Vancouver — August 2, 2014 (Yaletown & Kitsilano)

Thai Son
Mount Pleasant/Main Street
373 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T 1W6
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Have I ever mentioned that I love eating broken rice? Not many restaurants here serve real broken rice. Usually they either list it as broken rice, but still serve regular rice, or else they don’t even offer the option. There used to be a restaurant that I go to in my city that served authentic Vietnamese food, but sadly had closed down. Couldn’t get broken rice or Vietnamese spring rolls (cha gio). My uncle recommended Thai Son for their rice dishes so I ordered grilled lemongrass pork chop, shredded pork, and steamed meat egg pie on steamed broken rice. I also got egg yolk and condensed milk with soda in ice. I’ve had the egg drink warm before, but I only tried it cold just this year actually. Give it a try :)!

Ganache Patisserie
1262 Homer St
Vancouver, BC V6B 1C6
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Went to Bombay Brow Bar in Yaletown and wanted to go to a cafe for some snacks and coffee after while waiting for my friend. Ganache was close by so I decided to give them a try. They’re actually known for their cakes. I got the Abricot Citron Earl Grey. There’s actually pieces of apricot in the middle of the cake for a nice surprise. My uncle got the Tiramisu Chocolat. Both cakes were good.

They didn’t have anything cold to drink except for water LOL! So I got a latte and my uncle got an Americano to go along with our sweets.

The macarons were a let down. They tasted kind of weird and it doesn’t seem super fresh. Definitely stick to the cakes if you go to Ganache!

We walked around Davie Street before making our way across Burrard Bridge to go over to the Kitsilano area. We wanted to walk around to wait for the fireworks that night. Vancouver had a Celebration of Lights the weekend that we were there. It is on three days. The second day was actually the day that we arrived and the last day was on the Saturday long weekend that we were there. We got to watch the one by Japan.

Sushi Bella
2059 W.4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7
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Prices at Sushi Bella are super reasonable. I can’t get rolls at this price back home LOL. We ordered three rolls that day:

Crab Party Roll
Fresh real crab meat, avocado, cucumber & tobiko on top
Thought it’d be cool to try since they use real crab meat as opposed to the usual imitation crab. However, it wasn’t that interesting. Basically a California roll with real crab meat.
Ugly Truth Roll
Bacon, asparagus, crab mix, cheesy chopped scallop tataki & bonito on top
I love when rolls have baked scallop on top! This roll did not disappoint.
Wild West Roll
BBQ salmon skin & cucumber with fresh salmon on top, unagi sauce with crispy potato topping
The crispy potato topping was a nice touch. This also did not disappoint.

Totally recommend trying out the last two rolls!

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