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Topbox March 2013 — Aveda

For March’s Topbox, we got to pick between Aveda, Pure + Simple, or I think there might have been one other brand, but I can’t really remember. If we decided to not place a Privé on our wishlist or if we were not randomly selected to receive the Privé box we wish for, we would receive the regular March box. I picked Aveda because the Pure + Simple boxes only had two items, although I think they were full-size (at least one of them was a full-sized item). For the Aveda box we were able to choose whether it’s aimed for curly hair or straight hair. I chose straight.

Aveda // Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother

[[ Exclusive plant infusion blend creates a smooth surface on hair. ]]
Full Size: $30/100mL || Received: $6/20mL (2 x 10mL)

Aveda // Light Elements Smoothing Fluid

[[ A fluid styling formula that adds shine and movement as it restores a healthy feel and look to hair. ]]
Full Size: $34/100mL || Received: $3.40/10mL

Aveda // Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

[[ Daily leave-in treatment instantly repairs damaged hair, helps protect against heat styling and detangles to prevent further damage. ]]
Full Size: $30/100mL || Received: $3.00/10mL

Aveda // Hand Relief

[[ Incredily rich moisture therapy soothes dry, chapped hands – leaving them noticeably softer and smoother. ]]
Full Size: $28/125mL || Received: $2.24/10mL

Aveda // Foot Relief

[[ Treat your feet to a soothing creme blended with active herbs, fruit acids, and plant derived oils. ]]
Full Size: $28/125mL || Received: $2.24/10mL

Aveda // Tourmaline charged Exfoliating Cleanser

[[ A daily cleanser with jojoba exfoliating beads helps increase cell turnover and remove impurities. ]]
Full Size: $38/150mL || Received: $1.77/7mL

Aveda // Tourmaline charged Radiant Skin Refiner

[[ Creamy, clay-based scrub exfoliates with bamboo extract and energizes with tourmaline to leave skin radiant and refined. ]]
Full Size: $50/100mL || Received: $3.50/7mL

Aveda // Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme

[[ Hydrates, protects, and infuses life and radiance into your skin. ]]
Full Size: $53/50mL || Received: $7.42/7mL

It’s nice getting such a big variety of things, but I would prefer if there were a little less and bigger sizes instead.

Approximate value: $29.57
Will edit post with reviews as I try them.

Luxebox Winter 2012

For the winter Luxebox they placed all the items inside a drawstring bag inside the box instead of just placing it into the box and wrapping it up! Sorry I forgot to include the kabuki brush in the picture with all the items! If Luxebox keeps things up, I would be sooo happy. They’ve been impressing me with the Fall box and this Winter box ::^^::.

Loose Button // Faux Eye Lashes

[[ Perfect for your holiday parties. Glam up your look by adding a pair of falsies. Apply with your favourite lash glue and you’ll be ready for the night! ]]
Full Size: — || Received: — *FULL SIZED*

Donna Karan // Woman

[[ A fragrance created for women, by women. Feminine and sensual. The strength and softness of women is expressed through creamy notes of orange flower, that delicately wrap the confident signature core of haitian vetiver and sandalwood. ]]
Full Size: $135/100mL || Received: $9.45/7mL

I like when perfume samples come in the same design as the full sized perfumes LOL. It’s so pretty and cute ::GAH::.

Loose Button // Kabuki Brush

[[ A kabuki brush that works with many different types of makeup, delicately made to accentuate every feature. ]]
Full Size: — || Received: — *FULL SIZED*

Dermalogica // precleanse

[[ The first step of the Dermalogica Double Cleanse for your cleanest skin ever! Nourishing Oilve, Apricot and Kukui Nut oils cut through make-up, sunscreens and oil-based debris, readying them for easy removal. Add water to transform this hydrophilic (water-loving) formula into a milky emulsion that lifts debris from the skin’s surface, allowing your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to penetrate even further for professional cleansing results. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors. ]]
Full Size: $50.50/150mL || Received: $5.05/15mL

Cake Beauty // it’s a slice Supreme Body Mousse

[[ It’s a slice supreme body mousse a rich whipped orange-vanilla body lotion to blanket your body in an ultra light body lotion with extreme hydrators that will leave your skin lightly scented and perfectly moisturized and smooth. your skin will look and feel exceptionally dewy and supple
Cake girls say that it smells like sweet orange and creamy vanilla … xox
Full Size: $22.00/250mL || Received: $5.81/66mL

B.Kamins // Day Lotion SPF 15

[[ A lightweight, oil-free lotion that diffuses a blend of moisturizers, anti-oxidants and vitamins to leave skin silky smooth and hydrated all day long. This multi-purpose product not only moisturizes, but also helps protect skin with SPF 15. A perfect primer for makeup. Results are a healthy, luminescent glow! ]]
Full Size: $80.00/50mL || Received: $24.00/15mL

B.Kamins // Lip Balm SPF 20

[[ A soothing anti-aging lip balm with Bio-Maple Compound and UVA/UVB sunscreens that repairs and protects. This balm creates a smoother palette for lipstick application by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and reducing the feathering of lip color. Use anytime for softer, more luscious lips! ]]
Full Size: $21.00/0.5oz || Received: $5.46/0.13oz

Schwarzkopf // OSiS+ Dust It

[[ OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder has a lightweight texture to assist the natural movement of your hair and help add texture for a matt finish. OSiS+ Dust It has control level 1 (light) for natural movement and style. ]]
Full Size: $19.99/50mL || Received: 10g

Topbox December 2012

Hey everyone! Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and that this year will bring everyone lots of joy ::^^::.

December’s Topbox came in a red wrapping for Christmas time…

China Glaze // Exotic Encounters (On Safari Collection)

[[ These unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish. ]]
Full Size: $10/14mL || Received: $10/14mL *FULL SIZE*

Chloé // Chloé Eau de Parfum

[[ Chloé’s signature scent captures the creative, confident individuality of the Chloé woman. ]]
Full Size: $90/50mL || Received: $9/5mL

Ferro Cosmetics // Ultimate Mineral Foundation (Light Honey)

[[ A brand founded by celebrity makeup artist Krissy Ferro, that makes 100% natural mineral makeup. Cruelty-free. ]]
Full Size: 12g/$30.00 || Received: ??

Goldwell // Jelly Boost

[[ Easy-to-use spray gel for creating instant body and texture for short or long hair styles. ]]
Full Size: $18.95/150mL || Received: $3.79/30mL

Glymm October 2012

I saw that there’s news of the product card being back, but I didn’t get one in my bag. I’m not sure if it’s true or not haha. Apparently there’s going to be a new box coming out from Glymm – GlymmMAMA.

Lash Card // Lash Card

[[ Lash Card to the rescue! These patented Lash Cards are individually wrapped, easy-to-use, and disposable — which is important for good makeup hygiene. Use it at home or slip it into your clutch for when you’re on-the-go to create those irresistible lashes. ]]
Full Size: 10 Pack/$6.99 || Received: 2 Cards // $1.40

Femme Couture // Lightening Lash Mascara

[[ Irresistable lashes? Check.
This mascara builds lashes without clumping and lasts from day to night.The lengthning formula and extreme lash amplifier grabs each lash to life by separating and extending them.
Full Size: 11.3g/$8.99 || Received: 11.3g/$8.99

Cyberderm // H2O Hydration & Every Morning Sun Whip

[[ H20 Hydration provides calming relief from the day’s stress and great anti-aging benefits. This olive based moisturizer mimics the skin’s own barrier, allowing its active ingredients to penetrate deeply.

With summer over, you may have packed away your sunscreen with your beach bag but that is not where it belongs! It belongs on your bathroom counter where you can apply it every morning. While the UVB Burning Rays may be less intense in the fall through to the spring, the UVA Aging Rays are consistent all year round- rain or shine. About 90 percent of the visible changes commonly attributed to aging are caused by the sun- and protecting against daily exposure is just as important as protecting yourself on the beach. Worse- sun damage is believed to cause 90% of non-melanoma skin cancer and 65% of melanomas and most are potentially preventable.

This Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25 gives you excellent UVB and UVA protection with its 15% zinc oxide and 7.5% encapsulated octinoxate. It’s also aesthetically elegant with its cashmere matte finish and goes beautifully under your make-up. ]]
Full Size: (H2O Hydration) 50mL/$60.00 || Received: ??
Full Size: (Every Morning Sun Whip) 50mL/$38.00 || Received: ??

Miss Jessie’s // Baby Buttercreme

[[ This splendid moisture blend is essential for softening and growing out natural hair.
Apply a nickel sized dollop to instantly soften dry, crunchy curls. Excellent for taming hairline edges, moisturizing pony puffs, two strand twists, coils, braids, naturals.
Full Size: 16oz/$58.00 || Received: 2oz/$7.25

Johnson & Johnson // Johnson’s Baby Oil

[[ While waiting for the special edition box, this Johnsons & Johnsons baby oil is perfect for taking off your makeup – it even removes that mascara that you’re about to try before you buy. It’s also ideal for shaving, resulting in silky smooth legs. Get mega moisture from this multi-purpose tried and true remedy. ]]
Full Size: ?? || Received: 88mL