Mini Aritzia Haul

There were a lot of sales going on in January so I decided to stop by Aritzia to check out what there was before the sale ended. I ended up picking up only two things on sale LOL! Saved only around $30.. ::X3::

Talula // Noho Bustier (Ametrine)
Softly structured and stretchy— our easy-wear bustier. This bustier tank is made with a super stretchy cotton fabric to ensure it fits in all the right places. Adjustable straps.
Talula // Bedford Shirt (White)
A classic Oxford with a sweet-spot button opening. We took a classic—the cotton Oxford shirt—and gave it a purposely rumpled look. This classic-fit style was designed with a sweet-spot button that opens at exactly the right point on the chest.

I’ve been having trouble finding a shirt that fits me nicely so I decided to grab the Bedford Shirt since it’s a classit-fit. I think it’s important to find button up shirts that fit well since they can be worn in both a casual setting and a business setting. I already tried them with my shorts LOL ::^^:: ! The length is also good because it’s long enough for me to tuck it into pants, but also a nice length to just leave hanging to peek out under sweaters.

TNA // Marshall Shirt (Medium Blue)
A classic button-up in denim that was washed and sanded by hand. This denim shirt is made with a soft cotton fabric that was washed and sanded by hand so that no two are exactly alike. This classic-fit blouse is available in light, medium and darker washes, and are all finished with pearl snap buttons.
TNA/ Sea-to-Sky Sweater
Inspired by the Northwest Coast, knit with cozy lambswool. Inspired by authentic Northwest Coast knits, this cozy lambswool cardigan sweater features a custom-designed intarsia pattern. The slim-fit sweater is finished with a genuine leather zipper pull and metal Spiro charm.

I’ve actually went to many stores to try and find a denim shirt. There was always some detail I didn’t like whether it was too long or the bottom of the shirts were purposely frayed. The biggest problem I had was trying to find a size that would complement my body shape – just like the dress shirt! I find with my size, when I wear boyfriend-fit clothes.. as much as I love the look in general, it looks frumpy on me sometimes. I like the way Aritzia’s XS’s are cut. It doesn’t look gigantic ::sparkle::.

2 thoughts on “Mini Aritzia Haul”

  1. Dude man i want like a woolly sweater from aritzia after seeing so many people wear em :3 clearly getting greedy here lol :o finally got a rocking white shirt lol i know the k-haul shirt didn’t do u justice lol

    1. Yeah! They’re really warm and I love mine haha. I don’t know if their sales are still going on or if there’s even any left since you’re in Vancouver, but you should take the chance to grab one now if you can. My first one was $85? So I was happy to snatch this one up for $60+ : O!

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