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Skinfood / Innisfree Review

I was looking through my old reviews to see what other ones I need to review again to move it onto this blog. Then I realize I had missed a whole batch of items from one of my hauls. I never even reviewed them on my LJ :O! So I guess these will be new reviews I’m doing! haha. I took the pictures back then so they’re kind of..well.. bad.. and blurry, don’t mind! ><

Skinfood Tomato Whitening Toner

This skin-brightening toner containing arbutin and tomato extract rich in lycopene, vitamins, and minerals makes dull skin clear and blemish-free, improving skin tone.

I’ve been using this toner for a long time now and I got to say, I don’t see anything amazing. With that said, I still feel like it’s more pleasant on my skin than toners I’ve bought here in Canada. It doesn’t irritate my skin nor dry it out – which I find in the ones here.

The product is scented like much of Skinfood’s products. I like scented products though – as long as they’re not overly done. The scent, I wouldn’t say smells like tomatoes, but it’s a very fresh one. My friend who also bought something from the Tomato Whitening line loves the smell because it reminds her of something “clean” LOL! Actually, my friend’s going to be starting her own blog soon, which I will be hosting on another subdomain. I’ll post up her link when she starts posting! She joins in a lot of my hauls so she can provide reviews on items I never bought before during our Korean skincare/makeup hauls!

Whitening-wise I haven’t really seen anything, but that might just be because I’m not using the whole line. Leen, who bought the emulsion said she noticed some whitening effect. Maybe I need to splash it on my face more generously.. LOL, I don’t know. Make dull-skin clear and blemish-free? That I don’t think it does. Mainly because this was mainly advertised as a whitening line, not to calm troubled skin. Whether I use it or not when I’m breaking out, it was the same.

Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Mild Foam (For Troubled Skin)

This foam cleanser for troubled skin contains parsley and mandarin extracts to effectively control skin problems.
It also contains dandelion and lily complex extracts for a soothing effect.

Just like the other foaming cleanser I reviewed from Skinfood, this comes out like a cream and when lathered, it turns foamy. Only a little bit is needed to make enough foam for the whole face so the whole tube lasts quite a while.

When I first used this I actually really disliked it. I thought I bought another crappy foaming cleanser from Skinfood. I was wondering why all their foaming cleansers seem to strip every last bit of oil from my face. I stopped using it for a while but when my face started breaking out again I decided that I should give this another go. I actually bought this product during the summer so I thought it wouldn’t be as bad to try it out while I’m sweating like crazy from the heat. I was scared if I waited till winter to try it again my skin would suffer in the harsh Canadian winter.

To my surprise, I find that I reach for this cleanser a lot more now. Whenever my skin decides to spaz on me, I use this one and my skin quickly bounces back. When I used another one my skin seems to take forever to clear back up. I definitely think that if you get a bit of acne you should try this one out because it keeps my skin under better control compared to any of my other cleansers. Nothing can keep away the acne that pops up on my face when it comes to that time of the month though =_=.

I do have to say though, that what I said before about it stripping away all the oil is still true. It takes away a little more than I’d like, but oddly enough, I’ve come to like it o_O. I just put on a thicker moisturize during the night and use a different cleanser in the morning to balance it out. My face feels super clean after using it though. But the “soothing effect” that it mentions is probably false.

If you have sensitive skin, I think it’s best to stay away. Taking away as much oil from face is this cleanser does will probably just irritate it even more. Try it out if you have combination or oily skin.

Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser

This rich and bubbly cleanser improves clarity instantly as it lifts away dull and dead skin cells.
Unlike many cleansers, Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser effectively removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup.
Formulated with organic apple extracts, it is extremely gentle on the skin and provides protection to the skin's fragile lipid barrier
Skin is soft, fresh, and glowing.

I think this was my first Innisfree purchase! haha. I read a review somewhere, I think, that it was a pretty good cleanser so I decided to try it out. I love, love, love apple scented products or flavors. Green Apple BBT is yums, no? I opened up this cleanser and took a sniff and was instantly grinning. Exactly like green apples. And when I wash my face I grin because it smells like green apples after too LOL!.

That’s all the praise I can give it haha! Other than the fact that it smells delicious, I think it’s a pretty mediocre cleanser. It didn’t do anything special – just cleansed my face. I didn’t see suddenly see my skin glowing after I used it. Oddly enough, I feel like this cleanser doesn’t…go deep enough into the skin?? My face never feels completely clean. Maybe I’m too used to the Parsley & Mandarin Foaming Cleanser, I’m not sure. I feel like because it doesn’t cleanse deep enough, I see my face break out more often while I’m using this. I need a cleanser that cleans more deeply because I wear makeup and if it doesn’t do a great job it breaks me out after.

It doesn’t remove makeup unless it’s just your regular old eyeliner-mascara, I would think. I’m not too sure because the stuff I wear are all made to last really long (like my Majolica Majorca mascara that doesn’t budge through anything @_@!) If you have waterproof makeup on it wouldn’t do much.

I think it is pretty gentle since it doesn’t irritate my skin so I would just recommend people with normal to dry skin/sensitive skin. If you have combination-oily skin you might feel like it doesn’t cleanse good enough either. I actually want to try out their foaming/oil ones now though… I can’t help it.. I want a good one in apple scent haha!

Skinfood Products Re-reviewed 2

Skinfood Premium Touch Pearl Brush

Is it weird that I started wearing make up only in my senior year of high school? haha! I feel like everyone starts experimenting with it so much more earlier than I did. I only started wearing it because I wanted my grad picture to look perfect. Lasts forever, you know? Anyway, after that time, my interest in makeup started to intensify and I wanted to try more and more. Thus the want to try out different ways to apply. Since I was literally just starting out though I wanted to get cheaper product so when I’m testing I don’t have to ruin expensive products.

I was eying the MAC 187 stippling brush but I didn’t want to plop down the cash I didn’t have for it. By chance, I saw this brush while I was ordering some Skinfood products to try out and I thought, “Why not? It’s affordable..” I saw why not later LOL.

If you’re just using it to buff on some powder I think it’ll be alright. I was using it to stipple on liquid foundation though and the more I used it the more annoyed I got. Initially it was okay but then little pieces of the hair started sticking on my face. I washed it a couple times and it never seemed be to be white as it was before. For some reason one day the ends of the hair turned green …. What the hell, right?

I thought maybe it’s because I stuck another brush with it to soak and somehow it affected it. I tried soaking it again but alone the next time and for a while longer than I usually leave it. Nope, worse than ever. It looks so bad right now = Like some ratty thing. At least I have the MAC 187 to take its place after that.. LOL ><.

Skinfood Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser

“This soft, refreshing cleansing foam contains aloe extract that soothes sensitive skin, and cucumber extract to moisturize skin, while cleansing.”


To be honest, I never used this one for very long. If you have dry skin, definitely steer clear of this cleaner.

This cleanser looks a bit like cream when you squeeze it out but will foam up when lather it up. You don’t need much and the tube contains quite a lot – 130mL – so it’ll last you quite a long time.

The problem with this cleanser is… well.. everything.. LOL. I think it does the complete opposite of what it says in the description. As soon as I rinse this off  it feels like every single trace of oil is taken from my face. I know if you have an oily face you would hope your cleanser is able to clear the excess oil. However, I think this goes even further than your expectation to the point where your face is screaming at you to hurry up and put some sort of moisturizer back on asap.

You know when you put on peel-off masks and your face feels all tightened? I would probably equate it to that feeling.. LOL. I’m not a fan, can you tell?

I can’t believe they’re recommending this for sensitive skin.. I’m pretty sure your face would end up all red if you don’t slather on a bunch of moisturizer on after using this =

Skinfood Cocoa Lip Balm

Sooo…. I don’t think they sell this anymore LOL or should I say I can’t find it on the English Skinfood site? I can’t even find any reviews on this :( I’m quite sad because I lost this at the airport when we were waiting to board the plane to go Vancouver -woe is me-. I see that the Avacado one is still being sold though, but I haven’t tried that one.. maybe they both work the same?

I don’t really own lip balms because I don’t like sticking my fingers into the pot and putting them on my lips. The cute little tin pot made me buy it >_>! I ended up leaving it at home and putting it on before I put on my makeup when my hands are just washed.

Since it’s been so long I don’t remember the scent exactly, but it was a pleasant one. The lasting power for this was what made me like it the most. I’m always on the lookout for a good lip product because my lips get dried pretty quickly and I need something that will keep my lips nice and soft for a long time. When I use this I notice that I don’t need to keep reapplying it like I usually do with my lipglosses. Even chapsticks don’t do as good as this lip balm. Definitely a nice little product to keep in your pocket while you’re out. Too bad it’s not sold no more : (((