Current Obsessesions April 2013

My friends all know that I am not exactly a vegetable lover. Sometimes I enjoy eating a nice salad. When there’s vegetables in my food, I still eat it. I’m not going to go out of my way to avoid it, but I’m not exactly one to scream for joy when it comes to vegetables either. I know I’m not getting the amount of greens in my diet that I should though. In in effort to increase my daily intake, I thought I should try to do so in a way that I would enjoy. There are two things I really like: drinking stuff and fruits LOL!

I’ve just been really into green smoothies lately. They’re healthy and taste like fruit smoothies so it masks the taste of vegetables. Plus, I always love making smoothies and slush so it just makes sense haha. I’ll be posting the recipes I’ve tried out so far that I enjoy soon. No sugar, just naturally sweetened by the fruits in the recipe!

Okay, so.. I’ve mentioned before that I’m guilty of watching trashy reality shows. I know, I know, stop tsking me already ::tear::. The other day when I was scrolling through Tumblr (instead of studying, shhh) I saw this photo set on my dashboard. It made me laugh and I saw the hashtag Duck Dynasty at the bottom. It made me curious so I searched it up thinking it was a TV show that would mimic the style of The Office. Nope, it was a reality show. One about red necks at that!

I thought, what the hell, why not give it a try? …I do not regret my decision LOL! I know usually guys hate watching reality shows for whatever reason, but I think they’ll probably enjoy at least this one. They just say so many hilarious things LOL! Basically it’s about a red neck family that became rich from selling duck calls and building a whole empire around it. The thing is that while the CEO of Duck Commander (their company) is a man of business, all his family wants to do is hunt, with work being the last thing on their minds. Try it out, don’t knock it till you try it ::^^:: !!

What products have I been obsessed with lately? Face oils! I received a Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil sample in my Glam Bag in January. I started using it soon after because I was actually really curious about Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil before that. I was even tempted to purchase the Pure Marajuca Oil when I was asking my American friend to help me purchase some Tarte stuff during their 30% off sale. In the end I didn’t end up ordering it because of multiple reasons.

I was excited to get the Josie Maran sample instead to sort of introduce me to the new trend of using face oils. Recently I ended up purchasing the Tarte one too because I wanted to compare the two of them. These two are the most well-known face oils so it was interesting to see how the two of them perform.

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