Keeping Good Memories

Too often do we let ourselves get negatively affected by things around us. Which is why when I opened an email a couple days ago from Olivebox I felt inspired. The founder, Grace Kang, was also inspired by a post on Facebook which had the idea of jotting down on paper whatever made us happy that day. A nice memory, whatever makes you feel good.

I think it’s great to always look for something daily that you appreciated or had brought a smile to your face. Many of us complain about things everyday, so I think it’ll be nice to have a chance to read these little snippets of good memories afterwards. Instead of waiting for a whole year though, I think I’ll go through them monthly.

This actually tempted me to buy those mason jars because they’re so cute. I desperately wanted an excuse to have them. In the end though I decided to put my Topbox containers to good use instead.

Anyone else want to try this with me? Whether it’s something big or small write it down every time something good happens and do this daily! I want to fill up many, many containers for 2013! Good luck and have fun for anyone else who is doing this too ::^^::!!