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Can’t believe I’m back. After stressing about the blog for the longest time I can finally update haha! I finally emailed my host to see what to do and they got back to me quickly. I followed their instructions to fix it but it still didn’t work so I was sort of panicking at that point. Thankfully they did a follow up to see if everything was alright. Fixed everything up right away ::^^::. So if anyone’s looking for a host that has a great support team definitely check out Cloud Web!

If you notice some random words or text like “:::D::” or “::ribbon::” please ignore it for now. I know it looks really ugly. When I deleted all my plugins to reinstall them I forgot what code I used for some of the emotes LOL.

Lot’s of things have happened in between the time I was gone and I wish I could share it. However I didn’t take pictures of anything that I did haha! Also, I’m still sort of debating if I really want to share some of my personal life online. Once those things are out there you can’t take it back.

I shall now go type up my June Glossybox entry ::heart2::.

Problems With Blog // Diablo III

Hey everyone, I know a lot of people are having trouble accessing my blog these past two weeks. I’m trying to figure out what the problem is, but I’m having trouble with that. It suddenly happened out of nowhere when I haven’t touched any of the coding, etc. for the past two weeks so I’m pretty sure it’s not from me tinkering with the coding?? I know I keep mentioning I’m going to try a reinstalling wordpress again on my Twitter but I’m been really hesitant about it. I don’t know if I backed up correctly and if I’ll lose any of my stuff in the process. So if you’re experiencing any difficulty with my blog right now please hang tight ::nervous::.


My time lately has been dedicated to Diablo 3 with my friends LOL! We started on Friday night, I bet we’re going to be level 20 by the end of today or something HAHA. It’s so bad because once we get addicted to a game there’s really no stopping us. Our boyfriends are just probably facepalming themselves right now ::swirl::. I think most guys started playing it the day it came out so now that they’re over the game, we started playing ::^^::. I wasn’t going to play, honestly, because my brother told me it’s not my type of game. After playing it though I don’t see why he says that. It’s sort of like the 3D MMORPGs my friends and I play.

My friend and I bought it online and we were raging because after we killed the first significant boss (the Skeleton King) it said we have to pay since we were on Starter’s Edition. I was searching online and it said we might have to wait up to 72 hours before that disappears and we can go on playing the game. We were thinking we might as well have just went to the store to buy the physical copy instead ::GAHH::.

Found some people saying if we changed our passwords it’ll work. It did ::heart2::.

I think I’ve played a fair amount of MMORPGs:

Starting from the in-browser game RuneScape LOL…don’t play that.

MapleStory which became a game full of spoiled kids. You just can’t beat those people in the game when they’re full of cash shop stuff. I think it almost became a requirement to have something from the Cash Shop or else nobody really wants you in their party when you have nothing cool to offer.

La Tale. I still enjoy this came even though it’s 2D haha. Met a good friend on this game too!

Iris Online. First 3D MMORPG for me and my friends. I was hesitant to try because I only use my laptop. The desktop is used by my brother and rest of family. I wasn’t sure if my laptop could handle 3D games LOL. Initially I was kind of having a hard time with the camera angle. After just playing 2D games it was a bit weird. When I got used to it though I wished all 3D games had it. The problem with this game is that after a while the frequency of new quests drops dramatically. You’re left with the daily quests from your lower levels which barely give enough XP for your current level. That and grinding so it really kills the fun. I don’t even know how many levels we had to grind through after we hit about level 28.

Ragnarok. It’s weird how the games seem to be going up in quality and then we played Ragnarok LOL! The reason for that is because my besties all played this game back then and I guess it provided a nice memory for them. We played on a private server. It’s weird though because they let you move the camera but only barely. I was so used to being able to move the camera on IO that RO really irritated me when it came to this. We actually decided to play on the real game when they announced that it was F2P (Free to Play). We couldn’t handle the real game because it felt really boring (at least for me it was) so we stopped pretty early.

Dragon Nest. This was pretty fun because it was another ‘significant’ change in the games I played. Although I wasn’t that good at it, it was still interesting. Usually in these games you aim at the monster and just stay in place pretty much while your character kills the monster. This one you have a more control. You’re expected to be able to dodge the monsters’ attacks. You’re expected to know what attacks to use to get the best combos and kill the monster most efficiently. You’re expected to do more than just click on a monster and press random attacks. It does get a bit repetitive after too because you’re expected to go through the same dungeons a couple times although at different difficulties. On top of that the level cap was pretty low so almost everyone could reach it in a relatively small amount of time. It became sort of a race for people to get to max level so they can just farm for rare items to either sell back out for lots of gold or make their armour godly. Jobs are also gender-locked on this game.

Diablo 3. I haven’t played the other ones, but I have to say, my friend and I are not really THAT impressed for a game that costs $60! I was surprised when I couldn’t change the camera angle on this aside from pressing Z to zoom into my character ::blink::. There’s no customization for the character really. I guess because it’s mainly a game for guys it’s not a huge factor, but come on LOL! It was interesting how you have only two main attacks on this game. I’m so used to having a bunch to switch between. I guess the trade-off was the cool down time on those attacks in other games.

Also, there’s something about this game that I don’t really enjoy which is clicking to walk. I’m guessing because you can’t change your camera angle, there’s no need to use the keyboard to walk. The only gave that made me do that was Ragnarok and I was complaining the whole time. I’m so used to using WASD to move I keep pressing it during gameplay.

I always play archers/mages in games and for some reason they’re always the nicer looking female characters LOL. It’s bad when it’s like that because it makes my bestie Ashleigh want to play since she picks characters based on looks HAHA. Her playing style learns more to a tank, but tanks are usually real butch looking. Her worst nightmare LOL. Okay I’ll stop all this dorky game talk.

Just wanted to mention that my friends made a blog. Well, Ashleigh always ran a tumblr, but she has decided to make a real blog so please check hers out! Her domain name used to be linked to her tumblr, but it now goes to her personal blog. She updates frequently! My friend Connie also made one, but she doesn’t update frequently LOL. Check out her blog anyway ::^^::.

New Layout && I’m Calling It!!

I said I would have a surprise after I was done my finals and here it is! A new layout LOL! I had the other one up for over a year so I thought I’d change it for now. I was actually trying to figure things out for quite a while. People that are good with coding and customizing their layout would probably think it was a piece of cake but I had to keep tinkering with it.

I thought I would put it up once I was done with my finals so I can sort out any messes. On the day I was going to put it up I saw that the theme had an update.. this had actually happened to me before but I totally forgot.. but when you update the theme it sets everything back to default. I didn’t save a backup or create it as a child theme and I accidentally pressed refresh on the tab I had my site opened so I couldn’t even look at that as reference. I was just pulling my hair out that night ::tear:: ::GAH::.

Another thing I noticed when I was doing the fonts for the previous theme. Google Chrome hates Google Web Fonts. I don’t know why since it’s their own product but I’ve searched online about this and it seems like it’s a pretty prominent issue with no fix. The fixes that people had up were for previous versions of Chrome and don’t work anymore ::swirl::. Let me show you my problem:

What is that jagged mess on the right!? It’s so smooth and nice on the left with Firefox! GAH!!! –throws clenched fists up in the air– Whatever, I give up LOL. I’m sorry Chrome users, you’re just going to have to look at that. The sidebar is also blargh right now, but you know… after 3 days of fixing up behind the scenes (aka. the categories and tags) and fixing the stupid layout. I’m beat LOL.


One of my besties and I were talking about colour themes for someone’s wedding. She mentioned how she loved Tiffany blue and then after my chirp of agreement she quickly yelled (sans swearing), “I CALL IT! YOU BETTER NOT TAKE IT!!” I was of course taken aback! So I told my other bestie later on that day about how Tiffany blue was apparently off the table. That’s when I hear, “I like lavender..like a soft lilac…I CALL LAVENDER!”

Son of a ………. ::GAH::!!! LOL!!

So you know what? Now I feel like I should claim some colours too! HA! –taps the microphone– I’d like to announce that I’m claiming the colour theme peach-white-with a tiny bit of gold amongst our circle of friends. Think peach can match anyone’s skintone and soft peach just looks so feminine and…well, soft LOL! I did a quick search on pinterest for some pictures harhar.

Sort of funny because none of us really ever thought about how our weddings would be like, at least I never did. It was just never a pastime for me to think how I would like my wedding in the future. Now that we’re in our 20s though people are starting to get pregnant and engaged and it brings up talks about it all.

On that subject it’s interesting to see how my close friends aren’t that into marriage! Or is that the norm nowadays? Young women want to be more like a power woman and just be focused on their career and rise to the top. Marriage can be saved for later, sort of mindset? I think especially now with the divorce rates being so high women might be more afraid? I don’t know why but so many people around me has had to suffer with shady guys.

So it’s not just about being focused on their career but also because you have to invest so much into a marriage? Sometimes amongst my close friends I feel like I’m the most level-headed romantic of the group HAHA. What I mean by that is I wish for the marriage and settling down part but I’m not exactly the type to keep my rose-coloured glasses on the whole time. Anyway, I can tell I’m going to start rambling with this post so I shall just end it off here haha!

1st Anniversary!

Hey everyone! Today’s the day of Wrapped in Lace’s birthday! I can’t believe it has already been a year since I’ve made this domain my home!! Time definitely passes by in the blink of an eye. January 21st was the official day that everything was registered and set up. I made my first actual post on the 24th though. Think I did around 89 entries since then! I’m quite proud hahaha ::bunneh:: I haven’t changed my layout at all.. are you tired of seeing it? haha! The thing is that I keep editing little things the whole time so now that I feel like I’m finally happy with everything, I feel like I need to change it because I’ve used it for so long LOL ::sweat:: !

I hope everyone will support me and my blog as they have in 2011 ::heart2:: . I don’t think I can top my 89 entries from last year since I really need to buckle down this year for school. Even so, I hope each entry will still be as enjoyable as all of my other ones!!