butter LONDON Lady Muck Review

Product Description

A powdery, periwinkle-blue nail lacquer that’s slightly on the grey side. Lady Muck is infused with pearl pigment for a soft, sexy sheen.


Blue-grey is a favourite colour of mine so when I saw this polish, I needed to have it. Lady Muck has tiny glitters (the pearl pigments) inside, but is not very noticeable when applied on the nails. This is a good point for me because I didn’t want a glitter polish, just a pure blue-grey.

The formula is not very opaque and you do need to apply more than one coat for it to be solid. Depending on how thick you usually apply your layers, two could be enough. However, if you prefer to do it lightly when you build up your layers, you probably need more than two.

What I really liked about this nail polish was the wear time. I can wear it for a week with minor chipping. It didn’t even start chipping until maybe three or four days after I applied it. I like that since I get really lazy when it comes to removing nail polish to apply a fresh coat.

All in all, great colour and very long lasting. The only downside was that you need to apply a few coats to get it to be as opaque as one might like.


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