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Youtube Fridays

Chinese Guy Clones Himself

Chinese Guy Gets A New Look

BEST CREW – The Audition

LOL!!! Wooo go Chester. Seriously, I’ve been really shocked these days every time I see youtube stars take off their shirts and they’re not scrawny LOL!!!! Is it because they have more time to work out now that they’re making the big bucks through youtube or something??? HAHA.

Youtube Fridays

I thought I should share some videos that I enjoyed this week haha! I know these aren’t all new, new, but doesn’t mean they’re any less enjoyable, right? haha

Hollywood Goofs Up Heros

Westerners and their replacing Asian characters with Caucasian actors =_= -sigh-. WHYYYY!??! It’s just like Dragon Ball. Tell me, who watched those movies, anyway??

My Dad is Asian

Totally my parents… LOL

Sam Tsui – Love the Way You Lie Mashup

If you don’t like Sam Tsui, you suck ><

New Home

So I decided to move my new home to my own domain since Livejournal wasn’t really cutting it for me anymore >< It has been my blog's home though for about 4 years now.. probably the one blog I actually kept for a significant amount of time haha! I'm going to be cross-posting my entries to my LJ for now and I’ll see if I want to keep doing that later on. I’m using a plug-in to do that so it won’t be much of a hassle haha. And I shall retype my Skinfood reviews and post it up on here so I can keep better track of the items I’ve tried :o