Skinfood Agave Cactus Prime Gel Review

A makeup primer that effectively conceals enlarged pores while cooling and hydrating skin.

I was looking for a primer that would help hydrate my skin without it being greasy because of my combination skin. Since this primer was a gel, I thought it’d match in the non-greasiness area. It’s also supposed to be moisturizing because of the Agave Cactus.

Skinfood’s Agave Cactus Prime Gel comes with a sponge that you can use for application. If you don’t want to use the sponge, you can twist off the screw cap to reveal the pointed tip instead. I applied it with my hand instead of using the sponge because I feel like it’d be pointless to let the product get absorbed by the sponge.

The scent of the product reminds me a bit of dish detergent.. LOL! A lemony sort of scent, but softer. It’s not entirely bad, but it could obviously be better. When applied it feels cool on the face, but does it help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores? No.

Actually, the primer doesn’t really seem to help with much at all. Does it help with a smoother application of foundation? Sure, putting any sort of primer on under would help to some extent. But how effective is it, really, in smoothing out the skin before foundation? Not much. It’s always evident how effective (or ineffective) a primer is when I start putting concealer on under my eyes because my eyes are so dry. If it helps to smooth and hydrate I should have nice, even coverage under my eyes. However, it definitely doesn’t help if you have dry skin because it does nothing to help hydrate the skin despite its claims.

Perhaps people with oily skin might like this because it doesn’t add on any greasiness to the face and it also left a cool feeling to the face. That might help the skin calm down a bit if you have sensitive, oily skin. It also seems to mattify the skin a tiny bit. For me though, this primer didn’t really do much so it’s definitely not something I’d recommend for people with dry or combination skin.


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