That You?

Sorry ladies (and gentlemen?), going to spam my face for today’s post LOL ::^^::! I bet most of my readers don’t even know what I look like or don’t even remember since I barely post pictures up on wrapped in lace. I post pictures of myself on my Tumblr though haha!

Do any of you ever find that when you take pictures of yourself, you feel like you look different in all of them? Sometimes I look at my pictures and I think to myself that I look kind of like a different person when I compare certain pictures of myself. Might be wrong. Everyone else might think, “What are you talking about? You look the same in every single one…”

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January 2013

January 2013 || February 2013

I wonder, does everyone change a lot within a year looks-wise? Does your appearance change a lot year to year or does it kind of stay the same? Does it take a long time for your look to evolve? Do you try out a drastic change often?

People’s looks sometimes change when a part of their life changes, hey? Sometimes girls like to change their look if they just broke things off with a boyfriend. Sometimes we get new interests and our image reflects that too.

Off topic, but I feel like I should do a complete overhaul of my ‘about’ page. I seriously suck at writing an about page. No idea what to put ::swirl::.

Glam Bag January 2013

I really enjoyed the stuff I got in my January and Winter boxes/bags (not including Glymm ::GAHH::)! It’s one of those rare times where I feel like everything I received was something I’d use. I went to grab this bag to check the sizes I got for the items and I found nothing inside because I took everything out to try LOL! Even more surprising, I’ve actually been liking all the products included in this bag!

Pacifica // Tuscan Blood Orange Mini Body Butter

[[ Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter is not only a highly effective antioxidant rich moisturizer that nourishes the driest of skin and helps fight off the signs of aging; it nourishes your other senses as well. The infusion of sparkling, juicy blood oranges that are highlighted with notes of red raspberry and spicy sweet Italian Mandarins take you to the beaches of the Mediterranean. Made with nature’s best moisturizers – Shea butter, almond oil and safflower oil – Pacifica’s vegan, paraben and gluten free Body Butter is a skin must have. ]]
Full Size: $7.00/73mL || Received: $7.00/73mL (Travel Size) *FULL SIZED*

Josie Maran // 100% Pure Argan Oil

[[ This 100% Pure Argan Oil is a legendary oil that’s rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and grown organically in Morocco. With its multitasking benefits, Argan Oil can be used for many areas including hydrating and nourishing skin as a daily moisturizer, skin treatment, treating spilt ends, and softening cuticles. It’s gentle enough to use on all skin types and is known to help with skin conditions including acne, eczema and rosacea. Argan Oil easily absorbs into skin to give you a youthful, dewy glow, and has astonishing healing, conditioning, and antiaging properties to keep your skin and hair nourished and revitalized and to keep you looking beautiful from head to toe. ]]
Full Size: $48/50mL || Received: $4.80/5mL

Tini Beauty // Nailtini (Frappe)

[[ You can’t go wrong with a classic, all the way to your fingertips. These two are the all-time best selling Nailtini nail lacquers. Whether the glossy true-red of bloody mary or the hint-of-pink of frappe, your tips and toes are classic perfection anytime. ]]
Full Size: $13.00/15mL || Received: $13.00/15mL *FULL SIZED*

Check out my review on this item here!

Big Sexy Hair // Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray

[[ Your everyday spray for BIG volume! Spray & Play is a humidity resistant, flexible hold hairspray that provides fullness, lift and incredible shine! Perfect for all hair types. ]]
Full Size: $17.50/10.6oz || Received: $6.00/1.6oz (Travel Size) *FULL SIZED*

SOHO // “Get a Grip” Concealer Brush

[[ Cover up little flaws and dark circles using the Get a Grip Concealer Brush. Start with the inner eye area, working down around the eye, dabbing lightly until completely blended.
Silky Nylon Bristles – Hide & Defy
Tri-Grip Handle – Fits Perfectly in Hand
Full Sized: $7.99 || Received: $7.99

As always, I’ll edit the post with my reviews as I try out the products ::heart2::.
By the way, something I really like about the Glam Bag – other than the fact that I love the stuff they give – is the fact that it’s backed by youtubers. I love how the beauty gurus all use the items in the bag each month to create looks/videos. Gives us great ideas on how to use the stuff ourselves ::^^::.

Skinfood Agave Cactus Prime Gel Review

A makeup primer that effectively conceals enlarged pores while cooling and hydrating skin.

I was looking for a primer that would help hydrate my skin without it being greasy because of my combination skin. Since this primer was a gel, I thought it’d match in the non-greasiness area. It’s also supposed to be moisturizing because of the Agave Cactus.

Skinfood’s Agave Cactus Prime Gel comes with a sponge that you can use for application. If you don’t want to use the sponge, you can twist off the screw cap to reveal the pointed tip instead. I applied it with my hand instead of using the sponge because I feel like it’d be pointless to let the product get absorbed by the sponge.

The scent of the product reminds me a bit of dish detergent.. LOL! A lemony sort of scent, but softer. It’s not entirely bad, but it could obviously be better. When applied it feels cool on the face, but does it help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores? No.

Actually, the primer doesn’t really seem to help with much at all. Does it help with a smoother application of foundation? Sure, putting any sort of primer on under would help to some extent. But how effective is it, really, in smoothing out the skin before foundation? Not much. It’s always evident how effective (or ineffective) a primer is when I start putting concealer on under my eyes because my eyes are so dry. If it helps to smooth and hydrate I should have nice, even coverage under my eyes. However, it definitely doesn’t help if you have dry skin because it does nothing to help hydrate the skin despite its claims.

Perhaps people with oily skin might like this because it doesn’t add on any greasiness to the face and it also left a cool feeling to the face. That might help the skin calm down a bit if you have sensitive, oily skin. It also seems to mattify the skin a tiny bit. For me though, this primer didn’t really do much so it’s definitely not something I’d recommend for people with dry or combination skin.


Topbox Janauary 2013 – Clinique

January’s Topbox came as a welcomed surprise! It was a box full of Clinique items. I’m actually pretty excited because I’ve been wanting to try out some of their skincare stuff, but I never really got around to it.

Clinique // Clarifying Lotion

[[ Formulated to help lift the world’s impurities to create healthier, younger skin. ]]
Full Size: $16.00/200mL || Received: $2.40/30mL

Clinique // Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent

[[ Make it a clean sweep, from lashes to brows. Or use for on-the-spot makeup fixes. ]]
Full Size: $25.00/125mL || Received: $12.00/60mL

Clinique // Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo

[[ Go-together shades of silky, easy-to-blend colour in a chrome slide compact. ]]
Full Size: $25.00/2.5g || Received: $16.00/1.6g

Clinique // Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

[[ Comparable to a leading drug ingredient in visibly reducing dark spots by 58% in 12 weeks. ]]
Full Size: $63.00/30mL or $93/50mL || Received: $13.02-$14.70/7mL

I wouldn’t mind getting more boxes like these from other high-end brands haha. February’s box has been mailed earlier this month too so I’m excited to see what they have in store for us!