The Body Shop Satsuma Beautifying Oil Review

The sunny days are upon us! Okay, maybe not so much for me because my province is being bipolar and it’s 80% windy and chilly right now. Hopefully it’s been better for everyone else? With sunny days though, we know what comes along with that right? Time to bring out those shorts and skirts! Which also means it’s time for us to save our legs up from their ashy graves during winter and back to their smooth, gleaming selves.

My skin gets horribly dry during the winter time. I have to regularly use body scrubs and lather myself in thick creams. Even so, I’m not very good at doing that regularly so sometimes it gets super dry. During the summer it’s not as bad but I still need some help keeping the moisture in so I have legs that I wouldn’t want to hide from everyone.

I’ve started to turn to body butters and oils to help with that. I got The Body Shop’s Beautifying Oil when it was newly released and have been using it for quite a while. It comes in all your favorite scents from TBS. I actually love the strawberry line from TBS, but I read a review saying the strawberry scent for the oils are weird. It smells nothing like the original scent. I opted for the Satsuma scent instead since I love this one too.

I like using it because I feel like it does keep my legs nice and soft for the whole day. I do feel like the product takes a bit of time before it absorbs completely though. After it absorbs there’s no sticky feeling.. but that’s only after it absorbs. I would put it on a little bit earlier than when you plan to leave the house. If it’s hot outside you might feel the layer of it on your legs.

The scent of the product is strong, just like the body butters. It has a lingering scent afterwards too, but it’s quite faint. It shouldn’t bother others around you.

The size of it is great to throw into your purse. However, I wouldn’t really suggest it. I always get the stuff everywhere because when I pour it out, it kind of drip a bit or I have it all over my hands and I touch the bottle. The oil will get on everything if you throw it in your bag unless you put it in a plastic ziploc or makeup bag.


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