Korres Nectarine Velvet Moisturizing Mask Review

Product Description

This rich, velvet-textured mask is formulated with nectarine extract — known for its high antioxidant properties — to instantly moisturize and tone skin. A unique multi-mineral complex tones as it restores and maintains hydration while deeply nourishing shorea butter softens the skin. Olive oil esters and provitamin B5 restore suppleness and provide long-lasting moisture while a cocktail of sweet almond and macadamia seed oils soothe and nourish skin. This at-home treatment is beautifully scented with the soft fragrance of sweet nectarines.


With the temperature dropping, it is about the time our skin needs some help to keep it from feeling too dry! I bought this mask because every winter I have the problem of flakey skin. I don’t have very dry skin, but it doesn’t stop certain spots on my face from flaking once the wind starts kicking up. I don’t usually prefer foundations that are aimed at people with dry skin because I end up with an oily face soon after. Instead, I like to choose skincare products that can give me a better foundation (my skin) to put makeup on.

I’ve been trying to stay with more natural skincare products for the past year or two. Not to say that all my products are natural, but I like to at least have one or two skincare products in my regime so that my face doesn’t go crazy. Korres is known for using a bit more natural ingredients in their lines so I decided during my last Sephora haul to pick this product up.

To my surprise, this product is highly scented. Anyone that is sensitive to scented products, I encourage you to stay away from this mask. Even for me, a person who likes nicely scented products, Korre’s Moisturizing Mask was incredibly overwhelming! In fact, I thought that because it’s more natural and uses nectarine extract, it wouldn’t smell so artificial. I would expect this from a drugstore brand aimed at a younger age group.

With that said, if you don’t mind the smell, the product is actually pretty good. It feels like a cream, but it is very light. Doesn’t feel greasy. And it also absorbs rather quickly into the skin so I was not left with a visible white mask on my face. I guess that wouldn’t matter if you’re putting on a mask anyway, none of us would be walking out with one on, right? haha. It was nice though, because usually wash off masks that advertises itself as a moisturizing product end up pretty oily on the face, which makes me nervous about breaking out.

After washing it off I’m always left feeling moisturized. I don’t feel greasy, I’m just left with soft skin! And it seems to have a lasting effect. I don’t wake up the next morning feeling like I need to apply it again. I would recommend applying this mask 1-2 times a week (I have combination skin). As long as you’re okay with the smell for a few minutes a week then you would be good :p


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