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GYDA S/S 2013

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know Japanese so I’m guessing here with Google Translate LOL. For Spring/Summer GYDA focuses on a vintage vibe with sparkles influencing some of the clothes in the line. Of course, GYDA still keeps true to its roots by mixing sexy and classic pieces together.

Honestly, I’m not really sure how sparkles play into the Spring/Summer line. Maybe I’m guessing wrong because if anything I feel like it’s much more bondage inspired or something. A lot of leather, a lot of cut out pieces, everything mostly black or white. Influenced by the 80s (?)..at least it looked like it from some of Yuria’s coordinate snaps and LA street style – the whole concept the brand is based on.

Yuria Kushido’s Coordinates


Aiko Ueda’s Coordinates

Sales Division

Akane Suda’s Coordinates


Current Obsessions October 2012 [Image Heavy]

This is quite early to be making a ‘Current Obsessions’ post; either that or I’m super late since I see that my last one was in May ::blinkblink:: . Let’s just meet in the middle for this and say I’m right on time, hm? I was thinking to myself what I should stock up on this fall/winter for clothes. I find that I’m attracted to the edgy-casual look and the boho-casual (haha I accidentally typed hobo ::GAH::) look. When winter comes, all effort to dress up gets thrown out the window. Why? We wake up to the miserable cold and dark sky and all we want to do is scramble back into bed! Being out in -30°C to -40°C (-22°F to -40°F) weather, the only thing I’m thinking of is keeping my butt warm not how pretty I look with snot coming out of my nose, but I digress. My post wasn’t supposed to be about this ::XO::

I think two brands that are standing out this season is GYDA and Ungrid. They’re quite different from each other, huh? Well that’s me I guess. I can never make up my mind on what image I want LOL!


GYDA is based on casual American wear, more specifically LA street style. Yuria Kushido is the producer of the brand. After she graduated high school she went to LA where she studied fashion. The casual but sexy look of LA girls is her inspiration for the line. To look sexy without exposing too much is the aim.

The theme for GYDA this season is Girls with Red Rouge. A more mysterious, sexy look for A/W. I don’t know Japanese so I can’t translate the tidbit very well for the concept this season LOL! I’ll show you the video instead which I’m sure will make more sense.

Honestly when I was looking at their spring/summer stuff I thought it was a bit too simple for my taste. Fall and winter is another story. Edgy but casual – don’t want to step on the goth territory!

Concept Photos

Yuria’s Coordinates

You can check out her other coordinates for A/W 2012.


Where GYDA was about being sexy and exposing skin without it going overboard, I feel like Ungrid is the opposite. Ungrid is all about layering and their pieces really show that. Their items show off the brands versatility to be able to mix and match items and create your own style of fashion. Where they both relate though is the fact that they’re aimed at casual wear.

For A/W 2012, Ungrid is focusing on what they refer to as American Traditional. It plays with the boyfriend fit but balances it off with girly aspects like lace and pearls. The whole concept plays off feminine styles mixed in with vintage style.

I fell for Ungrid items as soon as I somehow chanced upon Reika’s blog. Reika Yoshida is the producer for Ungrid. She really knows how to mix Ungrid stuff together to really make it her own style. I think just seeing the items in the runway video or even just looking at the items in the Ungrid store it may not interest many people. The real point that really grabs you into the brand is looking at how Reika and the staff wears it. Very inspirational and makes you want to add Ungrid items into your wardrobe to mix with your own clothes too.


Here are the coordinates they put together on the site.

Reika’s Coordinates