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Ohai! I’m Carmen, a 23 year old Canadian. I have a bad addiction to purchasing makeup/skincare products and clothes. Why not put that to good use by giving everyone reviews on the products, right?

I’ve been blogging actively since 2006 (06/06/06, actually *DUN DUN DUN*). I started off on Livejournal and moved to this domain in 2011.

I like looking at Japanese magazines, thus running a billion FY Tumblr pages for Japanese fashion models (FYMaiko, FYEmiSuzuki, FYRemiSakamoto, and FYLenaFujii). Sometimes I like to cook and bake although I’m not any good. Anyone else like to watch cooking- or food-related shows and then feel like you’re one of those chefs on those shows? I also love to read.

If you have any questions to ask me whether it’s about a product I reviewed or… something random (haha) feel free to email me or through my Tumblr’s ask box (anonymous is enabled).

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