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Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Review

Product Description

A mineral-based, water-resistant primer with SPF 15 that neutralizes the skin, minimizes shine, and creates a smooth, uniform canvas for flawless makeup application. This clean, satin-finish formula helps keep makeup looking fresh and prevents fading. Veil Mineral Primer also absorbs excess oils and minimizes the appearance of pores by evenly distributing light to help hide and soften skin imperfections and fine lines.


Hourglass’ Veil Mineral Primer isn’t exactly the cheapest primer on the market costing around $60CAD for a 1oz bottle. It doesn’t stop it from being loved by anyone who is willing to put up that amount of money for a primer. The biggest benefit of using this one, is that it’s a mineral-based primer compared to the huge array of silicon-based primers out there. Anyone that hates the feeling of silicon-based primers would love this one.

One problem I had with the formula was how it separated in the bottle. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t use it as soon as I bought the product, as I was still finishing up the last of another primer, but it came out really weird for me. It didn’t look separated in the bottle, but even after shaking it hard a few times the product came out really runny – just white liquid. It took a few days of shaking it a few times every morning before it finally combined. Before it separated again a month or so after and I had to go through the same ordeal.

When the formula wasn’t separated though, it was quite a lovely product. One of the best non-silicon-based primers I’ve ever used. It spreads like butter on my skin and my skin feels really soft with it on. It doesn’t leave an oily sheen and absorbs pretty well. Because of those two factors, my makeup doesn’t slide when it’s applied over the primer. When I use silicon-based primers sometimes if I accidentally apply a bit too much, my makeup would slide. It was especially evident if I had touched my face and suddenly I’d basically see a smudge on my face lol.

I also love the packaging of the Veil Mineral Primer. Heavy, frosted glass which makes it feel quite luxurious when holding it. It is also a pump bottle. I wish all my products came with a pump bottle. The opening is just big enough so that I have a good control of the amount of product that comes out.

I would recommend this primer to everyone, definitely one for everyone to try out. If you’re not sure about the price tag, ask for a sample from Sephora before purchasing! The 1oz bottle would probably last you a year even with consistent use!


Amazing Cosmetics Anti-Aging Face Primer Review

Product Description

Face Primer locks in your look so makeup application stays looking fresh for all-day wear. It hydrates and protects and creates a smooth, clean canvas, allowing you to use less foundation and other similar products. The primer fills in fine lines and wrinkles revealing soft, smooth flawless skin. Unlike other heavy, oily primers, AmazingCosmetics Anti Aging Face Primer creates a smooth, flawless canvas without feeling heavy on the skin. Botanical Cassia Angustifolia provides significant hydration for a full 24 hours. A lightweight moisturizer and primer in one that’s infused with vitamins and minerals.


I first came to know about Amazing Cosmetics through a Michelle Phan video. She was using Amazing Cosmetic’s concealer and I really wanted to try it out after watching her use it. However, our Sephora didn’t carry it and I ended up using Tarte instead (which I love, anyway). I decided to give their primer a try instead. Lately I feel like there just hasn’t been any primer that does the job I want.

The hard thing about reviewing this product is that it claims to have anti-aging properties. For one, I don’t have any wrinkles on my face other than my eyes. I do not, however, use this for my eyes. Another problem with this is that I assume you would have to use the product for quite a while in order to claim that any anti-aging related improvements were actually from using this product. Since I don’t have any good proof for these things, I will just be reviewing the product as is.

Amazing’s face primer is silicon-based and is much like Lancome’s La Base Pro. It comes at $36 CAD/1oz, which is a cheaper alternative to Lancome’s primer. The primer comes in a squeeze tube with a pointed tip which lets the user have better control over how much product comes out.

As with any primer, it does help to smooth the face to allow for an easier application of your makeup. I do not feel that it helps with the wear-time of my makeup. And even when it comes to giving a smoother surface to work on, the product leaves me feeling a bit disappointed. As soon as I apply the product to my face, it feels like all of it gets completely absorbed. If I apply more then I feel like it would be too much. In this way, I guess it lives up to the claim that it doesn’t feel heavy. The problem is that when it absorbs, it seems to take some of the moisture on my skin along with it. That cancels out their claim to 24 hours of hydration!

If you’re looking for a primer in similar formula, I would recommend Lancome’s primer instead. Although it’s pricer, I feel the La Base Pro does a better job of providing a good canvas for makeup. I would rather shell out a bit more for a better product.


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Mineral) Review

Worn under foundation, this good-for-skin Mineral Primer creates a smooth, flawless canvas for application, allowing foundation to glide on easily and stay fresh and color-true for hours. Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive, it nourishes with a blend of vitamins and minerals to visibly improve the look of skin. It’s the first step to Laura’s “Flawless Face.” Dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic, it contains antioxidant vitamins A and E.

I used to use mineral foundation because of my oily-combination skin. After my skin started changing I switched between a lot of different kinds of foundation. However, while I had been using mineral foundation, I thought I’d give this primer a try. I wanted to see if it’d be any different since it was targeted towards mineral makeup.

Laura Mercier carries several variations of this primer, including the original, hydrating, and radiance amongst others. I don’t know how the other ones stand against this one. This particular primer did not perform very well for me, however, so I was pretty disappointed.

The mineral primer was different from the usual ones I use since it is not a silicon-based primer. You won’t feel that super smooth sensation when you swipe your finger across your skin! I thought I’d try a primer that wasn’t silicon-based to see how it fares against its counterpart. The problem is that, although it does provide a smoother canvas when compared to using no primer at all, it’s still not sufficient enough. My skin feels really weird after applying this onto my skin. Almost gritty? Maybe it’s because of the liquid-to-powder formula.

The liquid-to-powder formula always proves to be a bit drying. I find that weird since it’s meant for mineral makeup. I expected there to be a bit of tackiness so that the powder to cling onto the primer. But since it dries to a powder, it’s as if I’m just caking on more powder on top. It doesn’t give a very natural look, nor does it give a nice even application.

I will say though that, initially, it seemed to be a good primer for oily-combination skin because it gave me matte skin as soon as I applied. It dries really quickly – not so quickly that you won’t be able to work it through your skin – so you don’t have to stand around waiting for it to absorb. It didn’t seem the oils at bay though. I would probably need to blot my face after an hour or two. To be fair, I don’t think I’ve come across a foundation or primer yet that has lasted longer than that before I start to get a bit shiny.

I don’t know if the antioxidants it says it contains really did anything for my skin. I didn’t notice any changes after using it. I will note, however, that it didn’t break me out, so I’ll give it that.

I wouldn’t actually recommend anyone to buy this, but if you’re curious and want to try, I would suggest that you only do so if you have oily/combination skin. If you have dry skin, it might just enhance flakey skin.


Missha M Cover Master Make Up Base SPF20 PA++ (Green) Review

With excellent coverage and moisturizing effect, it evens skin tone and softly adheres on the skin to help prepare skin perfectly. It helps to cover blemish perfectly with just one touch

I was looking for a green base to put on because of the redness I have my nose and mouth area. I also had redness from some acne too so I was hoping the green base would help counteract it.

I noticed that when I press the pump, a lot of product actually comes out – too much, in fact. The amount that comes out is really unnecessary since only a little bit would already cover a big area. Trust me when I say you only need a tiny dot to be able to probably cover up a whole area of redness. The tricky part is knowing exactly how much to apply without looking like a ghost.

Another thing I noticed about this product is the fact that it feels a bit gritty for some reason. I really dislike the feeling of it between my fingers. It is as if there’s a bit of sand in it or something. I don’t quite notice it when I’m applying it to my face, but I did find it peculiar.

The formula had a decent coverage, but the problem was that it didn’t provide a good, smooth base for my makeup. And even if I only apply a small amount, I feel like I look too pale even if it’s under my foundation. It doesn’t quite provide a nice base if I just use it as spot makeup. If I use it on my whole face then I look sickly pale. Anyone that’s not already really pale might experience the same thing.

Wear time was pretty good though so if it actually works out for your face, then it might be decent buy. However, because of how it looks for me, I kind of wish it’d sink into my skin a bit more to be able to blend in.