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Shiseido Hada Senka Perfect Watery Oil Review


I got the Perfect Watery Oil in a Shiseido Hada Senka set I bought! I haven’t really tried out many other cleansing oils because I’ve been very happy with my current cleansing oil. But since this one came in a set I was glad to try since it was small enough that if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be too unhappy about getting rid of it.

When it comes to cleansing oils I want ones that don’t feel overly oily on my face. Why? I feel ones that are overly heavy tend to stay on the face even after rinsing. Of course, the most important aspect is that it removes makeup and able to leave you feeling clean afterwards

The first thing I noticed about the Senka cleansing oil is that it doesn’t spread on the face very easily. Perhaps it’s due to the more watery nature, I’m not sure. It seems like I have to use a lot more product to be able to cover my whole face. It doesn’t seems to have a harder time to melt the makeup on my face, which also plays into me using more product. Although it seems to be doing fine with makeup removal department, it just needs a lot more product than others I’ve used.

I do not feel a thick layer of oil on my face though after I rinse it off so it gets points for that. Since it doesn’t leave a film, I haven’t experienced any acne from using the product, which also gets points.

Overall the product does its job. It’s not the best I’ve tried but it’s also not the worst I’ve tried either. If you’ve been having trouble finding a lighter formula then I’d say, give this one a try.


Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser Review

Product Description

This extra gentle, highly effective cleanser removes impurities and harmful excess sebum without stripping away skin’s essential moisture. It quickly lathers into a rich foam, and leaves skin feeling refreshed and silky-smooth to the touch.


I know.. I’m back for basically my once a month update LOL. But I lost the converter for my charger (meant for Asian power outlets) and I hate putting up pictures from my iPhone. But thankfully there are some that I’ve taken pictures of prior to losing the convertor.

Finding a cleanser that’s gentle enough to not irritate my skin can be a challenge. My skin basically hates me and can sometimes feel extremely dry to extremely oily or both depending on the area of my face. In the morning I like to use cleansers that aren’t too harsh on my skin. I need my face to be more.. oily (?) since it can be very dry by the end of the day (despite there being oily spots on my face too).

My friend gifted me a Shiseido Ibuki set a while ago, hence the smaller size in my picture. I finally got around to trying it out early this year!

The formula comes out a bit thick, but once worked into a lather it’s fine. Not super bubbly, but enough for me to work onto whole face. I don’t need too much product in order to do so either.

It is scented, but is light so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless you’re someone who usually prefers unscented products overall. I actually quite like the scent of the product. Calming for the morning.

This cleanser is definitely gentle, so personally I like to keep it for the morning time rather than using it both in the morning and at night. Mostly because I like having my cleansers at night to feel like it actually washed off any leftover makeup that might be left after I use my cleansing oil. My face is left nice and soft after using the Ibuki Gentle Cleanser. I can feel that it didn’t strip off all the oil from my face, which is a good thing or else it might be too harsh for my face.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a cleanser that is suitable for sensitive skin. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, I think it would be a good one to try out if you’re looking for a more gentle cleanser.

I don’t specifically have anything bad to say about the cleanser, but there also wasn’t anything that made me especially attached to it. Not one that I would particularly repurchase if asked, but I wouldn’t tell people to not buy it either LOL.