Butter London West End Wonderland Review

Be one of the Glitterati in classic gold glitter varnish. It’s Anabel’s, the Groucho, and The Electric all rolled into one.

One coat of West End Wonderland

Two coats in natural light

Two coats in direct sunlight

I did a big butter LONDON haul in December and gave two away as presents. I was really excited to try out their polishes because the colours they offer are all so nice and reviews I’ve read on them have all been pretty good. The first one I tried out was butter LONDON’s West End Wonderland – a gold glitter polish.

The formula applied flawlessly. You could probably get way with just one coat if you usually apply nail polish a bit thickly. I applied two coats just because I like it completely coated with glitter ::hehheh::.

The pictures don’t capture all the colours really well, but there are flecks of red/copper in the glitter. It gives the colour a bit of pop so it doesn’t look as dull. I thought this colour went great with holiday dresses, but really, I would want to pair all my outfits with this polish LOL!

One problem I faced with the polish was how quickly it chipped, especially while I was at work. The next day it pretty much disappeared off my pinkies and half of it was gone from some of my other fingers. I only applied a base coat and no top coat though so a top coat might have helped. Also it’s glitter and I find that glitter comes off in large chunks more than a regular coloured one. With that said, I still experience longer wear with other polishes even with just a base coat.

West End Wonderland is a wonderful colour that applies without any streaks, if it lasted a bit longer though I would give it a perfect score!


4 thoughts on “Butter London West End Wonderland Review”

  1. It’s because of people like you that put up tempting photos of awesomeness that make me spend ma moo away lmao very nice nails tho and excellent choice of colour :3 lol good to know u did a review :)

    1. LOL! yeah I really like the colour of this! Just keeps reminding me of the holidays too <3 Is this gonna be part of your wishlist now haha!

      1. Dude not going to lie the recent nail polish trending i see everywhere is making me want to collect nail polishes for no good reason really :P lol guess i’ll share with momsie

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