Pipsticks Welcome Kit

Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with planning! I’ll probably be publishing another post to talk about that :D But onto my Pipsticks mail!

The planner community seems to love their stickers. Somehow I had stumbled onto a subscription for stickers :o. Pipsticks has 4 different subscription plans:
Pro Club Classic ($14.95/MONTH): 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, 1 quote card
Pro Club Petite ($9.95/MONTH): 7+ sheets of stickers, 1 mini quote card
Kid’s Club Classic ($14.95/MONTH): 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, 4 sheets of craft paper
Kid’s Club Petite ($9.95/MONTH): 7+ sheets of stickers, 2 sheets of craft paper
Everything is in USD.

I’ve been trying to not spend so much lately but there was a deal and I thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t know that they actually had a welcome kit for new subscribers rather than the normal monthly ones. I was kind of excited to get a monthly one after seeing previews on their instagram, but oh well haha.

They come in these cool envelopes! I was excited to open it so.. I couldn’t wait and take pictures before opening LOL.

It came with this quote card featuring a quote from Katherine Hepburn, which I think will be cute in my planner!

I’m really excited to use these in my planner too!! Love the banners and bows.

Not so into these ones haha. What am I going to use the copyright sign for =\?

Stitch and Astroboy! I don’t know who the girl in the middle is >_< If you're interested in signing up for some stickers, use my link and get $5 off :)

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