Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Review

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner has a new and strong waterproof function, which can effectively act against tears, water, sweat or sebum on your face. The function is very long-lasting and has a precise contouring. The 0.1mm extreme fine point allows you draw precise and beautiful eyeliners every single time.

It is an excellent all-around product in which the incredibly fine point can help you freely sketch an inner eyeliner, where the color is deep and black, brilliant and bright. The eye power can be immediately doubled.

Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner dries very quickly, so it can help you make a perfect look no matter how busy your mornings are. It is superiorly waterproof, anti-tear, anti-sweat, sebum resistant and totally waterproof. The color is long-lasting and is easy to use. Everyone can easily draw perfect eyeliner.

I always love a clean, sharp winged liner look the eyes. Whenever I’m back in school or in a rush, I tend to slack on any eye makeup. When I do decide to put some on, however, my everyday look is just winged liner and mascara. I tend to like to elongate it since my eyes are round so elongating it gives it more of a cat eye look. That is why I like eyeliners that gives me good control since I’m not doing my liner really thick as opposed to Asians with monolids. That is also why I prefer thin liquid pen eyeliners! Pencil eyeliners are a no-no because I hate my eyeliner smudging not even an hour later :::(::

At 0.1mm, the tip is extra fine, just how I like my liquid pen liners (and men hawhaw ::nervous::). I think the biggest concern with that is would that give you a good control of the liner? Would the tip be too fine or would enough product be coming out? Actually, even with it being so thin, it’s still awesome! The brush never loses its shape, which I find with some brushes – especially the ones that comes in bottles. It’s stiff enough to not have the hairs on it fly all over the place with a bit more pressure, but also soft enough so that it moves with ease. Like I mentioned, I don’t do my eyeliner really thick, so I like having a thin brush that can be precise. This liner gives a very clean, thin line.

It’s a pure black liner so there’s no need to keep running over the same place multiple times to achieve the black you want. I know I hate doing that because the chances of me screwing up the line is that much more greater LOL. There’s something inside the pen, not sure what it is, but basically it’s function is like the balls you see in nail polish, I’m guessing to keep the product mixed and smooth. So when the pen starts to seem like it’s drying up just give it a little shake and it’ll be back to its lovely pure black self. Not that you need to do that very often, but I place my pen facing up so sometimes it does that.

So my only problem with this product is basically just the wearing time. I cannot find an eyeliner that will last the whole day for me since I have oily lids. No matter what I use, it would disappear by the end of the day. The good thing is that since it doesn’t smudge, it won’t leave me with panda eyes, so I’d rather it disappear than to be a panda or raccoon at the end of the day. I think this was the one that would sometimes just flake off instead.


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