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Japanese Fashion Magazines November 2014

I thought I’d offer up some download links to Japanese fashion magazines to whoever is interested! These are for the November issues. I’ll be adding more as it becomes available : )

To download, click the cover of the magazine you would like. Enter in the password listed underneath the covers on this page. Click the download button that says “下载” (beside the blue button).

ViVi: n0ol || Jelly: v5au || Ranzuki: 44ln

Kera: gr5a || Zipper: t27w || Soup: bgte

JJ: ntz9 || CanCam: 6s6v || Ginger: shb4

Spring: 3696 || Mina: ymr9 || Non-no: qhv9

Figaro: hw9x || Classy: 2dgz || More: 851m

Oggi: i3i0 || Steady: ib7z || InRed: u60n

With: fjls || Marisol: w1f4 || Numero: fehz

Lee: 2jft || Domani: v3ez || Story: tl5y

mini: krps || AneCan: 6x0y || Precious: azxq

Nylon: 9wgw || Nicola: 5i1u || Pichi Lemon: azoc

Popteen: nrv5 || Seda: zkcm || Seventeen: 4uav

Very: f6ri || RyuRyu: pvzw || Glitter: 242o

Ginza: rj9g || 25ans: 9hzy || Cutie: ciwd

Sweet: zqqs || Bijin Hyakka: o5pc || SCawaii: 5ewg

Voce: eszq || Fudge: k6lj || ar: l5so