Current Obsessions — March 2014



Last year, during the summer time, I decided to go jogging to get into shape. I’ve always been skinny so I was never motivated to work out like my other friends who were using workout sessions to trim down. On top of that, I was afraid of losing weight if I started working out. In order to maintain my weight or increase it, I’d have to probably double my calories intake. Even some of my friends were telling me I might get even skinnier if I worked out.. and I already have people telling me that I need to gain more weight. PS. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate skinny shaming? Yes, it is just as bad as fat shaming someone. Especially if you’re skinny shaming to defend someone with a “naturally curvy” body.

Anyway, I decided to go jogging anyway despite risking some weight loss in order to get a bit healthier. I don’t want to go to the gym and plus it’s summer time and I thought I should enjoy it. I’d wake up at around 9AM-10AM to go for a jog. I’m sure everyone knows how painful it is to get started. You feel like you’re dying and you need a break every minute LOL. I always went in the morning even when the sun was blazing and I feel like I’m going to burn. I just knew that if I tell myself I’d go later in the evening, I would probably be too lazy to push myself to go. Over time I got a bit better and I would be able to run for a bit longer before slowing down for some speed walking in between to catch my breath.

School came and with it also came the cold weather and I stopped going out for jogs. I totally let myself get back to my original state LOL. A couple times I tried out yoga at home so that I had something to do for fall/winter. It was too slow for me though. I can’t just stay in positions and just breathe. I felt like I needed something a bit more active. I was telling my friend this and she suggested that I try out blogilates. Been trying it for a couple days now and I’m making it my goal to finish this whole calendar.

I did day 1 of her January workout calendar before realizing she had a beginner’s calendar. Switched over and did 3 days of it and then my right arm started hurting like hell. My body wasn’t used to it yet and my right arm is super weak (I’m left-handed). I seriously could not even readjust my backpack’s strap when I put it on because bending my arm at a certain height felt like I tearing my muscles apart while pain shoot up and down my arm. I wasn’t sure if I should just power through it or take a rest day because I know that it’s inevitable my body would be sore. It shouldn’t be hurting THAT much though. So I took a rest day since my brother (who worked out before school got to him too LOL) recommended it. Glad I did because it pretty much felt as good as new the next day, save for a tiny bit of soreness. But I barely felt it unless I was purposely looking for it.

Pretty excited! I haven’t been bored yet since she has a different video for each thing you’re focusing on that day (eg. total body, abs, etc.). And since she has so many videos she kind of switches it around a bit too. Cassey has a great personality so it’s fun following along. I think pilates helps keep my mind off things better than yoga since I’m actively doing something. I can concentrate on the workout as opposed to tuning in to my breathing and letting go of whatever is on my mind, you know? Time just flies by and before you know it, you finish a 30 minute workout.

Apple Cider Vinegar

What? You’re into vinegar this month, Carmen? But why?! Well I’ve mentioned multiple times that I have always been battling with acne all my life. I used to be able to keep my acne at bay with skincare items targeted towards problem skin. However two years ago it suddenly took a took for the worse and I was hit with terrible cystic acne. That’s when I went on medication because nothing else would work anymore.

It worked and my skin was clear; everyone had complimented how nice my skin looked. However, a couple months passed by and suddenly I began having some flare ups again. It was not as bad, but I would get tiny little cystic acne around my mouth. Since it was around my mouth they would be red since it’s in sensitive area. Looked horrible since you can’t even hide it when it’s around your mouth. Not only that, my skin would get extremely dry in that area because it is trying to heal.

One day I somehow stumbled upon some YouTube videos talking about how apple cider vinegar helped clear up their cystic acne. A lot of them had really bad cystic acne and after one to two months, it seemed to have cleared it all up and prevented future ones from appearing. I quickly ordered a bottle to give it a try. Note to anyone wanting to try too, it should be raw, unfiltered ACV. Bragg seems to be the brand that everyone recommends.

If you live in Canada, give a try! Really quick shipping and someone always hand writes a “Thank you” on your receipt ::^^:: . My results? I haven’t taken it for a month yet, so I’m a ‘still in progress’ with this. However, just from the first night, around 80% of the tiny little cystic acne around my mouth disappeared. I thought it was a fluke. How could it work so quickly?! But it’s true! I should note, however, that my skin isn’t 100% clear right now and new ones have still been popping up here and there. But it would disappear within one to three days. There would be some days where my skin would be perfectly clear.

The recommended way to use it, is to drink it. I’m going to tell you right now, this stuff stinks! The smell is extremely strong!! With that said, you do not drink this stuff straight. Around 1 tbsp to 2 tbsp in a water bottle to dilute it. Some people say that you can try sweetening it with honey, but honestly, I don’t feel like it makes much of a difference. Just plug your nose and chug it because the smell is gross.

Some people have also been using it as a toner. Use a 1:1 ratio – 1 part ACV, 1 part water. If it’s too much for you, feel free to do 1:2 or 1:3 instead. I haven’t tried this method out myself… mostly because of the smell LOL. But if any of you do, please let me know how it works for you!

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