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Wrapped in Knit (Korean Shopping Sites Haul) Part II

A continuation of the first part because there were too many items to put in one post :::D::

It got wrinkly after I took it out of the wrapping to try it out haha. It feels like it’s too big for me since it only came in one size. So if anyone is interested they can buy this one off me also. Just use the contact form under “Contact Me?”. I’ll iron it before sending it out LOL. If no one’s interested it will also just hang there in my closet forever. I’m pretty sure it fits a medium but I can measure if those are wanted.

I bought 3 pairs of tights to try out because all the reviews I read of the ones here were so bad. I looked at H&M and Urban Outfitters, etc. and people always give such bad reviews so I thought I’d just try my hand at these ones to see if they’re any better ::sweat::

A ribbed one that’s thicker for the cooler months. Thought it’d be nice to have since it’s chilly here. I didn’t look carefully when ordering and found out these don’t go over your feet too. So they’re pretty much ankle-length leggings ::-_-::. And for some reason they have a hole so you can put your big toe through or something. What the hell! LOL. It’s okay, the quality is good so I imagine these will last me for a while.

Your regular opaque tights. They also seem to be of pretty good quality. No tearing after first time wearing them. As you can see, it becomes a little bit sheerer when you’re bending your legs so it’s not completely opaque, but also not semi-sheer.

I also wanted one that’s more sheer for days where I want tights but don’t want it to become too hot. It’s one like these that usually get bad reviews on sites because it’s so sheer that the material is easy to tear. Sadly, this didn’t completely past the test either ::tear::. It has a tiny run in two spots. Not very noticeable at all but I imagine having those would mean it’ll be an easy target to rip further.

I think because I ordered so many items from same store, they have me a free pair of socks and hair tie haha! I also have an extra pair of tights that I never ordered so I’m guessing maybe they have me a free pair of tights too?? I didn’t take a picture of it though because I haven’t taken it out to wear yet.

White Dress Shirt: TomnRabbit
Tights/Leggings: Qnigirls

I help my friends order off Korean sites from time to time so I’m willing to offer to help anyone else that might be interested. Just email me at for info.