Lunasol Control Essence UV Review

Product Description

A protective serum for day time use that blocks daily UV rays to protect the skin from damages caused by UV rays while controlling skin condition balance. Gentle texture that does not cause any stress against skin. Products the skin from external environmental factors, such as UV rays. Prevents skin from becoming oily caused by excessive sebum secretion, and replenishes the skin with moisture to control skin condition balance. Leaves the skin smooth and translucent. Features a citrus green herbal fragrance that imparts a refreshing, purifying sensation of succulent citrus fruit sand herbs.


Soo, a little late in the year to be doing a sunscreen review. But we should be wearing sunscreen all the time anyway right?! To be honest, even knowing the benefits of wearing sunscreen regularly, I’m totally guilty of never wearing any. Sometimes my daily makeup products might coincidentally have SPF and that would basically be the only time I have on sunscreen.

The only time I usually wear sunscreen was during summer, but it would only be on my body. I did, however, stop wearing sunscreen altogether this past summer after my friend send me link that informs us which suncreen brands are actually really bad for us. I usually use the Neutrogena sprays and I had received a Banana Boat spray and was using that for a bit before I saw the link. Sometimes when it was especially sunny I would spray some on my hand and put it onto my face. I tried to not do that though because the formula for these sprays are usually pretty greasy.

This year I decided to invest in a real face sun protection product. Of course, I went straight for a Japanese product! Japan basically perfected this category of sunscreen – non-greasy, easily absorbable, doesn’t break us out. The only thing to really look for is probably what sort of formula would you prefer? Something more moisturizing? Something that helps keep your face matte?

Lunasol’s Control Essence UV has an SPF of 34. SPF maxes out at 50, so if anything advertises an SPF higher than that, it’s effectiveness works the same as an SPF50 product – you do not get higher protection from it.

The product comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. You all know I love me a pump bottle! It is not only more hygienic but also allows greater control over how much product you pump out.

The formula is not too thick and not too thin, easily spreadable. It becomes a bit more matte after application, which is perfect if you have oily to normal skin. If you like a matte finish, this will also work for you. It doesn’t affect my makeup application at all, which is great. If anything it might provide a bit of a better primer to go underneath makeup.

It also hasn’t bothered my skin. I’m usually pretty acne-prone so I’m always nervous when introducing new skincare products into my routine.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a facial sunscreen!


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