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Current Obsessions May 2012

Dropped off the face of the earth recently because I started playing Sims 3 LOL. My friends were all wondering where I went. I’m sure anyone that’s played Sims would know how addicting it is. I’ve played I think the first Sims before and it was a lot harder. Maybe because I was younger so I didn’t understand the game as much ::nervous::?

I got my sim’s lifetime achievement goal fulfilled when my laptop decided to die on me ::GAHH::!! Kind of makes me wish I got a desktop now. My laptop can’t handle me playing it all the time so.. it decided to show me the blue screen. Think I’m going to stay off it for a bit because I don’t want another laptop breakdown where I lose all my files again. That was a very sad time LOL!


Lately I feel like I’ve lost any sense of personal style haha! I used to have a very HK/casual Japanese look. Grew tired of it and then became very casual. Your everyday Canadian. I miss ‘dressing up’ and seeing things that I think would go along with my style. Nowadays I feel like nothing is to my liking. I like looking at a lot of styles but nothing that I feel like I myself would actually try to go for. I do keep finding myself attracted to images of clean, simple looks or very laidback looks. Which is why I seem to be very addicted to button ups.

Really enjoy that last studded collar picture. Wonder where it’s from or if they did it themselves!

The problem is.. I don’t just want to be wearing those all the time LOL. But that’s currently what I’m stuck on ::nervous::. I keep looking through Japanese mags to get inspiration but nothing has really stuck with me. Like I said, I enjoy looking through them but there isn’t anything that I feel like pulling off.

PS. Was having a bad day when I came onto my blog to see my scheduled post (this post) published onto blog. I was flipping out to my friend because I think I might’ve somehow selected the text and pressed a button right before pressing “Schedule”. Half my entry disappeared.. I mean albeit this entry isn’t full of words I still don’t want to redo it. Even with the relatively small amount of words, I don’t remember what I was blabbering on about HAHA. Then I remembered after my friend said they should at least have autosave, that WP does do autosave. Went back and restored it -whew-.

Current Obsessions March 2012

Harro :::)::! My professor decided to give an extension on our paper because supposedly many people have asked if it was possible. Now I have a bit of extra time on my hands so I thought I’d do a little entry ::heart1::! So nice of her, I’ve never actually had a professor move anything for us before!


Ever since I’ve stumbled into Japanese fashion magazines my favorite one has changed a couple of times. I think my favorite one when I was first into it was Non-no. I moved onto Vivi after that. The models in Vivi were just so gorgeous and cute ::GAH::. It was always a tradition for my friends and I to buy bubble tea and then flip through my magazine and point out which outfits or pieces of clothing we liked! I thought Vivi just seemed so young and fun! Of course, I quickly came to like Lena Fujii. I think I have a thing for girls that can pull off both cute and sexy looks. Girl crush ::sparkle::.

I stopped looking through them regularly for a long time after that. I think because they come out every month I got a bit tired of seeing much of the same things repeatedly. When I got back into looking through them again I found a lot of things have changed. Non-no seemed to have had a major overhaul on their models. I couldn’t recognize them anymore and don’t know what happened to the old ones. Vivi’s take on the current trends were not really to my taste. As much as I loved their models I thought that the masculine-androgynous look was a bit too masculine for me. I think there were also many trends that incorporated old looks that I didn’t like so I was not really interested in what was ‘in’ anymore.

Occasionally I still looked through some, but I just wasn’t enjoying it as much anymore. Felt like it was really hard to find any inspiration for outfits ::nervous::. I was trying out new ones and I noticed that a lot of times when I saved an image for outfits that I like, it was actually from Jelly! I know gyaru style has a lot of fans, but I’m not really into Popteen, Egg, etc. but I do really like Jelly. I think it might be because their look is too heavy? …Too youthful? LOL.

I usually like the outfits they put together and for me, they’ve become the new Vivi. Fun and youthful while keeping with the trends. But we’ll see if that keeps up for me when all the spring/summer stuff is in full effects ::^^::.

Jelly has introduced me to two models that I’ve also been a bit obsessed with lately:

Maiko Takahashi

I don’t remember why I got into her, might’ve been from Tumblr? I started going through her blog after though and found that I quite like her looks. Usually when she posts up her outfit of the day I’m like ::lublub:: -saves as inspiration-. I’m never a heels girl so it’s nice to see how models pair their outfits without always wearing heels like in a lot of magazines.

I did notice she sometimes does something weird with her lips and it always bugs me whenever she does LOL. I think she tries to do duck lips or something, I don’t know. When she doesn’t though I think she looks really beautiful.

Remi Sakamoto

After I started looking through Jelly more I also noticed the model Remi Sakamoto. It’s interesting because I searched her up and the first result was her old blog. I thought there was another model with the same name or something because holy crap she looks different LOL!! Remi was actually a model for EGG before becoming a model for JELLY. I think if you go to her old blog and look at the banner and then look at the images I used above you can see how different the looks are too, even between the magazines. I like that their makeup for Jelly is girly without being way, way overdone… and you know.. without the super dark fake tans.

By the way, if you guys are interested, I actually created two fuckyeah tumblrs, each for one of them. Apparently Remi already has a lot of fans because people love reblogging her photos. Not so much love for Maiko though ::tear::. I actually like her a lot more, but maybe because Remi has a more ‘gyaru’ look? Although I’m basing all of my opinions only on their looks and fashion because I can’t read Japanese so I don’t really know how they are personality-wise ::^^:: ::sweat::.
Maiko: fuckyeahmaiko
Remi: fuckyeahremisakamoto


I guess I’ll count this as an obsession. My friend, the other month, asked me to help her order some teas off Teavana. I was extremely tempted to order some myself because the site just makes them look so awesome. Gets even better when you read the names and the ingredients LOL. If she was back home and ordering I probably would’ve added some things into the basket for myself, but since she’s away in Vancouver for school I let that prevent me from throwing my cash at it ::^^::. Except my friend was awesome enough to send me the sample they included with her order and well.. that got me hooked and now I definitely want to order some ::nervous::.

I have these in my cart right now:

Sweet Fruit Garden Herbal Tea .. Strawberry Bliss Tea Blend
Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend .. Strawberry Lemonade Herbal Tea

As you can tell, I love fruity stuff. I was actually sent the Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend w/ Rock Sugar and it was delicious. It reminded me of Starbucks’ passion tea lemonade. So maybe for those of you think that is too sweet, you can give this a try? I love Starbucks’ passion tea lemonade, but I think this will be a good alternative for me when I’m studying and I want to sip on something.

Report back when I order and try them out ::bunneh::

What Time Is It, My Dear Sir?

Watches have always been something that I liked wearing because I liked the look of it, not necessarily to check the time.. especially now that we have our cellphones with us all the time to check ::nervous::. Think it started from when I was young and I wanted a Sailor Moon watch really bad. I think I had a couple but then they started to run out of batteries and I was too lazy to wear them LOL! Not much has changed, I like them for their looks and then once they’re out of batteries I kind of forget about them ::X_X::. Although after I started working again I feel like I should wear one because it’s weird to keep going to the clock to check the time LOL ::sweat::!

Back then I used to like the slim, feminine watches. I still do, but I’ve grown to really like the big-faced, almost unisex looking, watches. Think I like the look of them on slim wrists harhar. I bought a BANC one 3 years ago, but it has run out of batteries and I still haven’t replaced it.

Been wanting ones like these now. I think my friend just got one though haha ::^^::.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn ones with a metal clasp instead of just a leather strap.

I can’t remember who, but I remember reading on my google reader that someone posted up an entry about Baby G watches. Thought it was Catalina (cl2425 on youtube), but I can’t seem to find the entry on her perhaps it was someone else. Not long after as I was trying to catch up on some Japanese fashion magazines though I started spotting them in there too! Their designs are a more sporty type, but I really like BGA-150/BGA-151 design.

BGA-130 is also pretty cute too, but a more sporty look.

Anyway here are the pages where it shows the watches~. Click to zoom in.
Vivi Jan 2012

Jelly Jan 2012

Current Obsessions — Jan 2012

Blarghh I thought I could be the one out of my friends that could escape being sick this year, but alas I have also fallen into the sick realm LOL ::tear:: . If I hadn’t gone to the thing on NYE I would’ve still been safe. Oh well.

I know these aren’t new and they’ve been around for, at least probably, 2 seasons more or less already but I’m still obsessed with them. Mainly because when they were first in style I have no money to invest in pieces so I chose not to think about it too much or I’ll just get depressed every time I think about it LOL ::nervous:: . Ever since I started working my parents pretty much make me pay for things on my own so all the makeup/skin care products I buy and clothing are all out of my own pocket and I make so little LOL.

Chunky sweater and chunky cardigans. I never really see them more oversized here, they’re usually more fitted. If I do see them they’re usually out of my budget @_@. I think Canada doesn’t have enough shops to choose from. Well no, that’s not true. We don’t have enough shops to choose from in my province.
Tie-Neck/Ribbon Blouse. I really, really want these and I never see these ones here *>_<* . They're just so feminine and can be worn alone or with a blazer or a cardigan.. Oversized Pocket Shorts. My work actually sold these for one season and they were a pretty good seller too. I’m not sure why they never sold it again. But then again I never bought them from my work because they were way too short for my taste. Now I never see them sold anymore. Nor do I see the more ripped up ones sold @_@. The weird thing is my work never sold those again, but they keep bringing back the coloured shorts that always have a ton left over so it always ends up getting marked down super low.
The clean, tailored look. Blazer, white button up (not in pic, but you know..) with jeans over top of it, and riding boots. I like, LOL.
Sheer Blouse. Eileen bought me one for Christmas when she was in Singapore!! I was so ecstatic LOL! I want one in white, black, and navy. White, down.. 2 more to go.


Lee Joon from MBLAQ. I saw him in a clip of a variety show and thought he looked cute but I never found out who he is. I stopped following kpop closely ever since the onslaught of cutesy girl groups came out because I just got really sick and tired of a bajillion of girl groups that all look alike and try too hard to be cute. Now I mostly just know the kpop groups, but I don’t know the members’ name nor would I be able to recognize their songs ::sweat2:: . I was watching this episode of Invincible Youth though and found out his name is Lee Joon haha!

Barbara Palvin. One of my girl crushes. She’s just so damn pretty ::X3:: Jealous~~