Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation SPF 20 (02 Beige Clair) Review

Product Description

An invisible foundation that wears like a second skin. This unbelievably silky formula creates a natural radiance that captures and reflects light to reveal the look of naturally perfect skin. Imperfections are erased and coverage lasts all day long.


Between the time that I ordered this until now, Sephora has since restricted this item on the Canadian website. I’m not sure why because we stock their products at our store. I guess if you want this item when you take advantage of your VIB discount (Sephora’s Rouge members already had their sale) you would have to get this in store if you live in Canada. When I try to add it to my cart it lists the item as $69CAD so I’m not sure if that’s consistent with the price in store or not at the moment.

The foundation comes in a heavy glass bottle – a very luxurious feel. It also has a pump so it makes it easier to get the amount you need and also better for hygienic reasons. I noticed that I can’t tell how much of the foundation I’m using though even though it’s a glass bottle. I guess the color that you see is permanently painted on it.

For me, I need foundation that is light enough so that it doesn’t feel like a mask on my face, but can also cover enough of my imperfections. Guerlain did a good job with their formula and it really does feel invisible. Sometimes I forget that I have makeup on my face because I don’t feel the layer on my skin. It does, however, have that feeling at the end of a long day though. That’s to be expected though since my skin hates when I have makeup on for a long time.

A silky foundation that lasts for a decent amount of time. I wouldn’t say that it lasts all day, you would probably need to do a touch up if you’re wearing it for more than 4-5 hours. But that might just be me. My skin gets oily after that amount of time. I know some people have said that it turns matte after, but for me I still get a slight dewiness. Nothing like NARS Glow Foundation, but enough so that it doesn’t look too flat.

I like that it has SPF because I’m known for being really bad at applying sunscreen. It hasn’t bothered my skin and I have acne-prone skin.

The only think I find with this foundation that might be a negative for me is that the coverage is not as high as I would like. If you have good skin and nothing much to hide, then it would be great. If you have some spots to cover, you would probably need a pretty good concealer either under or over this foundation or else no matter how much you layer it on spots, it’s not going to hide it. I get pretty dark pigmentation after I get a pimple somewhere on my face so I like when a foundation can decently cover it up after I dab it a few times with my foundation.


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