Aritzia Clientele Sale 2015

Here we go again everyone! Clientele sale is on and here are the discounts.

The free gift is a candle handcrafted in France. There are four scents – Baies Noires, Figue, Jasmin, Vanille!

I know a lot of people have been coming to my blog this week to see the discounts. Aritzia didn’t release the list until the day of the sale!

Happy shopping!

10 thoughts on “Aritzia Clientele Sale 2015”

  1. Hey! omg so excited for this! I just have a question, this is my first time being part of this and I was wondering if theres different requirements to get the candle? and when it does open to the public, is it the same sale? i made my purchase but I didn’t get referred to this ):

    – thanks for your time! (:

    1. Hello! Usually Aritzia has two tiers for the sales. People in the first tier get the invite earlier (June 15). My friend got a tier two invite so hers came a couple days after mine. I think she got hers June 17. I think only customers who got a tier one invite receive the candle. You can receive a candle at each of these stores: Aritzia, TNA, and/or Wilfred stores.

      The levels are based on how much you purchase. Aritzia has never released the requirements between the two though so I don’t think anyone is sure about the specific amount that you would need to spend a year.

      To be honest, I think it’s kind of a gamble sometimes with certain items when it comes to the discount we receive as part of the private sale versus the public sale. It mostly guarantees that you get the items that you want at a specific price (eg. 20%, 30%, or 40% off). Whereas for public sale, there isn’t a set amount for each brand, and also, not every item would be on sale.

      Last year, most of the items I bought I saved more on the private sale discount versus public sale. Although the amount you save during Clientele sale versus public sale varies. Could be a couple dollars more, could be $10+ more. With that said, there were also a couple items that I bought that ended up being way cheaper during the public sale. I asked if they do price adjustments and they told me that they don’t do it on sale items. Which sucks because it dropped down around, I think, $20 lower than what I had paid for during the Clientele sale.

      Hope this helps : ) !

      1. There appears to be more than two tiers. There’s a group that gets 2 candles and a beach towel with purchase from Aritzia . My tier started on June 11, but I only got two candles (1 from TNA and 1 from Aritzia).

  2. I assume you will need to show proof that you received the invite and can’t just walk in and ask for it?

    1. Yep, if you’re buying in store then sometimes they might ask to see it. I know someone that works at Aritzia so they usually don’t ask, but their emails said to let them know you have the invitation. I only bought stuff online this year though so it is automatically applied when I log in with my email!

  3. I was really excited for this years sale. Instead of the invite I got a call about the sale that starts June 5, when I finally had the time to visit a store they told me they made a mistake mainly because the shipment for the gift instore was June 11. I still got the discount but the gift to follow. I got a gift set of beach towel and 2 candles, I got one set each from Wilfred, Aritzia and online, which was nice since the beach towel came in three colors, and the candle wrapping was different with Aritzia and Wilfred.

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