Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara (Waterproof Type) Review

FAIRY DROPS Platinum Mascara Water Proof Type contains 5 kinds of treatment essence to beautify and repair eyelashes. Fiber and Volume Up Wax make glossy, pine needle-shaped lashes with extra volume and length. Strong against humidity, it maintains the lashes’ curl all day long. As it is water-proof, sweat-proof and tear-proof, it is good for marine sports. You need not worry about mess and smudge.

US and Japan patented Fairy Drops Brush (Curve) catches even tiny lashes from their roots. Lashes are bitten between the balls and sharp triangular bunches are made. It pushes up making beautiful curls without clump.

Hydrolyzed Collagen acts as a humectant.
Squalane softens, moisturizes and hydrates.
Sodium Hyaluronate strongly hydrates.
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil nourishes and hydrates.
Panthenol helps eyelashes retain moisture, adding volume and reducing split-ends.

The new year is approaching and I did not want to leave my readers without at least one new review before 2014 actually arrives! Whoa, it’s even here on Christmas day! So I bring you a review on a mascara I really enjoyed using. I’m sure a lot of people who are really into reviews by youtubers or bloggers have heard of the brand Fairy Drops? I think they were (are?) even sold in Sephora.. if I’m not mistaken haha!

I have tried many mascaras before and one thing is clear, I can only use Japanese mascaras. Western mascaras just do not do it for me. None of them are waterproof despite claiming to be just that! I have to use waterproof mascara even if I’m not planning to run through rain because I have such oily lids. If they are not waterproof, I would end up being a raccoon in a couple of hours. All the western mascaras I’ve tried have left me looking like a panda.

Japanese mascaras on the other hand are known for their lengthening properties and also the ability to stay on, no matter what. Take Majolica Marjorca for example; they have to release their own remover for their mascara because nothing else can take it off. The problem is that not everybody wants to pay extra to buy a remover specifically made for one brand’s mascara. Nor do we want to scrub at our eyes until we get wrinkles to get it off with other eye makeup removers.

Fairy Drops is the happy medium between all of that. It comes with all the things we love about Japanese mascaras, but without the dilemma of how to remove it afterwards.

The brush is interesting as it is spiraled. This really helps separate the lashes making sure every single lash is coated. I could definitely see the difference in Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara as compared to Majolica Majorca’s Lash Expander Frame Plus. One problem I found with MM’s mascara is that when I put it closer to my lash line, it irritates my eyes if any of it gets onto the waterline. I had no problems with that for Fairy Drops, which means I can get closer to the lash line and not have to worry about it being clumpy there.

Another thing about Fairy Drops when compared to MM’s mascara is that it gives a much more natural look. MM’s brush for Lash Expander Plus has one side to help separate the lashes and it does a pretty good job. However, because the formula is really wet, lashes tend to stick together a bit and it does not separate every lash as well as Fairy Drops. Fairy Drops’ formula is less wet which means quicker drying time (no need to be scared of it getting onto your under eye area) and also the brush is really able to separate each lash so that the fibers can lengthen each lash a lot more.

The MM mascara also posed a problem with rubbing off a bit onto my under eye area for a while. While it is not as much as any of the western mascaras I’ve tried over the years, it does still leave a bit at the edge of my eyes. Fairy Drops did not have this problem whatsoever. It stayed onto my lashes all day.

Removing it is also a lot simpler. When I use my cleansing oil, it comes right off without any problems. I find that MM’s mascara would only remove with certain cleansing oils so I would have to combine it with their mascara remover to really remove all the product – too time consuming. Fairy Drops stayed on all day and is easily removable with a cleansing oil – much more convenient.

If you’re in the market for a new mascara that can provide lengthening, but at the same time still give a natural look, definitely pick Fairy Drops’ Platinum Mascara up and give it a try. You won’t have any problems with looking like a raccoon after a couple hours if you have oily lids like I do. It’s also easily removable with any decent cleansing oil.


Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Review

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner has a new and strong waterproof function, which can effectively act against tears, water, sweat or sebum on your face. The function is very long-lasting and has a precise contouring. The 0.1mm extreme fine point allows you draw precise and beautiful eyeliners every single time.

It is an excellent all-around product in which the incredibly fine point can help you freely sketch an inner eyeliner, where the color is deep and black, brilliant and bright. The eye power can be immediately doubled.

Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner dries very quickly, so it can help you make a perfect look no matter how busy your mornings are. It is superiorly waterproof, anti-tear, anti-sweat, sebum resistant and totally waterproof. The color is long-lasting and is easy to use. Everyone can easily draw perfect eyeliner.

I always love a clean, sharp winged liner look the eyes. Whenever I’m back in school or in a rush, I tend to slack on any eye makeup. When I do decide to put some on, however, my everyday look is just winged liner and mascara. I tend to like to elongate it since my eyes are round so elongating it gives it more of a cat eye look. That is why I like eyeliners that gives me good control since I’m not doing my liner really thick as opposed to Asians with monolids. That is also why I prefer thin liquid pen eyeliners! Pencil eyeliners are a no-no because I hate my eyeliner smudging not even an hour later :::(::

At 0.1mm, the tip is extra fine, just how I like my liquid pen liners (and men hawhaw ::nervous::). I think the biggest concern with that is would that give you a good control of the liner? Would the tip be too fine or would enough product be coming out? Actually, even with it being so thin, it’s still awesome! The brush never loses its shape, which I find with some brushes – especially the ones that comes in bottles. It’s stiff enough to not have the hairs on it fly all over the place with a bit more pressure, but also soft enough so that it moves with ease. Like I mentioned, I don’t do my eyeliner really thick, so I like having a thin brush that can be precise. This liner gives a very clean, thin line.

It’s a pure black liner so there’s no need to keep running over the same place multiple times to achieve the black you want. I know I hate doing that because the chances of me screwing up the line is that much more greater LOL. There’s something inside the pen, not sure what it is, but basically it’s function is like the balls you see in nail polish, I’m guessing to keep the product mixed and smooth. So when the pen starts to seem like it’s drying up just give it a little shake and it’ll be back to its lovely pure black self. Not that you need to do that very often, but I place my pen facing up so sometimes it does that.

So my only problem with this product is basically just the wearing time. I cannot find an eyeliner that will last the whole day for me since I have oily lids. No matter what I use, it would disappear by the end of the day. The good thing is that since it doesn’t smudge, it won’t leave me with panda eyes, so I’d rather it disappear than to be a panda or raccoon at the end of the day. I think this was the one that would sometimes just flake off instead.


LUSH Celestial Facial Moisturizer Review

Redness. Stinging. Irritation. Sound familiar? Having sensitive skin can be incredibly frustrating (even painful!), which is why we invented our most gentle moisturizer, Celestial. With its creamy cocoa butter base, Celestial effectively moisturizes without irritating ingredients like citrus oils or alcohol. We blend vanilla water, to help the skin retain its moisture, with hydrating almond milk and fresh dove orchid extract to keep delicate skin in soft, glowing condition. Celestial also doubles as a fantastically softening night cream for all skin types.

Ever since June I’ve been on medication that has made my skin extremely dry and sensitive. I needed a moisturizer that was able to actually help my face stay moisturized throughout the day. I find that the ones I were using would only work for the 1-2 hours after I applied it. When I came home from school or work, my face was back to being dry – or worse, flakey. However, my skin was also becoming sensitive due to the medication so things that didn’t seem to bother it before, seemed to suddenly start making me break out! I decided that I had to start using more natural products to see if it would make a difference.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the jar was the fact that the formula wasn’t as thick as I thought it would be. I was afraid that if the formula had a thinner consistency, it wouldn’t give me the moisture I need. I was wrong on that though! A little of this actually goes a long way. Be sure not to just plop a whole glob on your face ::^^::. If you have oily skin it will look very greasy on your face if you do this.

I think this moisturizer is best suited for people with dry skin. For people who have combination skin, it might be a bit greasy in the oilier areas. It does not absorb quickly so be sure to apply it earlier on when you’re getting ready to go out! If you put on primer and foundation it works well to provide a hydrated base for your skin. It mentions that it’ll work great as a night cream, which I agree. You don’t have to be as careful about how much you’re applying since you’re just going to sleep. It’s definitely thick enough to act as a night cream.

Overall I quite like the moisturizer, but the drawback is the longer wait for it to absorb. Also, the moisturizing effect doesn’t last me as long as I’d like, but that might be because of the medication I’m taking which dries up my oil glands. However, LUSH products are pretty natural, the girl helping me out said that their products contain less than 1% preservatives/additives. So if you’re looking for more natural skincare, you might want to give it a try.

As an aside LUSH offers a recycling award program. The container for this moisturizer is included in the program. Bring back 5 and you get a face mask for free!


Mini Update

I know the amount of entries have fallen really low for a couple months now and I’ll explain one of the biggest reasons for that in another post. For now though, it’ll be the usual excuse that everyone gives – I haven’t had the time. I was out almost everyday during summer either working or to be with others. Now that school has started again, I’m really trying to put in all my time into it. This year I’m really trying to do the best I can and I kind of have to because just looking at my schedule gives me anxiety.

That’s what my calendar looks like for the next three months. It doesn’t even include all the meetings I’m going to have with my groups for three of my classes, all the time we’re going to put into our ‘business’.. and work. To say I’m overwhelmed will be the understatement of the year. However, a part of me is also excited to see how I’ll deal with all this. I want to have that sense of accomplishment after this term is done because then I’ll know that I can do it if I just put in that effort. Not only in the sense that I finished up my assignments and projects, but also because three out of the four classes I’m taking this term have group presentations. It’s nerve-wracking to speak in front of a crowd – especially one that’s prepared to grill you with questions afterwards!

Just wanted to wish everyone good luck this fall term. Let’s work hard together to get through the rest of this year, yeah? ::^^::