Vancouver — July 31 & August 1 (& Richmond)

We were walking around Granville Island and I wanted to peek inside Emily Carr University. Josh started snickering and I didn’t get what was going on. Caught it after, do you see it? LOL.

We were looking around so hard for some sort of iced tea, and saw some tea chillers at the Public Market in Granville Island. I have no idea why it’s called that because it was basically a fruit smoothie LOL -fail-. And then after we turned the corner, we saw the Granville Island Tea Company.. which was what I was originally searching for because I wanted to buy some tea there. Turns out they had fresh tea lemonade in an ice bath. It looked like heaven in that sweltering heat. Too bad we already had the tea chiller in hand :’ (. Bought some Siliguri Chai and Cream Earl Grey to bring back home.

Also went on a brewery tour. Cost around $10/person and it includes 3 x 4oz tasters. We were so bloated from the chiller that we could barely drink the beer. Honestly, tour wasn’t really worth it. We were basically standing in one room the whole time since it’s a microbrewery. We pretty much just paid for expensive beer LOL. If you get a chance to go there though, and you’re not a huge fan of beer, give their raspberry ale. A bit sweeter.

We actually bought fresh cherries, grapes, and peaches to eat at the beach. Chilled a while at Kitsilano Beach to end our night off : )

Bubble Queen
Central Richmond
8888 Odlin Crescent
Richmond, BC V6X3Z7
Urbanspoon (89%)

I ordered a Matcha Slush BBT while Josh ordered the Original BBT. We also got some egg waffles (Matcha Mochi and Matcha Red Bean) since my friend said that Bubble Queen has really good ones!

Their BBT has a different flavour than all the other places I’ve been to before. I can’t tell if they use a different sweetener or if they use a different boba. It reminds me of the brown sugar sticks that Asians use to sweeten things. Really like how their BBT tastes.

The egg waffles were a bit more chewy, but I think that it’s because of the filling inside. Bubble Queen has stamp cards so you get a stamp every purchase and receive, I believe, a free drink for every 9 stamps.

We found out afterwards that they are known most for their mango BBT… hence the abundance of mangos everywhere LOL.

Richmond Night Market
3063-8700 McKim Way
Richmond, BC V6X 4A5

There’s a new night market in town for Richmond. The older one is free, the new Richmond Night Market has an admission fee of $2.25. I feel like this one is actually much bigger and a lot more vendors. Especially because of the added game zone – Magical Candyland. There was actually a long line to get in, however, it was moving pretty quick. I didn’t really have to stand still at any point. They do also offer zoom passes which are $20 and includes 15 admission passes. You also get to skip the line if you have a zoom pass, if I remember correctly. It does last until October so if you’re visiting Vancouver any time soon, it’ll be going on!

I had to get some takoyaki because no one here makes it fresh! It’s not even that time consuming =\ I wish more places provide fresh takoyaki. Still, although it was good, I feel like it can’t beat the ones I bought while I was in Japan LOL.

We ended off the night with some La Fin du Monde beer at home. Man, the alcohol level is high for a beer LOL – 9.0%! Got tipsy after chugging that haha! La Fin du Monde has earned the most models and awards for a Canadian beer. Not really my kind of thing though.. too bitter *weakling*.

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