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Hisamitsu LIFECELLA Essence Sheet Mask (Lychee) Review

Product Description

An ideal skin care product that brings you good elasticity, tone, and texture. The combination of three ingredients that nourishes and smooths the skin’s surface.
・The combination of lychee seed extract, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin A provides extra moisture to skin.
・The essence is mildly acidic (physiological pH). It is ideal for gentle skin care.
・The mask is soaked in plenty of rich beauty essence.
・Hypoallergenic (though there may be exceptions).


I bought this during winter because my face was getting crazily dry. I needed a mask that would provide moisture and not irritate my skin. Usually wash off masks are a lot of help, but to be honest I get too lazy to do all that when I’m in school sometimes.

A problem I faced with some sheet masks is the size of the mask. I’ve had a few that were too big for my face so the holes for my eyes and mouth were kind of weird.. albeit I kind of have a small face compared to some people, so who knows. I didn’t face this problem though with Lifecella’s lychee essence mask.

It also wasn’t swimming in essence which is something I like. I’ve mentioned before in a previous review that I don’t like when there’s too much essence in the bag. I hate when the masks starts to drip all over the place after I place it on. I’m pretty sure no one’s masks is dry by the end of the 20-30 minutes anyway. I read somewhere once that you shouldn’t put a mask on for longer than that amount of time so I don’t like leaving it on until it dries. There’s enough liquid inside to last me the time it states without it being dry at the end.

I’ve actually really enjoyed using this mask. It moisturizes for a longer period. Sometimes I use masks and my face feels plump and bouncy right after using, but after an hour it feels like the moisture already disappeared. This mask leaves a longer lasting effect which is great for colder weather. I can even see that it helps in the morning when I’m applying makeup in the morning and I see less flakey skin x_x haha. The only thing is that it felt a little bit sticky right after use.

Definitely a mask I would recommend everyone to try if you’re looking for a mask to help with dry skin or if you’re just looking for a little extra moisture overall. There is a scent but I didn’t find it too bad and it didn’t irritate my skin.


My Scheming 7 Days Refreshing & Balancing Mask Set Review

Product Description

My Scheming 7 Days Refreshing & Balancing Mask Set contains:

【Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask】x 2
The mask is specially for oily skin. It can help to control oil and provide fresh, mild and soft skin. The mask can also help remove the dirt, get rid of aged cuticles and enhance metabolism. Bringing you bright and transparent skin.

【Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask】 x 2
The mask adds natural aloe vera extract which possesses rare Amino acid, proteins, vitamins. It provides skin with sufficient nutrients. Vitamin E is an essential element for anti-oxidant which brightens and whitens skin colour, provides lightened, smooth, brilliant skin.

【Green Tea & Barley Whitening Mask】x 1
Green tea contains abundant chlorophyll, Catechin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, etc. Green tea polyphenols is a good anti-oxidant. Barley can remove melanin, brighten dull skin, promote skin metabolism, and smooth coarse skin.

【Herbal Anti-Acne Mask】x 1
The mask contains orris and green tea extracts, which can balance oil secretion and relieve oily skin problems. Allantoin, hamamelis, and chamomile extracts in the mask can relieve skin problems, reduce inflammation and pores, moisturize skin, improve skin quality, and prevent an allergic reaction.

【Deep Cleansing Mask】x 1
The mask comprises of gentianae radix extract, mulberry extract, liquorice extract, and protease which accelerates metabolism, renews aged cuticles, and enhances nutrient absorption. It repairs all aspects of skin problems and provides your skin with brightness, lightness, and fair skin.


I would like to note that because there’s only one to two sheets for each product, it’s hard for me to give a good in-depth review about how each of them perform. So my thoughts on the masks might not be completely accurate as I do not have a chance to actually use it for a longer duration.

My Scheming masks contain a lot of product. A lot of people usually seem to like when packets contain a lot of fluid so that they can use the leftover on their neck and body. So depending on your preference, that can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Personally, I don’t like when sheet masks have way too much product in the packet. I find that I have to squeeze the mask of the fluids a bit before I apply it on my face. However, if you do like having the extra product in the packet, it contains enough to probably apply to your whole body if you so choose.

The Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask has a really light scent that kind of reminds me of baby products. It was only noticeable when I was applying it, but disappears after it is on my face. The mask seemed to have calmed my skin down a bit.

The Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask made my skin feel a bit plumper after usage. The problem was that it seemed to leave a trail of white product after it dried up. It was most noticeable on my neck from where the product dripped while I had the mask on. Because of how the product dries up, I wouldn’t recommend using this mask before an event or going on in general. Definitely something to use before you sleep instead since you can wash it off in the morning.

With the Deep Cleansing Mask, I noticed that it left my skin with a shiny, rubbery layer. It also seemed to have left a bit of residue on my neck from the product that dripped down while I had the mask on. With this mask and also the other ones in this Refreshing & Balancing Mask Set, I did not notice any significant change.

I only had a chance to try the masks once, at most twice, so it was hard to see whether or not the masks did anything. Overall, I wasn’t wow’ed by this set from My Scheming and wouldn’t particularly recommend it. There wasn’t any mask that I thought about repurchasing or lean towards when my skin needs some extra help.

If you do decide to give it a try, I would recommend that you keep it as a part of you night skincare process since most of the masks seem leave a film on the skin.


As a side note, I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This is my present to my readers since I have been slacking on my reviews haha! This will probably be my last review for 2014 and I look forward to writing more in 2015.

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask Review

I’m sure anyone who has been into Asian sheet masks have heard of My Beauty Diary before, am I right? Even if you don’t use them, you’ve probably heard about My Beauty Diary (MBD) or seen them around Asian supermarkets. I’ve actually tried out quite a few before when I bought a box that contained a variety of MBD sheet masks, but none of them really impressed me. The only one I kind of enjoyed was the Cooling Mask. It is pretty awesome during summer time because.. well, it’s cooling LOL! But that’s not the mask I’m going to talk about today. Today I shall tell you the joys of MBD’s Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask!

So what exactly does it claim to do?

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask illuminates and clarifies the face in 20 minutes.

The combination of black tea ferment and bergamot essential oil gives a miraculously brightening effect. It brightens dull and yellowish skin tone, leaving skin briskly clear, fair and flawless.

Sweet almond protein and sugar cane extract are mixed to leave skin glittering and translucent, smooth and delicate. The fruit extracts of rosa canina, blueberry and acerola leave skin fair and perfectly clear, enhancing the skin’s translucency and ability to defend.

Did it meet those expectations?

I believe it did! I don’t use face masks regularly. Usually I reserve it for “special occasions” (AKA when my face decides to flip out). Anytime I feel like my face is in need of a mask, I throw this on for 20 minutes and it’d help out a ton. Clears my face, makes it brighter, etc.

I know usually people say that sheet mask only gives temporary results, and in a way I guess it does. One mask isn’t going to make your face flawless for a billion years. It does however make me face appear much better the next day. So if you use it and don’t see immediate results, wait until the next morning. Give the ingredients time to work into your skin and work its magic. I mean, this was the only MBD mask that I actually saw results after using it. It’s now one of my favorite masks. Actually I’m on my second box ::heart2::

I also noticed that the shape of this mask and the material used to make it seems better than their more common lines. The other ones seem more thinner and easier to rip. In fact, I think I might’ve accidentally ripped a MBD mask once while trying to unfold it and remove it from the plastic wrap that it’s usually folded with.


Topbox October 2012

A bunch of people were able to get off the Topbox waitlist for the October box recently. I was one of them and I was really excited since Topbox was always touted as one of the best with the lowest price when it comes to the beauty boxes available in Canada. Just a note though, they are also raising their price from $10 to $12 for everyone.

Aveda // Invati

[[ Thicker, fuller hair is yours with 97% naturally derived Invati solution for thinning hair. ]]
Full Size: 200mL/$27 || Received: (10mL x 2) 20mL/$5.40
I’m actually a bit curious about this. I don’t think I have thinning hair, but anything that can help make my hair thicker and fuller is good to me.

MaskerAide // Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks

[[ MaskerAide is a unique line of super hydrating facial sheet masks created for fabulous lifestyles! ]]
Full Size: 1 mask/$4.99 || Received: 1 mask/$4.99 (FULL SIZED)
Always love sheet masks, but I’ve only used Asian brands for sheet masks. I saw a lot of raves from others on the web though so we’ll see!

Stila // In The Moment Eyeshadow Palette

[[ A beautiful collection of Stila’s award-winning eye shadows. ]]
Full Size: 14g/$50 || Received: ??
I have to say that even though I was happy that they included Stila in this box, it’s just so small. I honestly wonder how many uses I can get out of it to try it out. Will I get anything left after I do swatches for the blog? haha ::swirl::.

Vasanti // BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

[[ Dramatically improve your skin’s texture to reveal softer, brighter and younger looking skin! ]]
Full Size: 120mL/$34 || Received: 20mL/$5.67

The box was okay. I think there were complaints about it and I myself wasn’t particularly wow’ed by anything either. Just because I’ve been on the waiting list since February so I expected a lot out of this box. It also didn’t seem like these were items that I wouldn’t get from the other boxes. Maybe except Stila, but the sample didn’t seem that exciting. Include a pencil liner or something instead of tiny swatches? I think the value of this box is lower than any other ones I’ve received…..?