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Glam Bag March 2013

GlamRX // Mini Freestyle Palette

[[ The GlamRX Mini Freestyle Palette was made exclusively for ipsy Glam Bag subscribers. The magnetic base is the perfect spot to store pan-only eyeshadows (2 of which are included in this Glam Bag!), blushes & bronzers, or whatever you need for perfect for quick touch ups on the go! Whether you are headed off to spring break or just need a cute & clever way to store products in your bag, you can create the perfect makeup look and take it with you with your exclusive GlamRX Mini Freestyle Palette. ]]
Full Size: $9.95 || Received: $9.95 *FULL SIZED*

Initially when I checked the website out to find out the price for this product back in March it didn’t appear on the site. I wasn’t very happy about that because I have this thing where I usually dislike them giving us products that we cannot actually purchase. What’s the point of giving us something we like, but can never repurchase, right? And for that matter, other people can’t purchase which I’m sure companies would want when we blog about their products.

Anyway, I just checked it today and it seems that they’re planning to actually add it soon! I think it’s a great product for them to sell because it’s a pretty affordable palette to buy and customize. The patterns they have coming out for the case seem to be real cute too! I think this is a nice size for us to have and bring around because I’m sure for a quick look most of us don’t use past 3 eyeshadows. It also comes with a mirror for convenience.

Yaby // Eyeshadow (Seashell – es192 & Azalea Petal – es133)

[[ Whether you want to make a dramatic statement or just add a veil of color to your eyes, the yaby eyeshadow refills are extremely easy to work with. Can be used wet or dry and the smooth texture allows blending with ease. All shadows are vegan friendly and the pans are reusable for mixing. ]]
Full Size: $3.34/each || Received: $6.68 ($3.34 x 2) *FULL SIZED*

I’m really happy that Glam Bag gives me more neutral controls because that means it’s actually colours I’ll use! Both of these colours look really nice so I’m excited to try them out! I’ve been wearing more eyeshadow lately too.

Juice Beauty // Hydrating Mist

[[ Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist tones, hydrates, and refreshes your face and hair while on the go, anytime of the day. Hydrate with the refreshing blends of organic juices for a fresh, radiant complexion. ]]
Full Size: $22.00/200mL || Received: $3.30/30mL

I’ve been using Avène’s mist for a while now so I’m curious to see what this one will be like. The reviews of it on ipsy look like it either works but smells weird or it just plain smells weird LOL! But a good addition to the bag since warmer weather is approaching.

LA Fresh // Makeup Remover Wipes

[[ La Fresh Travel Lite portable towlette wipes are perfect for jetsetters, go-getters, outdoor enthusiasts and multi-taskers everywhere. Towlette packets are small in size, designed for practicality and are easy to apply discreetly. Each item is carry-on friendly and slim enough to slip into a pocket, purse or wallet. Perfectly portable, La Fresh® makes beauty a breeze when you’re on-the-go. For a refreshing getaway, grab any Travel Lite® and Live. Life. La Fresh. ]]
Full Size: $1.99 || Received: $1.99 *FULL SIZED*

Will edit entry with reviews as I try them out!

Glymm January 2013

Lashem // Double Trouble Mascara

[[ Try out this volume wand for a long, bold and voluminous effect. This volume boosting fiber mascara is proven to enhance lash growth for a bolder look and the formula is easily removed, which is great to use on sensitive and fragile lashes. ]]
Full Size: $20.00/6mL || Received: ??

At first I thought they gave us the same sample two months in a row. Turns out it came in the same packaging as the eyelash serum. I think a lot of people got thrown off by that.

LA Fresh // Facial Cleansing Wipes

[[ On the journey of life, we all have baggage (some more than others). Thankfully LA Fresh helps lighten everyone’s load. Take these LA Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes: they purify, condition, & refresh all skin types with the ease of ready-to-use portability. ]]
Full Size: $3.00/1 pouch (8 packets) || Received: $0.75/2 packets

360 Skincare // Lavender Mint Firming Serum

[[ This serum blends nourishing ingredients distinguished for their ability to work miracles on delicate facial tissue. Created with DMAE, Carrot Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Beta Carotene, Botanical Extracts of Chamomile & Calendula, Jojoba Oil & Vitamins A, this lavish anti wrinkle eye cream will gently tighten the skin around the eye while enriching fragile eye tissues. ]]
Full Size: $34.00/1oz || Received: $6.80/0.2oz

Coolway // Boost Serum

[[ Boost infuses moisture into your hair and locks it in with a unique blend of silk proteins and botanical extracts. this innovative hair serum restores and repairs when activated by low heat from styling, giving professional results. ]]
Full Size: $40.00/9oz || Received: $4.44/1oz

*Bonus Item*

Will edit post with reviews as I try them out!

Glymm September 2012

Evolvh // UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & UltraShine Moisture Conditioner

[[ This shampoo has quickly earned the trust of top hairdressers and discerning clients, with many dubbing it the most moisturizing and repairing shampoo in the world. Designed to provide the optimum level of moisture, amino and fatty acids, and pH level for every hair type, the result is hair with greater strength and elasticity. Specialized amino acids rebuild damaged hair, gradually returning hair closer to its ideal composition. When you apply the conditioner it will feel as if it is vanishing. This is because it is being absorbed rather than just sitting on top of the hair. ]]
(Shampoo) Full Size: 250mL/$24.00 || Received: 59mL/$5.66
(Conditioner) Full Size: 250mL/$25.00 || Received 59mL/$5.90

LA Fresh // Waterproof Makeup Remover

[[ Bye-bye waterproof color and all those other greasy makeup removers. Hello sparkling clean eyes & lips in an instant. Refresh & nourish your delicate eye & lip area with a luscious 6-oil blend of Olive, Jojoba, Sesame, Grapeseed, Vitamin E and Lavender. So effortless, there’s no pulling or tugging to cause irritation. Natural lavender aromatherapy. Free of parabens, sulfates, alcohol, petrochemicals, glycols, dyes, PEGs, artificial fragrances & animal byproducts. ]]
Full Size: 24 wipes/$9.99 || Received: 2 wipes/$0.83

Bentaberry // Super Moisturizing Face Cream for Girls

[[ This cream combines a revolutionary active ingredient, amiporine, with the benefits of the BENTA BERRY ultra-moisturizing complex, which come from fruits from Africa, China and Europe. Soothing, nourishing and intensely moisturizing, the cream melts into the skin to protect and restore radiance. This non-greasy formula provides an comfort and softness all-day-long . Its delicate fragrance was designed especially for girls by a famous perfumer. ]]
Full Size: 30mL/$19.00 || Received: 3mL/$1.90

Villainess // Dulce En Fuego Whipped Body Crème

[[ It is recommended to use it completely within two months of your first use, and always use clean hands to prolong your crème’s lifespan. A heavy moisture content for your dry skin, enough oils to create a breathable emollient barrier, and has a velvety-soft afterfeel. You’ll love it. Musky bitter chocolate sweetened with vanilla and touches of citrus then positively inflamed with black pepper and nutmeg will always leave you wanting more. ]]
Full Size: 177mL/$15.75 || Received: ??

Will edit entry as I try out the products! If you’re interested in signing up please consider using my link ::heart2::!

Glymm June 2012

My guess was wrong about Glymm just using the makeup bags just for May! In our June box we once again receive a makeup bag instead of the box. This month I got blue. I’m wondering what I’m supposed to do with the makeup bags though if they continue to use them. I don’t really have a need for a big amount of them. In an effort to be more green they also stopped providing a card to let us know about the products we receive. Instead, we receive one that’s the size of a business card encouraging us to go onto their website to find out more about the products for the month.

I’m feeling like I got ripped off this month, honestly. I’ll let you all see what I mean.

LA Fresh // Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

[[ This acetone-free nail polish remover is packed with aloe, glycerin and vitamin E to moisturize and natural Rosemary Horsetail Extract to keep your nails strong. As the smell of natural Tuscan orange fills the air, you’ll be elated to know that this product is free of harmful chemicals and uses the least amount of water possible – also, no need to rinse. ]]
Full Size: 18 pads/$9.99 || Received: 2 pads/$1.11

It claims to be able to remove polish off of all 10 fingers with just one pad so I was interested in trying that out. I had a bit of chipping for my polish but it wasn’t anything too big. I wanted to test it out when there was still a lot of polish still left on my nails.

I was pleasantly surprised. It really was able to take off all the polish from my all my nails and it probably could’ve taken it off another 10 fingers even after! It had a nice orange smell which is great since I hate the smell the nail polish remover. With all the stuff they put into it my nails weren’t dried out like they usually are after I use normal nail polish remover! I think my nails were starting to be in bad condition since I changed colours every week and it began breaking a lot and peeling. Using this though my nails seemed to be fine after!


Clark’s Botanicals // Intense Radiance Mask

[[ This botanically-based formula will deliver an instantly brighter-looking complexion that’s visibly smoother and more luminous. It’s even suitable for problematic, combination and aging skin. ]]
Full Size: 50ml/$72.00 || Received: ?? doesn’t tell us amount.

Salvador Dali // ItisDream

[[ This scent has a fruity-floral-woody composition. Flowers symbolize a gentle feminity, fruits denote joy and a sparkling energy while the woody notes represent sensuality and deep emotions. The scent opens with fresh notes of grapefruit, black currant and apple. The heart features pink floral accords of rose, magnolia and hyacinth, while white cedar, amber and musk linger in the background. ]]
Full Size: 60ml/$54.00 || Received: ?? doesn’t tell us amount.

Vitamin & Sea // Perfect Skin Solution

[[ Each ingredient plays a crucial role in keeping your skin looking perfect: carrot seed to fight acne, jasmine and geranium to immediately smooth, soften and even skin tone, rosewood and evening primrose to greatly reduce fine lines and other signs of ageing , vitamin E to repair damaged cells and avocado oil to protect your skin from everyday environmental toxins. It even works for the most sensitive skin types. ]]
Full Size: 45ml/$68.00 || Received: ?? doesn’t tell us amount. Guessing around 1.5ml or so.

Belvada // Duo Lipstick – Harmony (Intense Red)

[[ Not only will your lips feel their finest with this soothing formula, but they will look just as good with long-lasting color. This eye-catching and plush applicator makes for a conversation piece, while its purpose is super convenient. You can bring any combination of colors with you to achieve the ultimate lip experience. ]]
Full Size: 3.4g/$20.00 || Received: 3.4g/$20.00 (FULL SIZE)

Check out the full review here!

Never heard of any of these brands aside from LA Fresh. Seems kind of weird for including a polish remover when there’s no polish in this box. I feel like because they included so many samples that have such a small amount it really looks like I’m getting ripped off this box. Especially how last box I was saying how they really look like they were improving.

Will edit this entry with my review as I try the products. If you would like to subscribe to Glymm, please consider using my link ::heart2::.