Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nail Lacquer (Mermaid’s Dream) Review

Product Description

All Deborah Lippmann fashion nail colors are infused with treatment benefits from ingredients such as biotin, green tea extract, and aucoumea. These formulas are long lasting, dry quickly, and apply evenly while high-quality pigments ensure eye-catching flash. Glitter finish is fun, fashionable, and full of flash. Explore layering Deborah Lippmann nail color finishes for even more photo-ready style.


Who else is a sucker for mermaid-related things? I would kill to have beautiful mermaid hair! Too bad my hair never likes to cooperate ::tear:: . Had to settle on having pretty nail polish that reminds us of mermaids instead haha.

The polish in the bottle looks really pretty in a light teal with blue sparkles throughout. It also has microglitter mixed with the teal. My problem with the polish was that it did not transfer well onto my nails. The application of it was smooth. It doesn’t feel like chunky glitter on my nails. Maybe because the glitter never really transferred onto my nails. The microglitter doesn’t have a problem, of course, but the bigger blue ones had a really hard time. I was trying really hard to put blobs of polish onto my nails in hopes of having more blue glitters.

Excuse the bad paint job, just wanted to quickly put some on LOL. But this is after two coats. The green is not very opaque, which I dislike. The blue glitters kind of collect in one place which also makes it rather ugly.

This is after the third coat. Still a bit sheer.

I think it’d probably take a couple more coats to make it look more like the bottle. But… ain’t nobody got time fo dat LOL. I also dislike having too many coats on because it makes my nails feel extra thick.

The positive side for this polish is that it took a few days before I saw any major chipping. So I guess if you don’t mind taking your time applying Mermaid’s Dream, at least you know that it’d last you a bit before you see chipping. I actually wonder how it’d look if I had a different coloured base coat underneath. It’d probably help bring the colours out more.

Overall, not one of my favorites even though it looks beautiful in the bottle.