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Formula X For Sephora (Bonded 2U) Review

Product Description

Classic polish staples just got a makeover with this selection of eye-catching collection—ranging from brights to chic, minimalistic neutrals. Enriched with ShineXcel™—a luminescent ingredient that enhances color and overall shine, each polish’s patented No Compromise formulation offers long-lasting, incredibly-saturated color with a stunning finish.


Received Formula X Bonded 2U as a Christmas present from a friend. Decided to finally try it out earlier this month since I was going to a wedding. Formula X is supposed to be known for a pretty long wear time. I didn’t try it on with their top/bottom coat, but I did use a different bottom coat from another brand before applying Bonded 2U.

It applies as a dark purple and a pretty nice coat. I noticed that on some fingers there was some streaking. Not super noticeable but it was there. I wasn’t sure if my bottom coat was just too slippery for the polish to adhere correctly or not. I couldn’t really apply another coat on top without messing up my initial layer and feeling heavy.

I was happy about the wear time though. In the swatch above it was actually day 3 of wearing the polish. Very, very minor chipping. So I would say that the polish is pretty good for at least 4-5 days before experience big chipping.

I kind of wish the brush was a bit flatter for easier application, but it wasn’t too big of a deal.

All in all, pretty good polish. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it if you’re looking for a nice fall colour.


Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nail Lacquer (Mermaid’s Dream) Review

Product Description

All Deborah Lippmann fashion nail colors are infused with treatment benefits from ingredients such as biotin, green tea extract, and aucoumea. These formulas are long lasting, dry quickly, and apply evenly while high-quality pigments ensure eye-catching flash. Glitter finish is fun, fashionable, and full of flash. Explore layering Deborah Lippmann nail color finishes for even more photo-ready style.


Who else is a sucker for mermaid-related things? I would kill to have beautiful mermaid hair! Too bad my hair never likes to cooperate ::tear:: . Had to settle on having pretty nail polish that reminds us of mermaids instead haha.

The polish in the bottle looks really pretty in a light teal with blue sparkles throughout. It also has microglitter mixed with the teal. My problem with the polish was that it did not transfer well onto my nails. The application of it was smooth. It doesn’t feel like chunky glitter on my nails. Maybe because the glitter never really transferred onto my nails. The microglitter doesn’t have a problem, of course, but the bigger blue ones had a really hard time. I was trying really hard to put blobs of polish onto my nails in hopes of having more blue glitters.

Excuse the bad paint job, just wanted to quickly put some on LOL. But this is after two coats. The green is not very opaque, which I dislike. The blue glitters kind of collect in one place which also makes it rather ugly.

This is after the third coat. Still a bit sheer.

I think it’d probably take a couple more coats to make it look more like the bottle. But… ain’t nobody got time fo dat LOL. I also dislike having too many coats on because it makes my nails feel extra thick.

The positive side for this polish is that it took a few days before I saw any major chipping. So I guess if you don’t mind taking your time applying Mermaid’s Dream, at least you know that it’d last you a bit before you see chipping. I actually wonder how it’d look if I had a different coloured base coat underneath. It’d probably help bring the colours out more.

Overall, not one of my favorites even though it looks beautiful in the bottle.


butter LONDON Lady Muck Review

Product Description

A powdery, periwinkle-blue nail lacquer that’s slightly on the grey side. Lady Muck is infused with pearl pigment for a soft, sexy sheen.


Blue-grey is a favourite colour of mine so when I saw this polish, I needed to have it. Lady Muck has tiny glitters (the pearl pigments) inside, but is not very noticeable when applied on the nails. This is a good point for me because I didn’t want a glitter polish, just a pure blue-grey.

The formula is not very opaque and you do need to apply more than one coat for it to be solid. Depending on how thick you usually apply your layers, two could be enough. However, if you prefer to do it lightly when you build up your layers, you probably need more than two.

What I really liked about this nail polish was the wear time. I can wear it for a week with minor chipping. It didn’t even start chipping until maybe three or four days after I applied it. I like that since I get really lazy when it comes to removing nail polish to apply a fresh coat.

All in all, great colour and very long lasting. The only downside was that you need to apply a few coats to get it to be as opaque as one might like.


Topbox May 2013

I’m actually pretty disappointed by Topbox’s products for May. I’ll talk about that later on.

Cuccio Colour // Nail Lacquer (Tel-Aviv About It!)

[[ Triple pigmented colour, DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde FREE, high shine professional nail colours. ]]
Full Size: $10/14mL || Received: $10/14mL *FULL SIZE*

Lise Watier // Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer

[[ Intense colour, extreme shine, long-lasting. ]]
Full Size: $23/6mL || Received: $5.75/1.5mL

Yaby // Eyeshadow Refill (Green Delicious)

[[ Highly pigmented eyeshadow with super smooth texture that blends effortlessly. ]]
Full Size: $3.15/3g || Received: $3.15/3g *FULL SIZE*

Deborah Lippmann // Smooth Operator

[[ An ultra-modern 4 way nail buffer. ]]
Full Size: $12/each || Received: $12/each *FULL SIZE*

Approximate Box Value: $30.90

I don’t really get why they gave us a green shadow. It’s not exactly the most wearable colour available. Whenever these subscription services ask what about sort of looks or colours we go for I choose natural, simple options. If I receive more nude colours I would probably use it, but green? When would I use green?

I also wish we got a polish from Deborah Lippmann instead of the buffer LOL. Come on, that’s what the brand is known for ::GAH::.