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NARS Blush (Torrid) Review

The ultimate authority in blush, NARS offers the industry’s most iconic shades for cheeks. Natural, healthy-looking color that immediately enlivens the complexion. A light application of even the highest-intensity hues delivers a natural-looking flush.
– Silky texture in matte and shimmering shades
– Micronized powder ensures soft, blendable application
– Iconic NARS shades

I love me some coral-coloured makeup! I was actually gifted Super Orgasm by my friend (who meant to gift me Orgasm LOL), but when I went to exchange it, I decided to find a more coral blush. My other friend, who also got Super Orgasm, had exchanged hers for Orgasm and told me it was much more pink with a hint of shimmer. I don’t really like wearing pink blushes. The makeup artist suggested Torrid to me when I asked for a coral-orange blush.

Torrid definitely delivered! It is highly pigmented so don’t go too crazy with the brush! Just a dash of the product will do. Which I like, because that means I don’t have to use so much product meaning it will last me longer ::^^:: . It doesn’t have a bunch of powder accumulating in the pan when you swirl your brush in it.

It lasts me for quite a long time. I still see hints of it by the end of the day. It’s a matte blush so it doesn’t bring any sheen to the cheeks, which I love. I cannot do shimmery blushes ::nervous:: .

It comes in a rubbery case. I actually kind of like that it’s like that because it prevents it from slipping out of your hand or off the table. I tend to be clumsy with my things so I’ve dropped blushes and other makeup many times before. I think this helps me from destroying my products LOL!

Definitely recommend this blush to anyone looking for a long-lasting coral blush that’s matte. Will be purchasing again once it runs out.. if it ever runs out ::>_o:: .


Glambag April 2013

Big Sexy Hair // Powder Play

[[ Get ‘POW’ volume in an instant with Sexy Hair’s Powder Play! Powder Play adds instant volume to any type of hair style or texture. Weightless, odorless, and colorless! Instantly liquifies when applied and adds volume and texture in seconds. Just sprinkle on dry hair at the root for lift and volume. Apply throughout the hair for extreme volume and texture. ]]
Full Size: $15.95/15g || Received: $2.13/2g

Miss Professional Nail // Sation Nail Lacquer (Love at First Byte)

[[ Sation Nail Lacquer is a contemporary beauty company, infusing a creative direction in nail care through a blend of lifestyle aesthetics. The collection features 120 colors from its seasonal & limited collections.

Glam Bag subscribers will receive Of Corset I’ll Call You, a romantic lavender-rose OR Love At First Byte, a light peachy pink. ]]
Full Size: $5.00/15mL || Received: $5.00/15mL *FULL SIZED*

MicaBeauty // Mineral Eye Shadow (72 Earth)

[[ MicaBeauty Mineral Eyeshadows are extremely gentle, free of preservatives, chemicals, dyes, talc, oils, and other fillers. With this unique formula, the eyeshadows will look ultra smooth and stay put for hours without creasing or pulling the delicate eye area. Can be mixed with clear lip-gloss, clear mascara, and clear nail polish to add pigment to lips, eyelashes and nails! ]]
Full Sized: $14.95/2.5g || Received: $14.95/2.5g *FULL SIZED*

Be A Bombshell // Blush (Sweet Cheeks)

[[ A highly pigmented pressed powder blush that highlights the complexion and provides long lasting color. Can be used both as a blush or a bronzer. ]]
Full Size: $16/5g || Received: $16/5g *FULL SIZED*

Topbox February 2013 — Benefit

For February, Topbox gave us a privé box again and we received items from Benefit! I was really excited because I like this brand haha. The wrapping they put on the box this month is kind of cute too since it was Lunar New Year.

Benefit // POREfessional

[[ PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. ]]
Full Size: $34/22mL || Received: $11.59/7.5mL

Benefit // Total Moisture Facial Cream

[[ Provides concentrated immediate & long-term hydration to thirsty skin. ]]
Full Size: $42/48.2g || Received: $7.76/8.9g

Benefit // Benetint

[[ Rose-tinted lip & cheep stain. ]]
Full Size: $36/12.5mL || Received: $7.20/2.5mL

Benefit // Dandelion Gloss and Powder

[[ Brightening face powder + soft pearly pink lip gloss. ]]
Full Size: (Powder) $36/7g (Gloss) $18/15mL || Received: (Powder) $15.43/3g (Gloss) $7.80/6.5mL

Benefit // Fine-One-One

[[ Sheer Brightening cheek & lip trio gives your look instant LIFT, SHAPE, and POP. ]]
Full Size: $36/8g || Received: ??

GlossyBox Canada March 2012 Product’s Review

Aveeno – Daily Moisturizing Lotion
[[This naturally nourishing lotion contains natural colloidal oatmeal blended with rich emollients and is clinically proven to moisturize for a full 24 hours. 345ml/$11.99]]
I’ve always seen Aveeno around, but I never thought to try it out myself. Mostly it’s because I thought since it was aimed more towards people with drier skin it must be pretty oily. I was actually delighted to find that it is in no way oily. It comes out looking like a normal lotion but when you start spreading it on your skin it actually melts. It’s so hard to describe but it’s as if it just turned into liquid and instantly seeps into the skin ::GAH::!! No mess.

I really appreciate this sort of formula because, come on, how many times have you experienced putting on some lotion on your hands while you’re out and about and then find your hands a bit sticky? Then you start touching stuff and your hands just feels so dirty!! It does a pretty adequate job of keeping my hands moisturized. It can’t compare to the oilier formulas but it’s much faster than waiting for those kinds to completely absorb. And it’s no way like the Victoria’s Secret body lotions that dry and then your hands feel even drier than when you didn’t apply anything at all.

Likes: Not greasy, fast-absorbing formula, unscented so it’s good to use in public.
Dislikes: None.


Bailey Cosmetics – Fresh Lip Gloss
[[Bailey cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry or Pink is the perfect colour accent for women who want a sheer bump of colour to enhance their pout. 8g/$28.00]]

As I had thought, Berry just isn’t my colour! I just don’t like having dark lips ::sweat::. I won’t rate this low because of the colour though since it’s not really fair when it was randomly selected!

I think this was the first time that I had a lipgloss that didn’t get a huge glob of product onto my lips when I apply it haha! Maybe because the formula isn’t as sticky and glossy as the others so not as much attaches itself onto the applicator? If you have lighter coloured lips it’ll probably look okay since it is sort of sheer.

Likes: Not too sticky, easy to apply, sheer enough to not look..gothic haha!
Dislikes: Could be a bit more moisturizing.


Evian – Brumisateur Facial Spray
[[Evian’s facial spray rehydrates dull, tired skin, and is great for setting and renewing your makeup throughout the day, keeping you looking fresh, healthy, and beautiful. 50ml/$7.00, 150ml/$12.50, 300ml/$17.50]]
I’m currently using Avene’s Thermal Water but mostly I use it after I’m done applying powder on my face so it doesn’t look so…well, powdery haha! I don’t expect these face mists to prolong wearing time. I didn’t use Evian’s facial spray after I apply my makeup because I wasn’t a fan of the nozzle! At first it always came out in spurts so I’d feel the bigger splotches. I imagine that’d look really weird if I had makeup on my face. After using it a bit more it comes out normally. It doesn’t come out as misty as I would like though like Avene. I used this by applying it whenever I felt like my face needed some freshening up instead.

Whenever my face feels dry or in need of some freshening up I’d spray it on. My face seems to be less oily probably because it is more hydrated. My face feels quite soft after it has all been absorbed too! Nice investment if you don’t mind spending some money on these facial mists haha!

Likes: Keeps face hydrated, makes face softer, makes you feel refreshed.
Dislikes: Could be mistier.


Pandora – Blush St. Tropez
[[Pandora’s Blush St. Tropez is a beautiful pink blush that can be used all year round and added to any bronzer. Pandora’s Makeup Box products were designed for professional use and are pigmented so they will last all day long. $18.00]]

The blush has a magnet in the packaging so your blush pan can be depotted/refilled. For people that usually likes having those metal palettes you can depot this blush and place it inside one of those easily! I usually prefer having a coral-orange blush, but I thought I’d give this a try since the pinks I have are more cool toned. This one’s more warmer.

Likes: Looks nice on my skin, stays on longer than my Etude House blush.
Dislikes: Not that pigmented so you might need a couple more swipes.


Sebastian – Re-Shaper Hairspray
[[Brushable, strong hold hairspray for all hair types. Bends any movement into shape with long-lasting hold and humidity protection all in one. Re-style into any shape and re-form ingenious hold. 43g/$19.95]]
The nozzle on this spray makes the product come out in spurts and someone on Facebook said it can be fixed by running it under cold water. Haven’t tried that yet. We haven’t really tried this out a lot yet so if our opinion changes on this I’ll fix this rating.

Likes: It dries almost instantly so you don’t have to wait for it to dry, good size to keep in purse.
Dislikes: Hair feels kind of crunchy compared to TRESemmé hairspray.