-time of the product. I don’t have a problem with Tarte’s concealer though. Perhaps it’s because of the Amazonian clay, my face doesn’t get as oily nor as fast which means the product doesn’t slide around much. Thus, I can get away with just wearing concealer on my face with a bit of setting powder to keep it on longer.

I don’t know if I would consider this a full-coverage concealer, but it’s definitely buildable. It doesn’t cake up if you lightly dab a bit on at a time with your fingers on spots that need higher coverage.

I would recommend this concealer to everyone because I really think it would work with any skin type! It definitely made me purchase a bunch of other products from Tarte to try when I saw that they also had a 30% off sale last month!