Vancouver — August 3, 2014 (Gastown & Downtown)

Deer Garden Signatures
Sunset/Punjabi Market
6270 Fraser St
Vancouver, BC V5W3A1
Urbanspoon (61%)

My uncle frequently talks about how Vancouverites enjoy having choices. And with so much competition especially in the food industry, it’s not surprising. Deer Garden is one of those places where customers get to customize their noodle dish. They’re known for their fish-based soup, which is healthier than the usual pork- or beef-based soups.

Basically you get to pick your soup base, your noodles, and two toppings. The meal also comes with a hot drink and it’s all for around $10. You can add $1 for a cold drink or substitute for a specialty drink for $2. It’s also extra money for extra toppings. You can also pick some sides for $1.95 with the purchase of the noodles.

We chose Desert Wings with Ginger, Pan Fried Boneless Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce, and Pan Fried Pork Chop in Maggi Sauce. For my noodles I chose Chaochou Style Dried Fish and Minced Pork Fish Soup with Korean Style Sweet Potato Crystal Noodles. I topped it with Sliced Beef Briskets and Beef Tendon.

I’m just going to say, they are very generous with the amount they gave. Tons of tendons and they weren’t tiny pieces either. I don’t think I made a good combination though because the noodles felt like they were never ending. I barely made a dent when I was eating it. The sides are really good. I think I enjoyed the sides more than my noodles LOL!

Service wasn’t horrible, I don’t really see the reason for the low rating. Most of the people who gave it a bad rating seemed to have given it because of bad service. There wasn’t much the waiters had to do aside from taking our sheet and giving us our food LOL!

BY THE WAY, best lemon tea there. Best that we’ve ever had. I don’t know what was so good about it, but it was delicious. And they put cold drinks in sealed plastic cups so you can take it with you if you don’t finish it with your meal : )

Guu Otokomae
375 Water St
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E1
Urbanspoon (89%)

Guu was definitely a place I had wanted to visit. It’s an izakaya which is basically a place for you to drink and have some food to go along with it. That’s right up my alley! The Guu in Gastown had one of the higher ratings so we decided to go there for dinner.

It’s actually really easy to miss since they don’t have a giant sign outside to draw customers in. Watch for a clear door with a small sign inside that says Guu. When you walk up, you can start to see the dark lighting and hear the bustling inside. All the staff seem to be in high spirits and you will hear them yelling greetings and orders across the izakaya. It really brought my spirits up too haha!

We went when there was a special on their sake mojito. I’ve never been a huge fan of mojitos, but that one was delicious!! I’d recommend that to everyone, unless you don’t like the taste of mint. Guu uses sake instead of run and Ramune (the marble soda) as opposed to the usual club soda. I just wanted a whole pitcher to myself, no joke. Even Josh was impressed and got himself one after drinking some of mine.

We ordered chicken yakisoba, chicken karaage, takoyaki, and the okonomiyaki. I really like how they make their okonomiyaki! They cut it into slices and then fried them so it was all individually fried from all sides @_@. It was so good that way LOL! Definitely go check out Guu : )

Trees Organic Coffee
450 Granville St
Vancouver, BC
Urbanspoon (84%)

When we were making our way to Gastown, we walked down Granville Street and noticed this cafe. All the seats for their outdoor tables were taken. Josh mentioned that we should come back to try the place out. After dinner at Guu we had wanted something sweet and we walked by Trees again. A quick search on Urbanspoon gave us a high rating for Trees, so we thought, why not try it out?

They had cheesecakes on display so we ordered a slice of Maple Walnut Cheesecake and I got a Raspberry Lime Italian Soda. I know it’s always better to pair sweets with things like coffee so it tones it down, but it was so hot outside. The week we were there, it was 30+°C every single day. Coincidentally, when we were paying, I saw a sign behind the barista saying they had the best cheesecakes in Vancouver. What were the odds we’d stumble upon the place with the best? LOL.

The cheesecake was not bad, but to be honest, I think I’ve had better ones before LOL! Sorry Trees : (. Funnily enough, even Josh’s friends acknowledge that Trees is known for their cheesecake. Still, this location has is a great place to hit up for people watching while having a snack and drink.

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