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Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream Review

Product Description

Containing arbutin and the extracts of Omega 3-rich salmon roe produced in Hokkaido, Japan, this eye cream brightens and relieves dark circles around the eyes.

I have the worst dark circles. Even with concealer, it is barely hidden. Without concealer I look like a panda bear. So I figure the only real way to fix this is to actually find a way to lighten up the dark circles instead of just concealing it.

Skinfood’s Salmon Brightening Eye Cream uses arbutin and salmon roe extract to brighten. When I opened the jar I expected a creamier formula. Instead, I was met with a more solid formula. It softens up with a touch, but stays solid in the jar.

The formula is quite light. I can feel the product after I apply but it quickly gets absorbed by my skin. It provides moisture, but nothing long term. I also haven’t seen any difference in my skin when it comes to brightening.

Not a bad eye moisturizer, but probably better choices out there. It didn’t provide me with a long-term results when it comes to moisturizing, nor did it seem to have brighten up my dark circles much.