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Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara (Waterproof Type) Review

FAIRY DROPS Platinum Mascara Water Proof Type contains 5 kinds of treatment essence to beautify and repair eyelashes. Fiber and Volume Up Wax make glossy, pine needle-shaped lashes with extra volume and length. Strong against humidity, it maintains the lashes’ curl all day long. As it is water-proof, sweat-proof and tear-proof, it is good for marine sports. You need not worry about mess and smudge.

US and Japan patented Fairy Drops Brush (Curve) catches even tiny lashes from their roots. Lashes are bitten between the balls and sharp triangular bunches are made. It pushes up making beautiful curls without clump.

Hydrolyzed Collagen acts as a humectant.
Squalane softens, moisturizes and hydrates.
Sodium Hyaluronate strongly hydrates.
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil nourishes and hydrates.
Panthenol helps eyelashes retain moisture, adding volume and reducing split-ends.

The new year is approaching and I did not want to leave my readers without at least one new review before 2014 actually arrives! Whoa, it’s even here on Christmas day! So I bring you a review on a mascara I really enjoyed using. I’m sure a lot of people who are really into reviews by youtubers or bloggers have heard of the brand Fairy Drops? I think they were (are?) even sold in Sephora.. if I’m not mistaken haha!

I have tried many mascaras before and one thing is clear, I can only use Japanese mascaras. Western mascaras just do not do it for me. None of them are waterproof despite claiming to be just that! I have to use waterproof mascara even if I’m not planning to run through rain because I have such oily lids. If they are not waterproof, I would end up being a raccoon in a couple of hours. All the western mascaras I’ve tried have left me looking like a panda.

Japanese mascaras on the other hand are known for their lengthening properties and also the ability to stay on, no matter what. Take Majolica Marjorca for example; they have to release their own remover for their mascara because nothing else can take it off. The problem is that not everybody wants to pay extra to buy a remover specifically made for one brand’s mascara. Nor do we want to scrub at our eyes until we get wrinkles to get it off with other eye makeup removers.

Fairy Drops is the happy medium between all of that. It comes with all the things we love about Japanese mascaras, but without the dilemma of how to remove it afterwards.

The brush is interesting as it is spiraled. This really helps separate the lashes making sure every single lash is coated. I could definitely see the difference in Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara as compared to Majolica Majorca’s Lash Expander Frame Plus. One problem I found with MM’s mascara is that when I put it closer to my lash line, it irritates my eyes if any of it gets onto the waterline. I had no problems with that for Fairy Drops, which means I can get closer to the lash line and not have to worry about it being clumpy there.

Another thing about Fairy Drops when compared to MM’s mascara is that it gives a much more natural look. MM’s brush for Lash Expander Plus has one side to help separate the lashes and it does a pretty good job. However, because the formula is really wet, lashes tend to stick together a bit and it does not separate every lash as well as Fairy Drops. Fairy Drops’ formula is less wet which means quicker drying time (no need to be scared of it getting onto your under eye area) and also the brush is really able to separate each lash so that the fibers can lengthen each lash a lot more.

The MM mascara also posed a problem with rubbing off a bit onto my under eye area for a while. While it is not as much as any of the western mascaras I’ve tried over the years, it does still leave a bit at the edge of my eyes. Fairy Drops did not have this problem whatsoever. It stayed onto my lashes all day.

Removing it is also a lot simpler. When I use my cleansing oil, it comes right off without any problems. I find that MM’s mascara would only remove with certain cleansing oils so I would have to combine it with their mascara remover to really remove all the product – too time consuming. Fairy Drops stayed on all day and is easily removable with a cleansing oil – much more convenient.

If you’re in the market for a new mascara that can provide lengthening, but at the same time still give a natural look, definitely pick Fairy Drops’ Platinum Mascara up and give it a try. You won’t have any problems with looking like a raccoon after a couple hours if you have oily lids like I do. It’s also easily removable with any decent cleansing oil.


Topbox April 2013 — Elizabeth Arden

Over a week without an entry and it’s for a subscription box. I know, I’m horrible LOL! It’s okay, I’m going to prep another entry right after I’m done with this one! For April, I picked the Elizabeth Arden privé box.

Elizabeth Arden // Prevage Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum

[[ Lines lost, firmness found, luminosity returned. ]]
Full Size: $275/30mL || Received: $45.83/5mL

Elizabeth Arden // Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup

[[ Imperfections vanish. Skin is illuminated. Glow is recaptured. ]]
Full Size: $42/19g || Received: $4.20/1.9g

Elizabeth Arden // Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara

[[ Coats and curls. Lifts and lengthens. Every last lash. ]]
Full Size: $30/7mL || Received: $12.86/3mL

Elizabeth Arden // All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

[[ This two-phase formulation easily, gently removes even transfer resistant waterproof mascara. ]]
Full Size: $24/100mL || Received: $12/50mL

At first I thought, “Wow the sizes are kind of small..” but then the mascara and remover are actually around half the full sized product. On top of that I didn’t realize the Prevage Serum would be worth so much. $275 CAD!! That is pretty crazy. I haven’t tried it yet, but I mean, if I have to pay that much for a serum, my face better look like a baby’s bottom after I use it LOL! With the high cost of the serum, the box is worth approximately $74.89.

Luxebox Spring 2013

This season, Loose Button teamed up with the Steven and Chris Show (CBC) to come up with the essentials for our Luxebox.

Loose Button // Blending Sponge

[[ A makeup sponge applicator that flawlessly blends in your makeup for the perfect look. The applicator should be dampended with water before use and can be used with liquid, cream, loose powder or pressed powder makeup. For best results, use the applicator in a stippling or bouncing motion. ]]
Full Size: ?? || Received: ?? *FULL SIZED*

Moroccanoil // Body Buff

[[ Made with natural orange peel exfoliator, Body Buff is gentle enough for daily use to polish away dead skin cells and instantly transform your skin. The added benefits of argan oil blended with Vitamin E and nourishing avocado, grape seed, safflower, sesame and sweet almond oils, rejuvenate your skin with intense moisture. ]]
Full Size: $48/180mL || Received: $13.33/50mL

Kérastase // Bain Chroma Captive

[[ Shine intensifying shampoo for ultimate color radiance for color-treated hair. Created to help preserves color and shine for up to 40 days with use of Chroma Captive system. Polishes the hair fiber, leaving it smooth for maximum light reflection. ]]
Full Size: $39/250mL || Received: $4.68/30mL

Calvin Klein // Eternity Aqua

[[ Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein is inspired by refreshing femininity with an effortless elegance. It is a sensual and refreshing fragrance like a clean crisp ocean breeze. Feel naturally sophisticated and relaxed with the Eternity Aqua. ]]
Full Size: $72/50mL || Received: $5.40/6mL

B. Kamins // Lip Balm

[[ This soothing lip balm helps to moisturize and protect lips from sun, wind and extreme temperatures. Maple and softening essential oils help to repair chapped, sore lips, and UVA/UVB sunscreening agents help to prevent the breakout of lip sores. This treatment creates a smoother palette for lipstick application by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and reducing the feathering of lip color. ]]
Full Size: $21.00/0.5oz || Received: $5.46/0.13oz

This is literally the third time I’m getting this sample. Second time from Luxebox! I JUST got this sample in my last box and it really irritates me to get repeats ::-_-::. I got this in the winter box and the September box for Glossybox. They obviously didn’t even think to check what I’ve received from them before.

Lancôme | Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate

[[ Award-winning serum that helps create a more youthful-looking skin by promoting natural skin renewal that is characteristic of young skin. Visible skin in just 7 days. Drop by drop, skin is vibrant with youth, its tone becomes astonishingly even and its texture dramatically refined. ]]
Full Size: $125/50mL || Received: $20/8mL

Pandora // Mascara (Black)

[[ The perfect addition to your your collection for a more natural touch! A smudge and clump free mascara that provides you with gorgeous, glossy colour that will never irritate the eyes. Developed specifically for sensitive eyes, this mascara glides on easily and thickens the lashes while adding glorious shine. The long brush handle allows you to maneuver into hard to reach areas and the clear tube lets you know when you’re running low! ]]
Full Size: $19.00/10mL || Received: $19.00/10mL *FULL SIZED*

I have to say that this season’s Luxebox didn’t impress me as much as the last two boxes. I’m interested in trying the Lancome item, but that’s about it. The fact that they sent me an item that they literally just sent me in my last box was pretty disappointing. The booklet they gave with the spring trends had all these brands and items I would’ve been excited to try. Smashbox’s eye primer, Color Smash’s hair shadow (I’m guessing it’s their take on the new hair chalk trend?), L’Occitane, KMS’s Quick Blow Dry. Where are those things in my box?

Glam Bag February 2013

Coastal Scents // Eyeshadow Sample Set (In the Spotlight)

[[ Coastal Scents Shadow Palette Samples are an ideal way to try these highly pigmented, stunning shadows. These miniature-sized samples contain four hand-selected shades by ipsy, making it easy to create a variety of looks. Wear these pressed powders dry or wet for a more intense, dramatic look. Each palette’s colors are labeled with the corresponding Hot Pot name, making it easy to repurchase your favorite shades individually, or in a palette collection like the 252 Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette. ]]
Full Size: ?? || Received: ??

Pixi // Flawless & Poreless

[[ The Pixi Flawless & Poreless primer creates a beautiful no-shine finish for flawless, long-lasting makeup application. This shine controlling, oil-free primer smooths out fine lines and hydrates while making pores instantly disappear. It is the perfect skin primer for all complexions and all skin types.

Beneficial Ingredients and what they do:
• Willow Bark gives natural shine control
• Salicylic Acid clears and unblocks pores
• Shea Butter to nourish the skin
• Titanium Dioxide protects the skin’s surface
• Enantia Chlorantha bark is medicinal & anti-viral
Full Size: $29.00/30mL || Received: $14.50/15mL

Pop Beauty // Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara (No. 1 Smokey Black)

[[ This lash-POP-ing mascara makes lashes plump, long and lusciously flirty! Smudge proof formula adds volume while curling lashes up and out for a look that truly POPs your peepers! ]]
Full Size: $18.50/7g || Received: $12.69/4.8g

MicaBeauty // Gel Eyeliner

[[ Define eyes and apply eyeliner like a pro with the MicaBeauty Gel Eyeliner! This smooth, highly pigmented gel eyeliner glides over the lid evenly and dries quickly for a long-wearing, smudge-proof finish. Comes in 5 other highly pigmented shades. ]]
Full Size: $35.00/5g || Received: ??

Lash Card // Lash Card

[[ Apply your mascara perfectly with the Lash Card! Say goodbye to smudging, clumping, and messy mascara application. The Lash Card has two curves on each side that fit a variety of eye shapes, making it easy to get those hard-to-reach lashes. Each Lash Card is individually wrapped for on-the-go application. ]]
Full Size: $6.99/10 pack || Received: $2.80/4 pack
I opened it up since it says it was an ipsy deluxe sample and I’ve actually received a sample of Lash Cards before. I wanted to see if it was any different. I received 2 in my Glymm bag. Glam bag contained 4.