That You?

Sorry ladies (and gentlemen?), going to spam my face for today’s post LOL ::^^::! I bet most of my readers don’t even know what I look like or don’t even remember since I barely post pictures up on wrapped in lace. I post pictures of myself on my Tumblr though haha!

Do any of you ever find that when you take pictures of yourself, you feel like you look different in all of them? Sometimes I look at my pictures and I think to myself that I look kind of like a different person when I compare certain pictures of myself. Might be wrong. Everyone else might think, “What are you talking about? You look the same in every single one…”

July 2012 || September 2012

January 2013

January 2013 || February 2013

I wonder, does everyone change a lot within a year looks-wise? Does your appearance change a lot year to year or does it kind of stay the same? Does it take a long time for your look to evolve? Do you try out a drastic change often?

People’s looks sometimes change when a part of their life changes, hey? Sometimes girls like to change their look if they just broke things off with a boyfriend. Sometimes we get new interests and our image reflects that too.

Off topic, but I feel like I should do a complete overhaul of my ‘about’ page. I seriously suck at writing an about page. No idea what to put ::swirl::.