Japanese Fashion Magazines January 2015

To download, click the cover of the magazine you would like. Enter in the password listed underneath the covers on this page. Click the download button that says “下载” (beside the blue button).

Jelly: m6i4 || ViVi: ybvo || Ranzuki: mkoi

Kera: p3rr || Zipper: mbzl || Soup: p2t2

CanCam: qs9w || JJ: 86mh || Non-no: hwd5

Popteen: xgcu || Pichi Lemon: mqvz || Nicola: wf8b

Oggi: e7td || Classy: 393q || Domani: pjf7

Nylon: pi9u || Spring: ynm1 || Seda: o8m6

Ginger: dl3u || Lee: h9z3 || Precious: 1ifl

S Cawaii: 21l0 || Seventeen: axx5 || Glitter: xoc9

More: ykuo || With: m1m4 || Sweet: xv18

25ans: 36ji || AneCan: ayev || Bijin Hyakka: bn4h

Mina: l7pw || Mini: lxw9 || Cutie: wquy

Fudge: pegj || Numero: 3vy4

Ginza: xi85 || Story: 1eno

Ray: 0h7x || Baila: dsop || Very: 3lec

Steady: f3nx || Marisol: edr6

3 thoughts on “Japanese Fashion Magazines January 2015”

    1. Glad you like them : )
      I like looking through JELLY a lot. I like the models and the oneegyaru style haha. Although lately the style has been too inspired by vintage looks (the boyish style, the boxy cuts, the super high pants, etc.) for my taste. And of course, I still like to flip through ViVi, but I’m sad Lena Fujii is gone now : (

      1. Then I’ll download all Jelly issues here ASAP!
        I must say most of the cover images look great that is hard to choose!
        it takes me a long time to become like you (speaking about my fav magazine) :)

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