Vancouver — July 30, 2014 (Burnaby)

Hello readers : ) Been gone for a while because I took a trip to Vancouver the other week. It was a much needed getaway. If you follow me on twitter you probably saw the huge amounts of food pictures! LOL. I thought I should update my blog with the places too. Everything’s taken with my cell, so don’t mind the quality haha!

North Burnaby
102-2201 Holdom Ave
Burnaby, BC V5B0A2
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The place was within walking distance from the place I was staying at. It’s right under the skytrain’s Holdem Station – how convenient! We took a nap after we arrived in Vancouver since we had a 6AM flight. My friend and I wanted a light lunch and Sushimoto has a lunch special for $9.90. It includes one roll, one sunomono, and a miso soup. You can choose between 6 rolls and 3 different types of sunomono. It was just enough for a light lunch without feeling overly full!

I chose tako (octopus) sunomono and the red hot chili roll. I think Josh got ebi sunomono with smoked salmon lover roll. I liked the bounciness in the tako. Sunomono wasn’t overwhelmed by too much vinegar. We also noticed that the ginger included was a bit sweeter than the ones that usually come with meals. Made it rather addicting to eat :P. By the way, aren’t the cups cute? LOL

Hakkaku Ramen
North Burnaby
4530 E Hastings St
Burnaby, BC V5C2K6
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Hakkaku Ramen was also kind of close by. Close by car, but we walked and it took around 40+ minutes LOL. It was really humid that day and walking made the warm weather even hotter. I really wanted to try their spicy miso ramen, but I knew it’d just make me sweat even harder. Josh tried out that one, but I tried out their Shio ramen with rich broth. Hakkaku offers their broths in a rich soup or a regular soup. Rich is more fatty, but more flavourful than the regular one. For the chashu, they also offer a choice between shoulder or belly. Belly is of course more fatty.

Everything in the ramen is flavoured nicely. One thing I noticed about ramen back home here is that they don’t seem to season the meat. Which is weird because, chashu itself is usually seasoned, but the ones in my ramen usually aren’t. I didn’t find myself having to add anything to my ramen at Hakkaku though.

We also got a chashu burger each. It was really good right after it came out when the bun was still hot. The chashu with the hoisin sauce is actually quite salty, but because the bun is neutral, it gave the burger a good balance.

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