Hisamitsu LIFECELLA Essence Sheet Mask (Lychee) Review

Product Description

An ideal skin care product that brings you good elasticity, tone, and texture. The combination of three ingredients that nourishes and smooths the skin’s surface.
・The combination of lychee seed extract, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin A provides extra moisture to skin.
・The essence is mildly acidic (physiological pH). It is ideal for gentle skin care.
・The mask is soaked in plenty of rich beauty essence.
・Hypoallergenic (though there may be exceptions).


I bought this during winter because my face was getting crazily dry. I needed a mask that would provide moisture and not irritate my skin. Usually wash off masks are a lot of help, but to be honest I get too lazy to do all that when I’m in school sometimes.

A problem I faced with some sheet masks is the size of the mask. I’ve had a few that were too big for my face so the holes for my eyes and mouth were kind of weird.. albeit I kind of have a small face compared to some people, so who knows. I didn’t face this problem though with Lifecella’s lychee essence mask.

It also wasn’t swimming in essence which is something I like. I’ve mentioned before in a previous review that I don’t like when there’s too much essence in the bag. I hate when the masks starts to drip all over the place after I place it on. I’m pretty sure no one’s masks is dry by the end of the 20-30 minutes anyway. I read somewhere once that you shouldn’t put a mask on for longer than that amount of time so I don’t like leaving it on until it dries. There’s enough liquid inside to last me the time it states without it being dry at the end.

I’ve actually really enjoyed using this mask. It moisturizes for a longer period. Sometimes I use masks and my face feels plump and bouncy right after using, but after an hour it feels like the moisture already disappeared. This mask leaves a longer lasting effect which is great for colder weather. I can even see that it helps in the morning when I’m applying makeup in the morning and I see less flakey skin x_x haha. The only thing is that it felt a little bit sticky right after use.

Definitely a mask I would recommend everyone to try if you’re looking for a mask to help with dry skin or if you’re just looking for a little extra moisture overall. There is a scent but I didn’t find it too bad and it didn’t irritate my skin.