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Glossybox October 2012

This was my last Glossybox because of the price hike from $15 to $21 a month. They gave the Venus razor again ::-_-::.. I feel like they still had extra stock from the summer and decided to just stick it into our boxes because we’re leaving them anyways.

Jouviance // Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Cream

[[ Extremely luxurious face cream, gently forumulated to hydrate and increase the firmness of your skin. ]]
Full Size: 50mL/$93.50 || Received: 5mL/$9.35

ModelCo // Flipstick Lip Duo

[[ SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss can be worn alone or layered over LIPSTICK Lip couture for hours of unbeatable shine in a shade of perfect October pink! ]]
Full size: (Combination of two items) Valued at $38.75 || Received: Two items in one/$38.75 *FULL SIZED*

Zoya // Nail Polish (Emme)

[[ We hand-picked four of the prettiest pinks to represent the diverse women effected by breast cancer all over the world. Toxin Free! ]]
Full Size: 15mL/$8.00 || Received 15mL/$8.00 *FULL SIZED*

Sebastian Professional // Trilliance Shampoo & Conditioner

[[ Cleanses and polishes the hair surface to enable greater light reflection, creating gorgeous natural shine. ]]
Full Size (Shampoo): 250mL/$15.79 || Received: 50mL/$3.16
Full Size (Conditioner): 250mL/$16.59 || Received:50mL/$3.32

Gilette Venus // Venus & Olay Razor

[[ Venus & Olay: Boost your shave and help lock-in skin’s moisture with the top-of-the-line in disposable razors! ]]
Full Size: $16.99/each || Received: One Razor/$16.99 *FULL SIZED*

Approximate value of box: $79.57
The items in this box weren’t bad, but I’m a bit annoyed at the fact that they did a repeat with the razor. Shouldn’t they wow us with the last box that’s priced at $15 to try and keep their customers? I think if anything it just gives people the last push to make them think they made the right choice by unsubscribing before they get charged $21 a box.

Glossybox September 2012

So this was the second last box that Glossybox offered at $15. Last week all the subscribers received an email saying they’re increasing the price to $21!! That’s a crazy increase from $15! Current subscribers get the October box at $15 and after that it will also increase to $21 for them.

It’s very irritating because of the fact that GB’s items seems to be going down in value as time goes by. The amount of drugstore brands will be a big part of this company’s boxes too from what I can see. Paying $21 a month for drugstore brands seems pretty crazy.

Glymm had an increase from $10 to $12 but current subscribers got to stay at $10. Luxebox went from $12 to $26 every 3 months. After my last $15 box I’m going to be cancelling my Glossybox, sadly =

Wella // Mirror Polish Shine Spray

[[ Illuminate your style with an exquisite spray. ]]
Full Size: 40mL/$12.99 || Received: 40mL/$12.99 *FULL SIZED*

B. Kamins // Lip Balm SPF 20

[[ A soothing anti-aging lip balm with Bio-Maple Conpound and UVA/UVB sunscreens that repairs and protects. ]]
Full Size: 15g/$21 || Received: 3.6g/$5.04

B. Kamins // Maple Body Lotion

[[ A luxurious anti-aging lotion infused with honey, Vitamins A&E and Bio-Maple Compound for ultimate hydration. ]]
Full Size: 180mL/$41 || 12mL/$2.73

NYX Cosmetics // The Crimson Amulet Collection

[[ The Crimson Amulet Collection enriches your beauty by adding glamour to your red carpet splendor. ]]
Full Size: Full Compact/$25 || Received: Full Compact/$25 *FULL SIZED*

[[ Dove ClearTone is specifically created to help reduce underarm discolouration caused by dry skin from shaving. ]]
Full Size: 45g/$3.99-$4.99 || Received: 17g/$1.89

Approximate Value: $47.65

Will edit entry with my review as I try the items.

Glossybox August 2012

Sebastian // Potion 9 Lite

[[ Potion 9 Lite conditions, restores, and enhances manageable styling. ]]
Full Size: 150mL/$20.95 || Received: 50mL/$6.98

Bioré // Makeup Removing Towelettes

[[ Lock onto dirt and makeup, even stubborn waterpoorf mascara, and lift it away without leaving a greasy residue… so you get thoroughly clean skin. ]]
Full Size: 10ct/$3.99|30ct/$9.99|60ct/$14.99 || Received: 10ct/$3.99 (FULL SIZE)

Kryolan// Kyrolan for Glossybox Lipstick

[[ Professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamorous lips with a luminous, long-lasting colour. ]]
Full Size: N/A || Received: N/A

Neve // Eye Pencil

[[ This professional line of eyeliner is a perfect and playful way to wear this season’s pastel palette for a soft and gentle look. ]]
Full Size: 1.10g/$11.99 || Received: 1.10g/$11.99 (FULL SIZE)

BeFine // Fine Food Skin Care

[[ Amazing samples from the best in fine foods. The Exfoliating Cleanser, the Gentle Cleanser, the Night Cream, the Pore Refining Scrub Treatment, and the Warming Clay Mask: A complete collection of superb products to invigorate, protect, and detoxify your skin. ]]
Full Size: 50-150mL/$24-$30 || Received: 10mL-14g/N/A

Trend Trunk Gift Card

[[ Cash in your closet with Trend Trunk, a social marketplace which allows you to buy, sell, and donate your amazing new and pre-loved fashion! This card could give you anywhere from $5-$250 to spend. ]]
*Bonus Item*

Ectoplast // SOS Blister

[[ Ectoplast SOS Blister helps you fall back in love with your fabulous, but painful shoes! With hydrocolloid technology, it helps blisters heal faster and its extra strong adhesion keeps the bandage in place for days. ]]
Full Size: 5 units/$5.99 || Received 5 units/$5.99 (FULL SIZE)
*Bonus Item*

I’m rather excited to try out the stuff in the BeFine box, but that’s about it. I really wish they would step up their game a little. They started out so well, but they also fell into this drugstore blackhole that the other beauty box companies did.

I’ll edit this post with my review as I try them. If you’re interested in subscribing please consider using my link ::heart2::!

Glossybox Canada July 2012

Zoya // Nail Polish (Shelby)

[[ Summer 2012 is going to be a super stylish season for nails with the latest offering, designed by the Zoya experts. It is kissed by sea and sand with the famous, full-coverage Zoya formula. ]]
Full Size: 0.5oz/$8.00 || Received: 0.5oz/$8.00 (FULL SIZE)

Excited to try this out because I’ve never tried out Zoya polishes before even though I’ve been wanting to. I would prefer a different shade but oh well. At least it’s not neon like the Essie one I got in my Luxebox a few months back.

Alessandro International // Pedix Heel Rescue Balm

[[ Pedix Heel Rescue Balm protects and nourishes your skin with shea butter, allantoin and tea-tree-oil ]]
Full Size: 100ml/$19.95 || Received: 30ml/$5.99

John Frieda // Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution

[[ Shake to activate the DUAL FORMULA – part lightweight serum, part smoothing elixir – to fight frizz from the outside while hydrating hair from the inside. ]]
Full Size: 60ml/$14.99 || Received: 10ml/$2.50

Not sure if I would really have a use for this because my hair is pretty much stick straight. I don’t know if this product will just cause it to be oily or not.

Burt’s Bees // Lip Shimmer (Strawberry)

[[ A kiss of colour and pearlized shine add a hint of glamour to this world famous lip balm. ]]
Full Size: 2.6g/$5.99 || Received: 2.6g/$5.99 (FULL SIZE)

Dove // Softening Crème Body Wash

[[ Get visibly more beautiful skin in just 1 week. Use daily for soft, smooth skin. ]]
Full Size: 200ml/$5.99 || Received: 200ml/$5.99 (FULL SIZE)

BeautySoClean // Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes

[[ These convenient cosmetic sanitizer wipes are effective for sanitizing makeup that accumulates visible debris like dust, lint and food particles. ]]
Full Size: 48 pack wipes/$12.50 || Received: 4 wipes/$1.04

I feel like Glossybox has been on the fence for me these last two boxes. There’s a sudden influx of a bunch of drugstore brands. I thought Glossybox initially fared a lot better when it comes to limiting the amount of drugstore brands included. I hope they don’t continue this trend because it’s starting to disappoint me.

Approximate Value: $29.51

I’ll add my review of the items as I try them. If you’re interested in signing up, please consider using my link ::heart2::!