Missha M Cover Master Make Up Base SPF20 PA++ (Green) Review

With excellent coverage and moisturizing effect, it evens skin tone and softly adheres on the skin to help prepare skin perfectly. It helps to cover blemish perfectly with just one touch

I was looking for a green base to put on because of the redness I have my nose and mouth area. I also had redness from some acne too so I was hoping the green base would help counteract it.

I noticed that when I press the pump, a lot of product actually comes out – too much, in fact. The amount that comes out is really unnecessary since only a little bit would already cover a big area. Trust me when I say you only need a tiny dot to be able to probably cover up a whole area of redness. The tricky part is knowing exactly how much to apply without looking like a ghost.

Another thing I noticed about this product is the fact that it feels a bit gritty for some reason. I really dislike the feeling of it between my fingers. It is as if there’s a bit of sand in it or something. I don’t quite notice it when I’m applying it to my face, but I did find it peculiar.

The formula had a decent coverage, but the problem was that it didn’t provide a good, smooth base for my makeup. And even if I only apply a small amount, I feel like I look too pale even if it’s under my foundation. It doesn’t quite provide a nice base if I just use it as spot makeup. If I use it on my whole face then I look sickly pale. Anyone that’s not already really pale might experience the same thing.

Wear time was pretty good though so if it actually works out for your face, then it might be decent buy. However, because of how it looks for me, I kind of wish it’d sink into my skin a bit more to be able to blend in.