Random Facts About C — Part 2

I made a post back in 2011 with random facts about me, so I thought I’d make a part 2!

o1 //
I tear up really easily… from laughing LOL. When I start laughing hard I start tearing up. It looks weird because it seems as if I’m crying and laughing at the same time. Which sort of sucks because it ruins my makeup hahaha. I don’t even have to be laughing that hard for me to start tearing up.

o2 //
I’m not the friend to go to if people want to just hear sweet things to cheer them up. Mostly, I’m the one to go to if you want to hear the truth or you want to hear an answer that I actually thought about. If you simply want to hear “you’re the best, you’re too good for anyone or anything” you’ve come to the wrong friend LOL! I have a tendency to try and think of both sides of a situation and give people the bigger picture – sort of act as the devil’s advocate, but not really. Not exactly the greatest thing if a friend is bawling their eyes out already ::GAHH::.

o3 //
One of my biggest pet peeves? When people are flakey or don’t reply back to things. You ever get people texting you and when you reply them straight away, they never reply back? It’s like they sent you the text and then a black hole sucked them up and they’re never to be heard from again. Even worse is when you see them active on things like twitter, facebook, etc. It makes me not want to reply them at all when they finally get back to me.

o4 //
I pay more attention to how people talk/laugh than most people, I would say. For some reason, those things stand out a lot to me. My brain likes to pick out those sorts of things. For example, I’m really sensitive to people who have have lisps. Sometimes people have ones that you can barely pick up on, but it is very apparent to me. When people have unique laughs or way of talking it gets stuck in my brain and I start to imitate it unconsciously. Say if someone starts talking with their noses plugged when they start finding things really funny, start sucking in air through their teeth when laughing or slapping things when they’re laughing really hard.

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