What You Love vs What You’re In

I hope my readers don’t mind my recent entries. I’ve been trying to make my blog a bit more personal. I kind of miss going back and reading these sorts of posts of mine haha! If you don’t like posts that’s completely just text, I guess you’ll just have to skip over this one ::nervous::

I was going through my textbook and it was talking about gender stratification. Women and men tend to go into certain majors. It wasn’t until recently that women started going into fields that was generally seen, in the past, as a field for men. Fields such as engineering, medicine (mainly doctors), and sciences. Even now when women go into sciences it is largely in social sciences – so things like psychology.

This interested me particularly, I guess, because social sciences are exactly the stuff I’m interested in. Hearing about all the stuff my friends who were in the faculty of science had to do made me cringe. To be honest, I was never that good in those subjects (chemistry and physics) when I was in high school anyway. Although, I’m not sure if it’s because I never bothered to study LOL. My best subjects in high school were English and Social Studies. I just could not ever imagine myself in science.. except for social sciences. Even then, certain psychology classes are art based while some are science.

Above all else, I have a keen interest in history and classics. I could sit in history and classics classes all day and just be entranced by it all. Most people I know fall asleep in those sorts of classes, but that’s exactly how I feel about courses like chemistry or physics. The problem with majors like history and classics is that it seems impractical trying to make a career out of it. What can you do that relates to that? Work in a museum? Be a professor? I have no interest in either of those options.

Like I mentioned though, I’m also interested in social sciences. Things like psychology, sociology, anthropology all seem so interesting. In fact, my goal initially right before entering university was to go into psychology. Once I was in university though, I couldn’t picture myself continuing school to get my Master’s or Doctorate’s degree because a Bachelor’s degree isn’t going to get you anywhere in psychology. I took a couple psychology courses and liked all of them too.

The thing is that I’m not majored in any of those things. I’m aiming for a major in business LOL. Have any of you taken economics? It’s a prerequisite for us to get into the faculty of business. The stuff’s dry. It only gets worse on the 200-level. I was fighting to stay awake in my 200-level Economics courses. Even a funny professor could only go so far LOL. Lots of people also like to say, “Are you good in math? No? …Why are you in it?” Or my coworker who likes to tell me how I’m so introverted and not outgoing and question why I would even go into that. I’m interested in the business world, but honestly all the courses seem dry to me and doesn’t even come close to courses like history or social sciences when it comes to grabbing my interest.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m making a horrible mistake. With a major in something business-related my chances of getting a job – a stable one, especially – is just much higher. Someone with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance would be much more sought after, right? The value of it is much higher compared to getting a Bachelor’s degree in history.

The truth though, is that most people don’t work in what they’re interested in. It’s literally just that – something they’re interested in. It may be a hobby, it may just be something they check up in their spare time, etc. It’s not that weird that most people give up on something they love to go into something that they know will get them a job or a job that makes more. I wonder though if I love all the courses I took in, say psychology, should I have just tried majoring in that? Is it normal to not really enjoy the courses, but like the end goal (aka the job you end up with)?

On sort of the same note, I remember a talk with a friend once who is very analytical. I told him he was being too analytical about feelings while I, he said, was acting like someone in Arts because I said we shouldn’t have to come up with a list as to why we have the feelings we do towards someone. I was like, “Funny because I was actually debating about majoring in psychology back then.” To be fair though, psychology is part of both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science. PSYCO 104, the prerequisite course for all psychology courses is part of Faculty of Science and courses like PSYCO 267 (Perception) are also part of the Faculty of Science. I thought it doesn’t seem right to make a mental list as to why you love someone. I never saw myself as a romanticist, but he made me feel like that’s what I was while we debated over that topic.

If it comes to looking at why someone is in a relationship with another person or if they should be in/stay in a relationship with someone, I can be analytical of that too. Trust me when I say I obsess over that like crazy. However, when it’s solely just feelings, I guess I feel like it isn’t explainable. How do you explain it? I always tell my friends the heart wants what it wants, especially when they’re having a hard time getting over somebody. Not that it’s any excuse to keep thinking about someone when you should be over them, but it’s a reason as to why they aren’t over someone in the first place. How do you explain why you love someone’s smile? How do you explain why you feel just right in someone’s arms? How do you explain why you feel that happiness that overtakes you when you’re around someone? I feel like when you like someone or love someone you love all these little things about them and they make you experience all these feelings that are just unexplainable.

It was interesting to think about though because I have another friend who also likes to analyze feelings. She has never really forced me to look at it like that though. It probably wouldn’t work anyway because I think at the end of the day, that’s what I truly believe and I can’t change that. However, with this friend, those sorts of feelings are rather frivolous. Why focus on them when there are more important matters in the world?

I just find it fascinating how people view things so differently. I think where I’m coming from and where my friends are coming from regarding these things, of course, will both have some truth in it. But maybe that’s why I like things like psychology and sociology. I love exploring all aspects of humans. Our attitudes, our behaviours, our perception of things. You can’t deny that there are some things that exist even if they aren’t totally explainable. Society nowadays always tries to pull themselves out of a situation and look at everything almost in a sterile manner. Everything has to be proven with the scientific method. Everything has to be categorized, systematized, etc. Nothing remains pure anymore. Shouldn’t feelings, at the least, be something that we should leave pure? Why try to muddy it up with definite answers?

Anywayyy, enough of my long rambling haha!

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