Streetwear x Blogger Style

For quite a while my wardrobe was filled with mostly light-coloured clothing. If I had to choose between wearing something in white or black, I’d probably pick white. I barely had anything in black. Lately though, I’ve been moving into wearing all black ::sweat::. During winter I loved wearing things like black jeggings, black faux leather leggings, black oversized sweaters, black leather jacket, black wedged booties. All black errthing. Women usually like to do something drastic with their hair after something happens in their life. I guess I did do that too since I dyed my hair a blond ombré, but the change was moreso in my wardrobe. Isn’t it hard when you suddenly feel like you’re moving into a new style, but you can’t afford a whole new wardrobe at once? So you end up with just a couple outfits that fits your new style and you’re still ‘forced‘ to wear your old style sometimes too.

The thing about me is that my style is revolved around comfort most of the time; hence, the love of oversized sweaters and Converses. Which usually leads to my fondness of wearing things that aren’t always considered super feminine. This is probably why I was so eager to accept this new love of streetwear x blogger style. Have you noticed how much streetwear has infiltrated into everyday fashion? Before the styles that we imagined belonged more in the hip hop or rock music lovers category is now suddenly popular with everybody.

Here’s some scans of streetwear in the Japanese fashion magazine JELLY. Click to enlarge.

Streetsnaps of gyarus. I think they did a good job of mixing streetwear with more feminine clothes to create a balance. Click to enlarge.


There’s a bunch of bloggers that are also pulling off the look flawlessly.


PS. Ivy is my not so recent girl crush. AND she’s from Vancouver. Her looks are always so awesome and she looks like a doll too. If you don’t already follow her, I definitely recommend you to do so.



Snapbacks, beanies, oversized sweaters, sneakers – especially Nike’s ‘Dunk Sky Hi’ Wedge Sneakers and Isabel Marant- are all prevalent in this trend. I think it mixes a lot with the ‘blogger style’ too, like say the Kenzo tiger sweater that showed up on almost all fashion blogs. Trends like denim and combination of fabrics (cotton x leather) are also thrown into the mix.

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