A Little Drinking, A Little Eating, A Little Pampering

I thought I should do a semi-personal post instead of just reviews. I don’t even remember the last one. So much for a personal blog, hey? haha.

01. My brother came home with a big jug of beer. It’s 2L – the same size as those big milk jugs LOL. I’ve actually never seen them before. Alan and his friends drove pretty far to eat at a certain restaurant so they decided to drop by the large liquor store nearby. I wish he bought me some plum wine, but he bought this gigantic jug of beer instead.

I don’t know if my readers know this, but I actually like drinking beer. Mostly when I’m with a friend and we can drink while eating and chatting. I can drink the regular ones like Kokanee, Budweiser, etc. I’m just not a big fan of them, but I can drink them as long as it’s ice cold. I usually like fruity beers like Alley Kat’s Aprikat and Kronenbourg’s 1664 Blanc. I think people who hate beer should try ones like these to start because they’re a lot easier to get into than the common ones.

02. I did a face mask haul from Sasa because I noticed that I was getting really dark. On top of that, I noticed that I am pale in the morning and get darker as the day progresses. This repeats everyday and I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe it’s my makeup oxidizing, I don’t know. I get really red on my cheeks too. I keep saying this, but I think I need to start wearing sunscreen LOL.

I was hesitant on ordering from Sasa again, since last time’s debacle ruined my experience. They had 2-3 items that went out of stock so they e-mailed me to ask whether I wanted to continue my order or wait, I think. I told them to just send what was in stock. They took so long to check my e-mail that more than half of what was left went out of stock. In the end, only a few of my items were sent out. All the items that went out of stock were the reason I put in the order in the first place. They sent me a $5 coupon to make up for it which expired within the month. I should mention that by then the coupon was only usable for 1-2 weeks. Of course, I didn’t end up using it.

Thankfully, this time all the items were in stock.
My Scheming 7 Days Whitening Mask Set
Hisamitsu LIFECELLA Essence Sheet Mask Lychee
IsQueen Ultramicro Aqua Tender Whitening Mask
Kose SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil
HadaLabo SHIROJYUN Whitening Mask
My Scheming 7 Days Refreshing & Balancing Mask Set

03. I went to Starbucks and they gave me a little frappuccino sample. Is it not the cutest looking thing ever?! LOL. It was the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino. During school I was addicted to tea lattes. I needed the caffeine, but I didn’t want to keep drinking coffee. Major coffee breath, anyone? So I switched to drinking Earl Grey Tea Lattes and Chai Tea Lattes. Apparently the caffeine in teas give you the same energy that coffee does, but in a better way. You shouldn’t experience the jitters and the crash as badly. Don’t quote me on that though!

Has anybody tried the Oprah Chai Tea Lattes? Do you like it more or less than the regular Chai Tea Latte? Does it taste the same to you? The barista told me the Oprah one is supposed to be more spicier. I like to order that one as opposed to the usual chai latte sometimes.

I used to hate chai because of a bad impression my first time trying it. Second Cup had a special on a blended chai latte. It tasted disgusting and I never touched another chai tea latte again LOL. Just last year my friend ordered one so I asked to try a sip because it smelled good. I like to order that when I need a lot of caffeine. I think the venti size has as much caffeine as a grande macchiato.

Earl grey tea latte has a pretty heavy aroma and I don’t think it’s for everyone either. I like to let it steep for a while so that it’s especially fragrant. I like to add a bit of honey to it sometimes so it’s sweeter since I let it steep for so long.

04. My friend mentioned this cheesecake place that’s kind of out of town. I decided to pay them a visit to try it out since she was raving about them. I’m always up for a good piece of cheesecake! The factory actually makes cakes for businesses too so when I went in with another friend I thought I went to the wrong place. I expected it to look like a bakery with office maybe behind, but it literally just looked like an office and nothing else. The slices were actually pretty small too. BUT.. they were delicious LOL.

I got a slice of Chocolate Cadillic Cheesecake, Mango Berry Cheesecake, and White Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake. It was actually my brother’s birthday and since he doesn’t like sweets much, I thought I’d just get a couple slices to try. The White Chocolate Amaretto was so good. It was almond flavoured, which I love. Have I mentioned I love almond-flavoured things?!

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    1. LOL! You’re already pale and then you whiten even more. Whereas I’m turning tan and need some whitening products to temporarily help me out, man.

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