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Skinfood Products Re-reviewed 3

Skinfood Pineapple Hand Cream

I’m rather on the fence about this hand cream. On one hand it does seem to keep my hands kind of soft as it’s supposed to do. This hand cream is meant for dry skin and wrinkles, but I don’t have any hand wrinkles LOL. I think you’ll also have to keep using it for a longer period of time to see it would help with things like wrinkles.

I also like the scent. It’s very light so if you’re someone who doesn’t like things that are heavily scented like Bath & Body Works, this could be a nice alternative.

The only thing I don’t really like is that for some reason it feels a little bit waxy o_O. Usually when you put on a cream that’s thick you would feel like your hands are a little greasy, but this one feels waxy?

Do I feel like it’s a must-have item? Not really. I collect soo much hand creams/lotions. This one isn’t one I particularly reach for because I love it, but I like keeping it in my bag because of it’s small-size – very travel-friendly.

Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Emulsion

I love this product a lot.. and I’m not even sure why LOL!! The scent of it I would not describe it as Parsley and Mandarin – for one I really don’t like parsley XD. It has a certain spiciness to the smell.

When you pour it out it looks like runny moisturizer and when applied, it turns into liquid to seep better into your skin. I put it on after I use my toner so it keeps the moisture on my face.

Usually, I use my Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream after so my face is all nice and dewy. After I give it a couple minutes to all absorb my face feels very soft, not to mention smelling fantastic ; ) LOL.

The Parsley and Mandarin line is targeted towards troubled skin. Not sure if it has really helped in that field, but I love it anyways : D.

Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blusher #2 Bebe Peach

I actually bought this item because I thought the colour and packaging looked cute. A big mistake. I actually tried it a couple times, didn’t like it, and gave it away to someone.

I kept running my blush brush over it and couldn’t really pick anything up. So obviously it wasn’t going to show on my face. Even when I ran my fingers over it I barely got anything. I guess if you have the patience to keep building up the layers to make it noticeable… LOL.

Not recommended. I’m sure there are plenty of better alternatives at better prices >< !

Skinfood Products Re-reviewed 2

Skinfood Premium Touch Pearl Brush

Is it weird that I started wearing make up only in my senior year of high school? haha! I feel like everyone starts experimenting with it so much more earlier than I did. I only started wearing it because I wanted my grad picture to look perfect. Lasts forever, you know? Anyway, after that time, my interest in makeup started to intensify and I wanted to try more and more. Thus the want to try out different ways to apply. Since I was literally just starting out though I wanted to get cheaper product so when I’m testing I don’t have to ruin expensive products.

I was eying the MAC 187 stippling brush but I didn’t want to plop down the cash I didn’t have for it. By chance, I saw this brush while I was ordering some Skinfood products to try out and I thought, “Why not? It’s affordable..” I saw why not later LOL.

If you’re just using it to buff on some powder I think it’ll be alright. I was using it to stipple on liquid foundation though and the more I used it the more annoyed I got. Initially it was okay but then little pieces of the hair started sticking on my face. I washed it a couple times and it never seemed be to be white as it was before. For some reason one day the ends of the hair turned green …. What the hell, right?

I thought maybe it’s because I stuck another brush with it to soak and somehow it affected it. I tried soaking it again but alone the next time and for a while longer than I usually leave it. Nope, worse than ever. It looks so bad right now = Like some ratty thing. At least I have the MAC 187 to take its place after that.. LOL ><.

Skinfood Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser

“This soft, refreshing cleansing foam contains aloe extract that soothes sensitive skin, and cucumber extract to moisturize skin, while cleansing.”


To be honest, I never used this one for very long. If you have dry skin, definitely steer clear of this cleaner.

This cleanser looks a bit like cream when you squeeze it out but will foam up when lather it up. You don’t need much and the tube contains quite a lot – 130mL – so it’ll last you quite a long time.

The problem with this cleanser is… well.. everything.. LOL. I think it does the complete opposite of what it says in the description. As soon as I rinse this off  it feels like every single trace of oil is taken from my face. I know if you have an oily face you would hope your cleanser is able to clear the excess oil. However, I think this goes even further than your expectation to the point where your face is screaming at you to hurry up and put some sort of moisturizer back on asap.

You know when you put on peel-off masks and your face feels all tightened? I would probably equate it to that feeling.. LOL. I’m not a fan, can you tell?

I can’t believe they’re recommending this for sensitive skin.. I’m pretty sure your face would end up all red if you don’t slather on a bunch of moisturizer on after using this =

Skinfood Cocoa Lip Balm

Sooo…. I don’t think they sell this anymore LOL or should I say I can’t find it on the English Skinfood site? I can’t even find any reviews on this :( I’m quite sad because I lost this at the airport when we were waiting to board the plane to go Vancouver -woe is me-. I see that the Avacado one is still being sold though, but I haven’t tried that one.. maybe they both work the same?

I don’t really own lip balms because I don’t like sticking my fingers into the pot and putting them on my lips. The cute little tin pot made me buy it >_>! I ended up leaving it at home and putting it on before I put on my makeup when my hands are just washed.

Since it’s been so long I don’t remember the scent exactly, but it was a pleasant one. The lasting power for this was what made me like it the most. I’m always on the lookout for a good lip product because my lips get dried pretty quickly and I need something that will keep my lips nice and soft for a long time. When I use this I notice that I don’t need to keep reapplying it like I usually do with my lipglosses. Even chapsticks don’t do as good as this lip balm. Definitely a nice little product to keep in your pocket while you’re out. Too bad it’s not sold no more : (((

Skinfood Products Re-reviewed

I thought I would review these items again since I did them on my LJ and now I’ll move it here! Don’t mind the watermarks. I can’t retake a new picture since I don’t have some of the products anymore or never bought a new one after that @_@.

Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack

I actually didn’t get a full box of this, and I was glad I didn’t. My friend Leen and I shared the box. I wasn’t fond of the smell and it took some getting used to. Personally, I think these work just as well as Bioré. If these aren’t easily accessible to you I probably wouldn’t go out of the way to find them. It may look like it works better because the strip is black so all your little whiteheads/dead skin show up.

That’s my opinion though. Leen agreed with me at first but then she said the more she used it she thought maybe it did work a tiny bit better than Bioré? Another person I know asks me to help her get it every time we order haha!

Skinfood Cucumber Soothing Mask (Wash Off)

This has been one of my favorite wash off masks that I own. Just bought another one recently haha! I use it all year round. During the summer it gives a nice and cool feeling to the face. It also has a nice light scent from the cucumber. In the winter (summer time too ><) whenever my face goes crazy on me I use this to calm down my face. It definitely makes a difference because the redness would go down. Especially during monthly times @_@.

Or if you use a cleanser that’s a little drying to the face, this could also help in the calming sense. Although.. probably best if you don’t use such a harsh treatment on your face in the first place?? LOL.

Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream

My favorite summer time moisturizer. I would definitely not recommend this for people with drier skin as it will probably provide zero moisture for your face haha! Your skin might be suck it all up and still be thirsting for more. However, if you’re like me and your skin is combination or oily it will be a nice change in the summer time.

This is scented but I really like it. It just smells really fresh and light. Not like some that try to be fresh but still end up really heavy when too much is applied. Not that surprising though that it smells fresh since it’s lettuce and cucumber. It’s nice when I wake up in the morning, cleanse my face, and apply this on :)

As it says in the name the texture is like jelly, but not as solid. As soon as it touches your skin it turns into water. It melts into your skin making you feel refreshed.

In the winter time I switch to a different moisturizer.

Etude House & Innisfree Haul/Review

I have wayyy too many items from Skinfood and Innisfree already (skincare items, anyway) so I thought I’d splurge a bit on some of the makeup items. Yeah…. I can’t help but spend money -sigh-.

Etude House Precious Mineral Highlighter

I was looking for a nice highlighter since my makeup sometimes can make my face look a little flat. As happy as I am that my foundation makes my face more even, I’m not into looking too cakey.

I think this highlighter provides a nice, light touch to my makeup. I think I would have to go super crazy digging into the highlighter to put too much on LOL. My skin is a tad oily so I don’t want anything that will intensify the oily look and this works great.

I was a bit surprised when I swirled my brush in and flakes of the powder didn’t accumulate around the rims. Which means it would be great to bring around without being scared that bits of powder are flung around and make your mirror all dirty ><.

Etude House Precious Mineral Makeup Essence

Ah Etude House, thanks for making this LOL. Does this look like another product? A little similar to Guerlain’s Meteorites Perles, right? Yeah, I would love to get my hands on that.. but I’m a poor college student LOL. -shakes begging cup-. Instead I made due with EH’s. Yeah, it’s not as luxurious looking, but who cares >_>…

It comes in an air pump bottle which is great. I hate normal pump bottles because you don’t get to use all the product :I

When I first used this, I wasn’t really in love with it, to be honest. I was hoping it would make my face look awesome before makeup because in some of the Guerlain reviews, it provided a nice glowy look for people even before foundation was applied. Yeah, yeah, this isn’t the Guerlain one. However, I think that even if it was, I still probably wouldn’t really like it just because my skin type is crazy and I guess shimmery primer makes me look a little oily. Plus, it didn’t really do much for me when I put my foundation on top of it after either. I was disappointed and just went back to my Banila Co. primer after a while.

One day I decided to mix this primer with my Lavshuca foundation, and I fell in love -wiggles brows-. My Lavshuca foundation was nice, but if my skin gets a little dry, it shows the flakes a bit :X. When I mixed this, I think for the first time I saw my face “dewy” without being “oily”. Usually I got for a matte look since it can easily look bad on me when I go for dewy. It looked very natural too because this primer makes the Lavshuca foundation less thick and made my foundation blend into my natural colour much better. I definitely recommend buying this primer and trying it out. If you don’t love it, try mixing it in with foundation that you think might be a little thick or that’s a bit drying to your face.

It keeps my makeup on my face for a decent amount of time. Without touch-up after around like 5 hours of wear or so, nothing much changed on my face.

PS. Yeah, I forgot to take a pic of what it looks like when I squirt it out….. LOL Sorry, I forgot. It looks a bit foamy though. And when I mix it on my hand and dab it with my stippling brush it leaves little bits of the primer on my hand. I think that takes a bit of the shimmer bits away, which is good with me LOL.

Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick

Sorry, I can’t really review this one hehe ><'' I bought these to just add a little colour on my lids when I'm going for a natural look. Mostly, I use the white one on my inner lid or under to make my eyes more awake and not as dead.. which is what I'm usually feeling at work : D. From what little I've used, I think it's pretty nice so far. It hasn't disappeared when the day ends, although I have to remember not to rub it or else it'll all be smudged away~ hahaha.

Innisfree Sleeping Whitening Gel

Sleeping gel, the mask for the lazy people – people like me! All you have to do is after you’re done all you’re skincare stuff at night, put this gel on top and let it work its wonders. I actually haven’t been using this consistently as I have a million tub masks and sheet masks to use up. But the girl in me wanted to buy stuff that I couldn’t even use yet haha!

My mom has been using it consistently though, as her skin never seemed to go back to its natural colour after our trip to China yearsss ago. She said it does actually seem to help whiten her face, slowly. A friend of mine who also purchased this and used it consistently also said it has helped. Although she has a lot of whitening products going on, so take that with a grain of salt haha. But with our experience with Innifree products, not many products have disappointed us thus far!! I think Innisfree products have a better success rate than Skinfood, actually.

Etude House O2 White C Toner

I thought the bottle was pretty big, but then I realized maybe it was just that… the bottle. I think in reality, it was only 10mL more than the Skinfood one haha! However, this EH one was cheaper for me. I didn’t check the retail price, but it was cheaper for the price I paid, anyway. I haven’t used this one yet, I’ll post it here when I have :)

Etude House Brushes

Ignore the glittery stuff.. LOL as you can tell I got a little excited and tried them out before I even took a picture >_> <_< >_>

I usually put minimal makeup because I like to keep things natural, so I barely ever put on eyeshadow =. I just wanted some brushes to put it on if I ever felt like it. So far, these brushes are pretty nice. They serve their purpose without any shedding at all and they’re pretty soft. Now I just need a blending brush to soften the looks ><. Ashley's very adamant about the blending brush... LOL. I also bought the foundation brush because I actually usually just use stippling brush. However, I wanted to see if some foundation looks better on me if I used a foundation brush. It doesn't really.. not if it's liquid haha. If it's cream though, it also provides a nice natural look. I wet my brush and put little bit by little bit. I don't buy cream foundations though, aside from the CoverFX one I bought a while ago. Which means I'm not sure if it's that foundation or cream foundation in general that makes me oily very quickly =. Wow, got a bit off-topic haha! The foundation brush is a good one if you want something affordable to play with foundation is what I want to say? hahaha. I hate the eyeliner one =_=. It's so hard and soo thin. Nothing really picks up and I can't draw with it. Do not like >_>… Feels like I’m intentionally poking my eye…

All these brushes are rather small. The handles are short, anyway, so I think they’re pretty travel friendly. They actually come with plastic casings, but I took them off for the picture.

Etude House Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil

Got a weird look from Ashley when she found that I ordered a blue liner LOL. Yeah.. I don’t really like blue eye shadow or anything, but I actually saw this video (I think it was a video, can’t remember now) where this girl did double wings and one was blue and it looked super cute. Thought I’d do that but I ended up not really like this liner LOL.

I’m not sure why, maybe because I live in Canada and it’s cold like probably 9 out of the 12 months, at least in the part of Canada that I reside. Creamy things always end up hard and I always have to get a hair dryer to heat it up and get it working right. This liner isn’t very smooth and I feel like I kind of have to draw it rather hard on my eye, which is a no-no for me. I haven’t tried heating it up before, but I’m too lazy to hehe.

I do like how there’s a mini sharpener at the end of the pencil that you can take out. Very convenient. I don’t think it did a great job sharpening for me though haha!

Not review/haul-related: I played Black Ops for the first time. I usually hate shooter games, but I was forced to play with Ashley LOL. I was dying because her TV wasn’t huge and we split screened. I was sitting SOO close to the TV.. now my head hurts like a biyatch HAHA! I was so noob… this guy stepped beside me. I thought he was my teammate and I got knifed. Eff you, buddy LOL!!

– jiawen