Kao Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Product Description

Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo & Conditioner cures damaged hair, facilitating different hair style.
High concentrated honey and milk protein:

  • Deep-repair natural ingredients nourishes from the core to the surface, maintaining healthy hair.
  • Ultra Shine Essence restores smoothness and radiance.
  • For hair damaged by dyeing, perm and hair dryer.
  • For hair losing elasticity and vitality.
  • Hydrating Wild Rose Essence forms a protective film, leaving hair smooth.
  • Floral and fruity aroma.


The Essential shampoos and conditioners have had a package overhaul since the last time that I purchased it! It reminds me a bit of a clam shell at the top. The amount is still the same as it was previously – 200mL. This is significantly smaller than most shampoos that retail in our big box stores. A bigger size is also made at 500mL and refills at 380mL.

I first bought this because my hair was super fried. My hair had been dyed and my ends were suffering from it. I used this once a week and my hair felt soft again and I kind of stopped using it. When I decided to ombre my hair it undid everything. It felt thin and crunchy whenever I ran my hand through my hair. It also smelled like hair dye, but that was was to be expected, I suppose. Since I had dark hair and I went really blond on my ends, my hair really suffered.

To fix this, I decided to use Essential everyday. Actually, during the first week after the ombre I was using a purple shampoo to tone it. It was a bit too yellow and I wanted to make it more ashy. I used Essential the week after. Usually I like to shampoo my hair, rinse it, and then apply conditioner and leave it while I wash my body. This gives my hair time to absorb all the good stuff as opposed to rinsing it right after applying.

I do want to mention that Kao Essential has two lines: Rich Premier and Nuance Airy. Although both lines are supposed to help with damaged hair, Rich Premier is aimed towards straightening, untangling, thicker hair, etc. Nuance Airy is meant for soft, bouncy hair, adding volume, etc. My hair is naturally really straight so I usually go for products that add volume instead.

Nuance Airy has a nice, sweet scent. I didn’t expect it to smell the way it does. I think it’s a pleasant smell, but other people might not be fond of it if they are sensitive to products with heavy scents. I can smell it when, say, I turn my head and my hair moves and I like that trailing scent it gives off haha!

So the most important thing about this product – does it work? It definitely worked for me. After just a week of using it daily, my hair became really soft again. What I like about the product is that you can see immediate results. You really don’t need a lot of product and as soon as you rinse off the shampoo you can already feel a difference. My hair instantly feels thicker and voluminous! Pairing it with the conditioner my hair feels super soft. I can’t stop running my hand through my hair LOL. And the scent of it while I’m taking a hot shower makes me feel more relaxed haha!

Even after stopping for a bit after using it for a week straight, I can still see that the results were lingering. It’s not one of those products where you only see results if you use it all the time. I like using this for a couple days and then stopping. Mostly it’s because I’m scared that the product might accumulate in my hair. It hasn’t, but I usually like to use other ones in between just in case.

I would recommend this product to anyone that is desperately looking for a product to help with their damaged/coloured hair. Even if you’re just looking for one that’ll give you some volume, I think this will help make your hair feel thicker.


Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Review (Comparison with Josie Maran Included)

This undiluted organic and moisturizing maracuja oil quickly absorbs for firmer, brighter, smoother skin. Pure maracuja oil is rich in vitamin C, so skin appears instantly brighter and more radiant. The oil is also a source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), a requirement for healthy skin cells that the body cannot produce on its own. EFA deficiency can result in the breakdown of essential skin cells which causes skin to appear dry and aged. By supplementing skin with pure maracuja oil, you are infusing life back into dull skin and replenishing EFAs to rapidly rebuild and repair. This potent antiaging elixir that has anti-inflammatory benefits promotes active skin recovery and delivers maximum hydration without any greasy or filmy feel.

For people who haven’t tried these face oils before, the sound of putting oil on your face may seem intimidating. What if it leaves my face a greasy mess? What if it breaks me out?! I don’t want oil to clog up my pores! Rest assure, face oils will not do those things. At least, a good face oil shouldn’t be doing those things.

I first tried these beauty oils out when I received the Josie Maran Argan 100% Pure Argan Oil sample. It was one of the few well-known beauty oils on the market. Since then the trend has increased by quite a lot and now a lot of other choices are on the market. Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil is one of the other well-known option. And from other reviews at the time when it was still new to the market, it seemed to be performing better than Josie Maran’s Argan Oil. Where Josie Maran’s Argan Oil failed, Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil excelled.

Do I agree with that thought? Yes, I feel that sums up my thoughts on the two products.

First off, I want to mention that I don’t like the smell from either of the products. Mind you, I don’t like the smell of olive oil (I can cook with it, but I don’t like using a bunch for salads) and these products remind me of olive oil. Not quite the same, of course, and not as strong but it’s not something I’m fond of. Josie Maran smells a lot stronger and I notice that the scent lingers longer than Tarte.

When I apply these oils I usually do a couple drops onto my palm and rub it between my two hands before patting it onto my skin. I notice that for the “How to Use” section for the Argan Oil it recommends applying it damp skin. I don’t understand that. Oil and water don’t mix so I feel like it’d just sit weird. It doesn’t mention using it like this on the Maracuja Oil’s “How to Use” section though. I apply it to my skin after I dry my face after cleansing. Does that count as damp? haha.

What I notice after applying Tarte’s product is that it is a bit lighter than Josie Maran’s oil. It might feel a bit uncomfortable to people that are new to using face oils either way. Where creams feel like they’re getting absorbed into the skin almost instantly, the oils seem to sit on the face for a bit. You can really feel that layer with the Argan Oil, which makes it a bit uncomfortable – it makes you feel that initial apprehensiveness at applying an oil to your face. And to be honest, it never really seems to sinks in when using the Argan Oil. When using Tarte I can initially feel the thin layer of oil on my face, but give it an hour or so and it’d be absorbed. After it’s been absorbed, there’s no trace of any oiliness on my face.

I still wouldn’t recommend using this in the morning. I know some recommend it as a daily moisturizer, but I recommend it as part of your night skincare routine instead. I believe that most of us don’t have that much time to get ready in the morning and it would take too long for it to fully absorb. For me, I prefer a day moisturizer that can absorb quickly while giving me enough moisture to last the day. However, if I applied this in the morning my makeup would probably slide around since I can’t wait an hour for it to absorb before applying makeup. But it’s totally worth it to apply it at night though, because when you wake up you’ll have a radiant face. You could probably even get away with a light moisturizer in the morning because of it. With the Argan Oil, since it never really seems to absorb fully, I also recommend using it at night, but with that said, why would you want to use a product that never fully absorbs? haha.

I really do see results with this product. I won’t say it’s a miracle product and you’ll suddenly end up with perfect, beautiful skin. But it definitely improves on your skin overall. While using it I feel that it is more radiant and… plump? As if it’s fully satisfied in the moisturizing department haha! My acne scars seem to disappear a bit faster too. I didn’t feel like I got those results with Josie Maran’s Pure Argan Oil. Don’t expect these oils to magically grant brightened skin or remove wrinkles though! And effects seem to only last while using it. After I stopped, my skin didn’t keep any of the results.

Both products come in glass bottles with a dropper. Tarte’s bottle looks expensive and is quite hefty in weight. Something that’s nice to leave on your table. I think Josie Maran tries to go for a more natural look with less bells and whistles, but it looks rather medicinal instead of being a beauty product. What I do want to mention is that Josie Maran’s dropper works like a normal one, but Tarte’s feels a little weird. It looks nice since it’s made with a wooden handle and a gold button at the top to press. But the button feels kind of flimsy and never totally fills up the dropper. I understand that there’s no need to completely fill up the dropper since you only need 2-3 drops of the product, but it gives a weird touch. I thought it was broken at first LOL. I mean these are all just aesthetic problems and doesn’t affect the actual product, but it was something that I noticed while using the product.

Bottom line for this product? I’d recommend it to all skin types to try out. I think it actually works, but I would recommend it for your night skincare routine as opposed to using it both in the morning and night. It takes a while to fully absorb. Pricy, but it does what it claims so I think it’s worth the price. Especially because you only need 2-3 drops per use so it will last quite a while. And just because I compared this with Josie Maran’s Argan Oil, I feel that I should mention, I wouldn’t recommend that one because it leaves a film on your skin.


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Mineral) Review

Worn under foundation, this good-for-skin Mineral Primer creates a smooth, flawless canvas for application, allowing foundation to glide on easily and stay fresh and color-true for hours. Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive, it nourishes with a blend of vitamins and minerals to visibly improve the look of skin. It’s the first step to Laura’s “Flawless Face.” Dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic, it contains antioxidant vitamins A and E.

I used to use mineral foundation because of my oily-combination skin. After my skin started changing I switched between a lot of different kinds of foundation. However, while I had been using mineral foundation, I thought I’d give this primer a try. I wanted to see if it’d be any different since it was targeted towards mineral makeup.

Laura Mercier carries several variations of this primer, including the original, hydrating, and radiance amongst others. I don’t know how the other ones stand against this one. This particular primer did not perform very well for me, however, so I was pretty disappointed.

The mineral primer was different from the usual ones I use since it is not a silicon-based primer. You won’t feel that super smooth sensation when you swipe your finger across your skin! I thought I’d try a primer that wasn’t silicon-based to see how it fares against its counterpart. The problem is that, although it does provide a smoother canvas when compared to using no primer at all, it’s still not sufficient enough. My skin feels really weird after applying this onto my skin. Almost gritty? Maybe it’s because of the liquid-to-powder formula.

The liquid-to-powder formula always proves to be a bit drying. I find that weird since it’s meant for mineral makeup. I expected there to be a bit of tackiness so that the powder to cling onto the primer. But since it dries to a powder, it’s as if I’m just caking on more powder on top. It doesn’t give a very natural look, nor does it give a nice even application.

I will say though that, initially, it seemed to be a good primer for oily-combination skin because it gave me matte skin as soon as I applied. It dries really quickly – not so quickly that you won’t be able to work it through your skin – so you don’t have to stand around waiting for it to absorb. It didn’t seem the oils at bay though. I would probably need to blot my face after an hour or two. To be fair, I don’t think I’ve come across a foundation or primer yet that has lasted longer than that before I start to get a bit shiny.

I don’t know if the antioxidants it says it contains really did anything for my skin. I didn’t notice any changes after using it. I will note, however, that it didn’t break me out, so I’ll give it that.

I wouldn’t actually recommend anyone to buy this, but if you’re curious and want to try, I would suggest that you only do so if you have oily/combination skin. If you have dry skin, it might just enhance flakey skin.